Guybo & Jenks on the Voter Photo ID Bill:

BlueNCers, we are continuing to work hard to oppose a Voter Photo ID bill for many reasons you can download here, and we've taken it to the streets to gather people's stories. One of them is near and dear to my heart: my dad, Guy Munger, and his assisted living roommate, Jenks, who were kind enough to tell it like it is in this video. The end of the video contains a call to action to help head off this bill. I'd appreciate it if you could share it and spread the word. Thanks!

NC ranks 6th in new and expanded business

Rumors of the death of our economic development are greatly exaggerated:

North Carolina placed sixth in Site Selection magazine’s Overall Top 10 State’s 2010 Governor’s Cup, which the magazine awards to states with the most new and expanded corporate facilities. The Tar Heel State, which had 225 new and expanded corporate facilities last year, moved up from seventh place in 2009.

I would advise the Republican leadership in the GA to "walk softly" lest they derail our recovery, but I have serious doubts that our State's economic health is anywhere near the top of their priority list.

A cunning, unscrupulous political stunt...or the real thing?

I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter...but here's what happened:
Yesterday House Democrats proposed an amendment/motion to/in the Republican sponsored short term spending bill to keep the government running. The motion was to end the $Billions in annual taxpayer subsidies to "Big Oil." The motion was defeated 249 t0 176 with EVERY REPUBLICAN in the House voting against the repeal of oil subsidies.

Although every thinking citizen should be angry at the Republicans over this, I believe this entire exercise was a Democratic political stunt. Follow me below:

Blue Cross/Blue Shield at it again

On the verge of being screwed again, the NC public is facing a new health insurance exchange law that, according to the News & Observer, is being "orchestrated by Blue Cross/Blue Shield." The new law requires that the health insurance exchange board be made up of a permanent seat for BC/BS and also two other insurance company representatives, someone from the business community, someone from the state medical society, and someone from the hospital association.

No consumer groups or advocates will be included.

The law is getting fast service in the legislature who are again, swapping campaign dollars for dead people.


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