Hunger in the NC mountains

Food insecurity spreads in WNC:

Overall, one in six residents of WNC faces food insecurity, according to the Map the Meal Gap 2011 study. In some WNC counties, the rate is as high as one in four.

The report was commissioned by Feeding America, the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization.

Operations like MANNA FoodBank rely heavily on individual donations, and when need skyrockets during a recession, those donations simply can't keep pace:

Supreme Court deals setback for Environmental Activists and Refugees

On September 21, 2009,
the Second Circuit made an important decision on a case known as
Connecticut vs American Electric Power.
Without going into too much detail, this was a case where several groups like the Audubon society were trying to stop coal plant emissions because it was harming the value of their land trusts. The lower court ruled as other courts have, that Climate Change was part of the political realm, not the courts.
However, the appellate court overturned this decision on the grounds that the Energy company were causing a public nuisance, and nuisance cases have been heard by courts for decades.

Blackwater shooters not out of the woods yet

US COA panel dismisses judge's dismissal:

An appeals court on Friday resurrected the case against four Blackwater Worldwide guards involved in a 2007 shooting in a Baghdad public square that killed 17 Iraqi citizens.

A federal trial judge in Washington, Ricardo Urbina, threw out the case on New Year's Eve 2009 after he found the Justice Department mishandled evidence and violated the guards' constitutional rights. But a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled Friday that Urbina wrongly interpreted the law.

(VIDEO) Renee Ellmers: On Medicare, she can't handle the truth.

As the saying goes, "You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.”

Last year Renee Ellmers ran against what she called “massive Medicare cuts” contained in the health reform law. Today Ellmers supports a radical plan to not only cut Medicare, but also end the program as we know it.

Ellmers support for ending Medicare is solidly on the wrong side of public opinion, so when asked by Christainne Ammanpour last Sunday on ABC News “This Week” Ellmers had no choice but to deny the facts and put out distortions.

Ellmers on This Week:

Dear Mr. Crazy

I don't know who you really are - and would like to keep it that way - but it appears from an email I received this morning that you have an unhealthy obsession with me and BlueNC. At the risk of feeding your paranoia, however, I do want to address one question from your latest rant.

What no one asks is this most basic question: where does the money come from to fund BlueNC? Who pays the people who work for BlueNC? The owners on paper are not rich philanthropists. But millionaire Art Pope and billionaire Koch Bros are. And running concealed fake grassroots organizations is their specialty. They finance the tea party and con millions of American Teabaggers to work for them for free.

You are a freakin' genius. It took you a few years, but you are the only person who has figured it all out. You discovered that BlueNC is really a secret subsidiary of Variety Wholesalers, funded in full by Art Pope.

(You need help. Seriously.)


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