Esquire takes a swipe at Art Pope

And they don't pull any punches:

We have been somewhat remiss in this shebeen in our coverage of Art Pope, the A-ball Kochite who is the prime reason that the newly insane state of North Carolina has become newly insane. Governor Pat McCrory is the most conspicuous of Pope's various marionettes, which also include his pet state legislature as well as Thom Tillis, a brand-new member of the U.S. Senate. Spectacularly, McCrory appointed Pope his state budget director, which is tantamount to hiring Bernie Madoff as your Chancellor of the Exchequer. Now, though, it appears that Pope has a brand-new shiny object in his sights that he would like to break.

I consider myself somewhat gifted in the area of enhanced vocabulary, but I did have to look up the word "shebeen." Which didn't help all that much, as it is described as an "unlicensed drinking establishment" or an "after-hours speakeasy." I'm sure Greg Flynn would have known, but then he knows a lot of stuff I don't. The article also quotes our friend Bob Geary over at the Indy:

Memo to the GOP State Senate: Where are the Women?

The State Senate demographic data are now posted on the NC General Assembly website - Here are some fun facts:

--There are 11 women serving out of 50 Senators. Five of the 11 are Republicans.

--Of the 23 Standing Committees, there are zero (0) Senate Standing Committees chaired by a woman.

--Of the 23 Standing Committees, there are two (2) Senate Standing Committees co-chaired by women.

--There are zero (0) women in the Republican leadership.

Daily dose: Don't touch the door edition


NAACP-led protests resume at North Carolina Legislature (AP) — North Carolina's NAACP leader challenged new rules concerning public assembly in the State Legislative Building as part of protests on Wednesday targeting legislative policies by GOP leaders who control both chambers.

I Heard A Rumor

I have been around the NC General Assembly long enough to know that it thrives on rumors. Many of them are phony trial balloons and many turn out to be accurate predictions of the future. This week, there is a rumor that Rep. Paul "Skip" Stam (R-Wake) will be appointed to a judgeship by Governor Pat McCrory. While it might be a relief to get such narrow and closed-minded ideology out of the Legislature, his departure would not solve the problem completely.

Cabal of bigotry: Secret meeting for proposed religious discrimination law

How do you know when you're doing something wrong? When you try to hide what you're doing:

The N.C. Values Coalition has invited state legislators to attend a briefing on “religious freedom” Wednesday afternoon as the General Assembly returns. The group’s executive director, Tami Fitzgerald, declined to provide further specifics on the topic of the meeting, scheduled for 4 p.m. at the N.C. Museum of History. She said the talk will be open to legislators only – reporters and the public won’t be allowed inside.

“It’s just about religious freedom in general,” she said. The group describes itself as an advocate of “pro-family” values, and says it is working to ensure that private business owners have the right to refuse service to customers on the basis of their religious faith.

Our Legislature should be continuing the decades-long battle of eradicating discrimination wherever it rears its ugly head, not crafting laws that will solidify it into statute. This bill, however it is written, should be ceremoniously burned when it reaches the floor of the NCGA, and Tami Fitzgerald should be unceremoniously escorted off the premises. It's the "people's" House, not "some of the people's" House.

License to discriminate

Daily dose: I can haz Google Fiber?

Google Fiber Is Coming To North Carolina (WUNC-FM) -- Google Fiber 'Triangle' van parked in downtown Raleigh (WUNC-FM) -- The next cities to benefit from ultra-high-speed internet service will be in the southern United States. Google Fiber announced yesterday it is bringing its super-fast access to Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte and to the Raleigh-Durham area in the Triangle. There have been rumors for weeks Google was about to make a big announcement. Michael Slinger, Director of Business Operations for Google Fiber made it official.


Coal Ash Wednesday: Eden has a pep rally

Someone should tell these folks: Denial is a river in Egypt:

It's been nearly a year since thousands of tons of coal ash was dumped into the Dan River from a retired Duke Energy steam station. Since then, Eden officials have fought a public relations nightmare. On Tuesday, those same officials stood before members of the media and proclaimed, "Our rivers are thriving."

“The fishing is as good now as it was when I was a child,” says Scott Dalton, the owner of Mayodan Outdoor Sports. Dalton spoke at Tuesday’s news conference promoting the Dan River’s safety.

I don't doubt that last part. It wasn't until the late 1970's that the EPA really cracked down on industrial wastes flowing directly into rivers, so the Dan River is right now probably of a similar quality. And I don't fault the leaders of Eden for whistling past the graveyard, since a whole lot of people's livelihood is at stake. But every time they make this pitch, they're excusing Duke Energy for leaving over 90% of the spilled coal ash in the river.

Looks like the Puppetmaster pissed off a few people

with his vast left-wing conspiracy map. From the Camel City Dispatch:

The time for treating Art Pope just like another concerned citizen has passed. He is swine whose only mission is to see just how many people he can bully in his quest for self-validation through the spending of vast sums of his daddy’s money. Treating Art Pope and the trash that work for him at Civitas with civility may have been possible in the past, but this limp attempt at public bullying is a last straw. Screw ‘em. They aren’t part of the solution - they are the problem.


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