Oak Ridge Academy's fake war hero

How many more of these kinds of things can happen before they begin boarding up the boarding school?

The academy, with an enrollment of about 125, had hired Northrop to oversee the cadets even though there had been long-standing suspicions about him, including a 1998 book on military impostors, "Stolen Valor," that pronounced Northrop a "pretender."

Hat-tip to Laura Leslie via Twitter.

Kay Hagan hoodwinked by dominionist church

also available in orange

Back in January, Kay Hagan attended the Martin Luther King Day service at King's Park International Church in Durham, North Carolina. Video of her speech here:

On paper, that church seems to be the fulfillment of Dr. King's dream--it's one of the most diverse churches in North Carolina and the South. Nothing wrong with that, right? Problem is that this church is a member of Every Nation, one of the more notorious outfits in the dominionist/Latter Rain movement. It was also once part of Maranatha Campus Ministries, a dangerous campus cult from the 1980s.

The death of dissent will be Tweeted

MT @triciacotham: The GOP ended debate on Charter Schools. What is more important than our children's Education, Mr. Speaker? #fail #ncga

RT @triciacotham: I have just been denied my right to speak on the House floor. #ncga

MT @triciacotham: Now they won't let Rep. Hackney speak! This is an OUTRAGE! #ncga

When your beliefs can't stand up under debate, you either reevaluate your beliefs or you kill the debate. I'll give you one guess on which one of those is a sign of a good leader.

Hold Sen. Hagan and Dirty Air Democrats accountable

First off, I’m not letting Senator Burr off the hook here, but lets face it Burr is an ideologue and his unwavering support of the polluter lobby is a forgone conclusion.

But it’s disappointing to see Senator Hagan siding with the polluter lobby to weaken the Clean Air Act and the EPA’s ability through it to limit carbon pollution.

Earlier today CREDO Action emailed their North Carolina members and already over 1700 people in North Carolina have signed the petition. Additionally 63 people called Hagan's office to voice their complaints. Can you help get that number to 100 people?

Save the Wright School

As should be expected, Republican legislators are choosing to help millionaires instead of people in need. With their plans to close the Wright School, the NCGOP is saying "screw you" to children with mental illness.

Wright School is an amazing bright spot in the mental health for children world. Due to our efforts two years ago and the support of some key people in the legislature, Wright School remains open. With a different party in control, the political landscape has changed. Although Gov. Perdue felt the Wright School was important enough to remain in the budget, the House has already cut them from their budget.

Please contact your "representatives" in the General Assembly and tell them that children should matter more than profits. Please.

This link will help.


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