Daily dose: Help save the Fox edition

Campaign aimed at helping Orange County Judge Carl Fox get marrow transfusion (AP) — The sheriff of Orange County is working with a Superior Court judge on a different kind of case, working to find a donor for a bone marrow transfusion. Sheriff Charles Blackwood is urging people who are eligible to join the national marrow donor registry to help Judge Carl Fox.

Judge battling cancer from bench, on social media (WRAL-TV) -- Superior Court Judge Carl Fox continues to dispense justice as he deals with a possible death sentence of his own - a blood cancer that requires a bone marrow transplant to survive.

The price of healthcare in North Carolina

When it comes to North Carolina's Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), few words have been written that are more damning than these...

The need to catch up with nearly two years worth of Medicaid expenses runs counter to the state Health and Human Services department’s narrative that it has cleaned up longstanding problems in Medicaid.

In-depth reporting on NC's looming offshore drilling fiasco

Coastal Review is rolling up its sleeves to cover all the bases:

This is the first of more than 40 stories that we will publish over the next two months on offshore drilling and its potential effects on the N.C. coast. In our most ambitious reporting project, seven reporters have spent several months talking to dozens of people trying to determine what drilling might mean to the state’s coastal environment, economy and lifestyle.

We’ll run the results of all that reporting on alternate weeks, starting this week with stories about the history of drilling in North Carolina, the geology of the Atlantic Ocean and why oil or gas might be out there, the federal process that manages offshore drilling and the politics in Raleigh that are promoting it.

We'll try to bring these installments to our readers here at BlueNC, but since that's over a year-and-a-half's-worth of articles, we may miss a few. I'd also like to issue a fair warning to the rest of the news media: Much of the information provided to them, especially from the Governor's office, will be heavily tainted by industry lobbyists. Not only do you need to double- and triple-check the data, you also need to expose the relationship that produced that tainted data:

Daily dose: Queen Aldona not paying her bills version


State owes medical providers for caring for poor, elderly (Raleigh News & Observer) -- The state Medicaid office owes medical providers nearly two years worth of back payments for poor, elderly patients, an expense that will increase past and future costs, according to the state budget office. The state has not been properly paying providers for patients who use both Medicare, the federal government health insurance for the elderly, and Medicaid, the government health insurance for the poor. Providers have been complaining since the state first started using a new Medicaid payment system called NCTracks in July 2013 that they were being underpaid, but the state did not start making those payments until March of this year.

Judicial election changes in North Carolina

Can our court system be gerrymandered? If there's a will there's a way.

HB 222 will change elections for the State Supreme Court and the State Court of Appeals. Under this bill, judges currently serving on these courts could choose to run, or not run, for reelection. If running for reelection, the citizen’s choice on the ballot would simply read, Vote to Reelect, or Vote not to Reelect.

Count Chocula wows NC GOP delegates

And all it took was a few strategically-placed uses of the word "abolish."

During the Texas senator's speech, he discussed wanting to reignite America's promise and he says that can be done by abolishing the IRS, Common Core and the Affordable Care Act. “There are about 90,000 employees at the IRS. We need to padlock that building and take everyone of them and put them on our Southern border,” he said.

Sen. Cruz also compared his campaign to President Ronald Reagan's in 1980 and said it will take a grassroots campaign to win.

If by "grassroots campaign" you mean uncovering every rock that hides a bat-shit crazy voter, then yes. That's what it will take. I can guarantee you one thing: If Cruz does happen to pull this whole Presidential thing off, within two years most Americans will be ready to close our Northern border for good.

Daily dose: Grimesey firing fallout edition


Three School Board Members Resign; Grimesey's Return Possible (Southern Pines Pilot) -- Moore County Board of Education members Sue Black, Ben Cameron and Kathy Farren resigned Saturday afternoon following ­withering and almost universal community condemnation of their vote Thursday to fire Schools Superintendent Robert Grimesey.

School Board Members' Letters of Resignation (Southern Pines Pilot) -- Following is the text of the letters of resignation issued Saturday from Sue Black, Ben Cameron and Kathy Farren:

NC GOP chooses African-American Chairman

And he appears to understand exactly why he was chosen:

The N.C. Republican Party has elected Hasan Harnett as its new chairman Saturday, naming a successor to Claude Pope.

Harnett, of Concord, served as campaign manager for GOP Congressional candidate Vince Coakley last year. Coakley lost to Democrat Alma Adams in a strongly Democratic district. Harnett, who is black, says he can expand the GOP’s appeal to minorities.

You know, that in itself is an insult to the African-American community. It's policies, not personalities, that have kept them voting Democratic for all these years. The only way the GOP can make substantial inroads into that voting demographic is to change its ways radically, and that's just not going to happen.


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