Monday News: From Selma to DC edition

NAACP 'Journey for Justice' marches through N.C. (WRAL-TV) - -The "Journey for Justice," an NAACP march that began in Selma, Ala. and will conclude in Washington D.C., arrived in North Carolina this weekend.

NAACP’s ‘Journey for Justice’ marches into N.C. (Raleigh News & Observer) -- NAACP march going from Selma, Ala., to Washington, D.C.

The (mis)managed care of county jail inmates

A horrifying glimpse of what the NC GOP's Medicaid privatization might look like:

Earlier this year, a former inmate sued the county on claims that his medication wasn’t administered while he was incarcerated here or in a state prison, resulting in the amputation of his leg. On New Year’s Day, a man died of an apparent suicide within an hour of being booked into the jail.

ALAMANCE COUNTY contracts with Southern Health Partners Inc., of Chattanooga, Tenn., to provide medical and dental services to inmates. That company contracts nurses and physicians to work at the jail. A nurse is on duty at all times, Jones said.

After reading this story in my local paper, I decided to do some checking to see if our experiences with Southern Health Partners was unique. It wasn't. There have been numerous lawsuits filed by inmates (or their surviving family members) ranging from inadequate care to treatment that could be right out of the pages of a Dickens novel:

Anti-abortion professor invades Sandhills Community College

Which just happens to train hundreds of local nurses:

Life Care Pregnancy Center is hosting Mike Adams, a UNC-Wilmington Professor of Sociology and Criminology, on Thursday, Sept. 3, from 6:30-9 p.m. at Owens Auditorium at Sandhills Community College. Adams, a multiple winner of the Faculty Member of the Year award at UNC-W, will speak about the rights of the unborn, his transformation from atheism to faith, free speech in the university setting, and the current state of religious liberty in the United States.

At 8 p.m., the event will move to Kennedy Hall on the SCC campus for a “Meet the Author” reception, where Dr. Adams will be signing his books, which will be available for purchase. Light refreshments will be served.

Yes, this is the same professor who won the freedom of speech lawsuit against UNCW. Actually, it was the attorneys from Alliance Defending Freedom who won the lawsuit, an exceptionally heinous group who (among other outrageous actions) ironically fought to keep a Belize law in place that recommended a 10 year prison sentence for homosexual acts. And this jackass professor has the audacity to opine about Liberty. Apparently he really means: Liberty for bigots, prison for the people those bigots complain about.

Sunday News: Cause & effect version


Members of the "third house" shape public policy (WRAL-TV) -- Businesses and interest group pour millions of dollars into lobbying the General Assembly every year in order to influence everything from taxes to health policy.

Officials: Medicaid reform on track (Greenville Daily Reflector) -- The state Legislature appears set to pass a budget that will commercialize the state’s Medicaid management system for physical and mental health services, a local health services management director told her board of directors Thursday.

DSCC follies: Recruiting anti-LGBT candidate for US Senate

Senator Joel Ford emerges as a potential challenger to Richard Burr:

Ford calls himself a pro-business, moderate Democrat. He’s the vice chair of NC Main Street Democrats, a legislative caucus within the General Assembly. And now that he says he’s “entertaining” a bid, he believes he could be in a stronger position to run as a Democrat in a general election than Ross, who’s known for her progressivism.

“Collectively, we have to communicate a message that won’t scare away the base and will appeal to unaffiliated voters,” he said, lamenting the fact that in the past two elections Democrats have lost fellow Democrats and unaffiliated voters to the GOP.

It's one thing to hope that Democrats en masse will hold their (collective) noses and vote for a pro-business Democrat. It's another thing altogether to expect them to ignore the fact said Democrat joined the ranks of Republicans to pass bigoted and extremist religious legislation:

Saturday News: Justice denied version

No Retrial for North Carolina Officer Who Killed Unarmed Man (New York Times) -- North Carolina will not retry a white police officer who killed an unarmed black man who had just survived a car crash, state officials said Friday. The officer’s trial ended in a hung jury.

N.C. officer won't face second trial for shooting unarmed man after car crash (LA Times) -- North Carolina prosecutors will not attempt a second criminal trial for a white police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man who had crashed his car, officials said Friday.

Duke Energy self-reports "no contamination found" in Lumberton

In a related story, Fluffy the dog says, "I don't know who tore up that couch pillow, but I'll keep an eye out."

Tests near the coal ash site at the closed Weatherspoon Power Plant in Lumberton show no hazardous levels of toxic material, Duke Energy officials said Thursday. Duke just competed groundwater testing near the Lumberton plant, according to Duke spokeswoman Zenica Chatman. The tests showed no impact on nearby wells or the Lumber River, she said.

"We're very encouraged by what we're seeing," she said.

She says, while looking at the stock readout showing Duke Energy's stock stabilizing at around $72 per share. As is often the case when PR makes it into the regular news columns, there's more to be learned in the commentary:

Friday News: Just shoot me now edition

U.S. Rep. McHenry, State Sens. Apodaca, Jackson, Rep. Jeter backing Jeb Bush (AP) — U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry is chairman of Jeb Bush's 2016 presidential bid in the state. Co-chairmen are state Sens. Tom Apodaca and Brent Jackson, along with state Rep. Charles Jeter. Bush’s steering committee includes Darrell Allison, who leads the school-choice group Parents for Educational Freedom in N.C.. Former White House political director Jonathan Felts is the advisor for Bush's campaign in N.C. He recently was an adviser to Gov. Pat McCrory.


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