Thursday News: What responsible leadership looks like

COOPER: NC SHOULD WRITE CONSENSUS PLAN ON WARMING (Asheville Citizen-Times) -- State government should get groups from different perspectives together to write a North Carolina plan to comply with the Obama administration's effort to fight global warming instead of trying to block it, Democratic gubernatorial candidate and state Attorney General Roy Cooper said here Wednesday. Cooper said the administration of his Republican opponent in the November election, Gov. Pat McCrory, has a poor record on environmental issues and has allowed ideology to guide decisions instead of taking a pragmatic approach.

McCrory spouts gibberish about Supreme Court failure


A vigorously-tossed word-salad:

“North Carolina has been denied basic voting rights already granted to more than 30 other states to protect the integrity of one person, one vote through a common-sense voter ID law. Even without any support from our state’s attorney general, we were pleased that four justices, including Chief Justice John Roberts, agreed with this right while four liberal justices blocked North Carolina protections afforded by our sensible voter laws.” – Governor Pat McCrory

Yes, he just described the worst voter suppression law in the country as one which grants "basic voting rights." It's plain he doesn't understand the difference between "rights" and "restrictions," something which might have held him back in the 3rd Grade if he couldn't work his way through it. Sheesh. The world must seem frightening to this moron.

Once again, Zane tries to defend the indefensible

Attacking Elon students for speaking their minds:

Recently, more than 150 people who identified themselves as Elon students signed a petition demanding that the school disinvite the woman tapped to deliver the Baird Pulitzer Lecture on Oct. 4. Who is this enemy of the state? Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post, whose syndicated column appears in newspapers around the country. Her crime: raising questions about modern feminism.

Thankfully, Elon’s leaders rejected this petition. But this incident illuminates a frightening trend that represents nothing less than an existential threat to American democracy – the rise of the authoritarian left.

Considering that Parker has been pushing the ludicrous "war on men" theory, which postulates the patriarchal society problem is merely a construct of out-of-control feminism, while also marginalizing the campus rape crisis by bashing girls who drink alcohol and have "second thoughts" the next day, I don't blame Elon students for trying to keep her blathering off the campus. But as usual, Zane misses the forest for the trees:

Wednesday News: We'll keep the light on for you, sir

STUMPING FOR CLINTON, OBAMA WILL URGE SUPPORTERS TO GET OUT THE VOTE (New York Times) -- Neither the Hillary Clinton campaign nor the White House has announced any more appearances, in part because they want to be able to send President Barack Obama where they think they need him most. But his visits are likely to be concentrated in North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Nevada and Iowa, campaign officials said. Mr. Obama will generally campaign without Mrs. Clinton.

GOP hypocrisy: "I was depressed and lonely, so I looked at child porn."

And since Republicans won't say it, still not transgender:

He was president of a Charlotte area Tea Party group for years. He was the volunteer Mecklenburg County chair for N.C. Lt. Gov. Dan Forest’s campaign in 2012 and co-designed the grassroots strategy to get Forest elected, his lawyers said. He led the charge to stop sports taxes in Charlotte. He stood up for what he believed in, say those who knew him. But Christian Hine had a secret.

In order to battle an autistic disorder and depression from a failed relationship, he was “self-medicating” with child pornography.

On a scale of one to whatthefuck, that's about a twelve. Aside from the fact his lawyers have constructed a purely clinical argument designed to absolve him of any responsibility for his actions, there's a huge difference between adult pornography and child pornography. Those who engage in the file-sharing of the latter are directly responsible for the abuse of children, many of them barely out of kindergarten. And those individuals (many who are Christian) who try to equate all pornography as the "same evil" demonstrate clearly their sociopathic disregard for the innocent victims of the truly perverted. Here's more apologizing and rationalizing, if you can stomach it:

Tuesday News: Thanks for nothin', Art

Art Pope.jpg

ART POPE’S VARIETY WHOLESALERS, CREATES 320 JOBS IN GEORGIA (WLTZ-TV) – Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal announced that Variety Wholesalers, Inc., a retail store chain, will establish its second major distribution center in Coweta County, creating 320 jobs and investing approximately $10.5 million in the Newnan area. The distribution center will support Variety Wholesalers stores as the company expands its presence in the southeastern, midwestern and south central United States.

UNC issues painfully optimistic summary of "Collaboratory" goals

A whole lotta roses, but no mention of the thorns:

The collaboratory will facilitate the dissemination of the policy and research expertise of the University for practical use by state and local government officials in the area of natural resources management policy.

Serving as a clearinghouse and coordinating entity, the collaboratory will connect the academic and research expertise of Carolina faculty who specialize in environmental and related public policy areas with state and local governments on environmental policy issues.

The way this is written, it would appear this new entity won't be doing any of its own research, which calls into question the $3.5 million in operating revenue. If it does merely "facilitate" and "coordinate" research done by already existing faculty, that means it will be wielding influence over even larger segments of the University, who currently operate under their own mandates. If I'm reading that wrong, you can blame this naive press release, and not me. And this leaves one critical question unanswered:


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