How to talk politics with your conservative uncle

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we want to help you prepare for the inevitable political rant from that conservative uncle who still has Benghazi on the brain.

That's why we at Progress NC Action have created The Guide To Talking Turkey With Your Conservative Uncle.

We provide myths or conservative talking points and then refute them with the facts, backed up by verifiable sources.

Daily dose: No comeback edition

N.C. Comeback? Not Quite, As Analysts Question McCrory's Assessment (Public News Service) -- Not everyone is buying Gov. Pat McCrory's claim of success after October unemployment numbers indicated the state had recovered the jobs lost during the Great Recession. While the number of people employed last month is slightly above pre-recession levels, John Quinterno with South By North Strategies in Chapel Hill says that's not the whole story. "Just because we have the same number of payroll jobs we did almost seven years ago is not the same thing as a recovery," he says. "In no way, shape or form should that be taken as a sign we won the battle against unemployment in North Carolina." Quinterno said a healthy economy needs to add jobs to support population growth. Analysts estimate more than 280,000 workers are not counted in the unemployment data because they have given up on finding a job. If they were included, the unemployment rate would be 12.5 percent, versus the reported 6.3 percent.

Recommitting to my local party

Since Election Day folks have asked me what’s next. Some of those people asked me to consider running for state party chair or for one of the other positions in state party leadership. However, I have decided to run for re-election as the chair of the Orange County Democratic Party while working with new state party leadership to make a stronger state party.

Do good. Be nice. Have fun.

One of my missions in life is to spread the word about dgbnhf. It's a simple philosophy, in principle, but always brings up a mess of practicalities. For example, is it "good" to help people who are homeless, or is it "better" to withhold help and force people to help themselves? What's the right balance? Is it "nice" to spin unemployment statistics knowing you'll confuse people, or is it "nicer" to tell the truth? Sure different people have different points of view, but the practice of doing good and being nice and having fun all at the same time seems worthy of aspiration. It's harder than it looks.

I get these kinds of notes often, and am always happy to send a treasure trove of stickers to anyone who asks. So ask. It's a cool sticker (suitable for bumpers), if I do say so myself.

Terrific Tapas

Jane enjoying tapas

Another downtown success story has unfolded in our neighboring Durham.

Had a delicious lunch today with a good friend who has moved into a new co-housing apartment building a couple of blocks from downtown Durham. Easy walk over to enjoy four Taberna Tapas dishes, including locally grown sweet potato fries, seared salmon, a Portobella cap with saffron rice, and green beans with anchovies. Yummy!

Then over to the busy Credit Union past the modern bus terminal and train station as the Amtrak to NYC pulled out.

Wos and Tucker clash over DHHS funding

Apparently it costs a lot to mismanage a state agency:

At the height of the exchange, Wos made an impassioned request for committee members to see that her funding requests have to be done, in part, “for the future of the state.”

“Don’t talk down to me,” Tucker said to Wos. “I’m responsible to the taxpayer to see if there’s any savings” in the requests. Wos, attempting a cool down, told Tucker “we will continue to give you whatever information you like. We will present our business case more accurately if this was not sufficient.”

The first step in securing "the future of the state" is for Wos to return to the only occupation she seems qualified to do, hosting dinner parties. That may not completely stop the drain on taxpayer resources, but at least they won't be sucked into the event horizon of the black hole that is Aldona Wos:


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