Daily Dose: Voter fraud edition

Appeals court hears NC voter suppression case (AP) — With Election Day just weeks away, a federal appeals court heard arguments Thursday in a case challenging a new North Carolina voting law that critics say will suppress minority voter turnout in November.

Weekend open thread: Progressive state blogs and more

NC Policy Watch gets some well-deserved blog love on this week's edition of Progressive State Blogs, a Saturday feature by Meteor Blades at Daily Kos. Check it out. And while you're at it, don't forget that there are lots of other websites you should be tracking every week. Watauga Watch. Scrutiny Hooligans. Carolina Mercury. PoliticsNC. Media disrupted. And more. Some are listed in the BlueNC blogroll on the right-hand side of this page, at the bottom. If you have others to suggest, send 'em along.

Fighting to keep Titan Cement air quality monitor in place

The anatomy of a deregulatory nightmare:

For Castle Hayne air advocates, the most worrisome proposals from the Legislature came this year. State legislators proposed to eliminate all air monitors that are not specifically required by federal environmental regulators and to limit citizens' ability to challenge air permits in court, taking away two important tools used by citizens to challenge projects they deem risky to public health. The changes were never enacted.

The air monitor provision would have eliminated an air monitor that lies across the road from the proposed cement plant and next to an experimental field for different varieties of blueberries. The monitor is 11 miles from downtown Wilmington and measures concentrations of ozone, particulate matter and other pollutants. The other provision would have hampered advocates' ability to challenge the cement plant permit's allowances of toxic air pollutants.

The battle over the Titan Cement plant is not about a handful of overzealous advocates trying to hold back industrial growth. The coal-burning monstrosity will increase the entire state's atmospheric mercury emissions by almost 10%, and it will be located in an area that is already saturated by industrial air and water pollutants. Read the entire article, it's a good one.

Daily Dose: All eyes on the SBOE edition

State Board Of Elections Fields Complaints About AFP Mailings (WUNC-FM) -- The N.C. Board of Elections got thousands of calls about wrong voter registration info sent by the N.C. Americans For Prosperity. The head of the state Democratic Party suggests the letters were an attempt to conjure voter fraud charges. The state Board spokesman Josh Lawson, said: "We even had an individual receive one and call our office 'cause it was for her cat." The mailings got the deadline for voter registration wrong. The correct date is Oct. 10. An AFP news release claims it prompted thousands of new voters.

A Conservative Group Sent Wrong Voter Registration Information to Cat (TIME) -- Oh, for the coveted feline vote. In a bid to register conservative North Carolinians to vote, the political group Americans For Prosperity mistakenly sent voter registration forms with incorrect information to hundreds of men, women—and at least one cat. The faulty forms went out along with hundreds of thousands of normal voter registration mailers, AFP said. Some of those forms, numbering in the hundreds, included inaccurate information, like the wrong date of the deadline to register or the wrong location for where to send the completed form. And at least one such form was addressed to a woman’s cat.

One of 19: Deputy Commissioner Lovelace

Lovelace, Candidate for Court of Appeals

I met Keicsha Lovelace in person and heard her speak at a local Cary Democrats event. She is very impressive, but not in any way arrogant. I decided to endorse her candidacy for NC Court of Appeals after looking for other endorsements. Frankly most have not been made yet, but she has already received the endorsement of the Advocates for Justice, an important one for a judicial race.

Turning Carolina Red: Reports from the Front of an Energy and Culture War

Turning Carolina Red

We don't often share press releases, but here's a good one. It's about a book called “Turning Carolina Red: Reports from the Front of an Energy Culture War.” You can read more about it and download a PDF version (or order it on Amazon) here.

According to the release:

NC Americans For Prosperity tries to register a cat to vote

voting cat

There is a story developing where the NC-AFP mailed out hundreds of incorrect voter registration forms to NC citizens. More on the story can be found here:



What makes this even more ridiculous (than the fact that everyone involved should probably be in jail), is that one of these was mailed to a resident's cat. We're not sure yet where AFP got the data for these people, we are sure that what they did was unethical and illegal. Seriously though ... a cat?

At least the internet is having fun with AFP's antics: http://votingcats.tumblr.com/

Shameless Dallas Woodhouse using autism for political purposes

It's a special kind of jerk who would think this is a good idea:

House Speaker Thom Tillis often wears an Autism Speaks pin and supported legislation this year that would require insurers cover certain treatment for autism disorders. The measure got tied up in the Senate and didn't become law, but that's not stopping Carolina Rising from running two ads thanking Tillis for his support.

The North Carolina-based group is run by Dallas Woodhouse, the former state director of Americans for Prosperity. It is a tax-exempt nonprofit that is not required to disclose its donors. According to Carolina Rising it is spending $2 million on the TV ads.

The only thing "rising" is the bile in my throat. Again, a regulatory system that would allow this kind of dark money to be spent is no regulatory system at all.


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