Democracy NC's Day of Action! 2/16/11 - Opposing the Voter Suppression Bill!

Well this has been a busy week. HKonJ on Saturday with Democracy NC. Equality NC's Day of Action earlier today, and if my schedule allows I'll be right there talking to my legislators again tomorrow for Democracy NC's Day of Action.

The Voter ID Bill aka Voter Suppression Bill threatens to cost the state millions, address a non-existent problem rather than focusing on jobs, and may disenfranchise many voters, especially those in vulnerable communities like students, the elderly, people of color, and the like. More details about the event below.

Toxic legislation alert: SB 48

This diary is the first in (what I fear to be) a voluminous series of reports on specific environmentally damaging legislation put forward by the reckless GOP majority in the General Assembly:

AN ACT to allow the use of risk‑based remediation to ACCELERATE the cleanup of contaminated Industrial sites for the purpose of limiting human and environmental exposure to safe levels, to protect current and likely future uses of groundwater, and to ensure the cost‑effective application of limited public and private resources.

Equality NC's Day of Action: 2/15/11

I'm pretty psyched about Equality NC's day of action where they, among other things, help put constituents who support LGBT equality in meetings with their elected officials in the General Assembly. I've never been before, but after getting my activist on with Democracy NC at the HKonJ march/rally on Saturday (I was happy to see Equality NC there too!), I'm pumped for this. I'm all about protests and rallies and all that, but I believe that such actions work best in a comprehensive approach in concert with contacting your representatives through letter writing, e-mail sending, phone calls, and direct meetings.

Another overreaching Castle Doctrine bill

The welcome mat might be the last thing you see:

The following definitions apply in this section:

Dwelling. – A building or conveyance of any kind, including any attached porch, whether the building or conveyance is temporary or permanent, mobile or immobile, which has a roof over it, including a tent, and is designed to be occupied by people lodging therein at night.

Bolding mine. According to this bill, the porch is no longer outside the dwelling; once you've climbed the steps and are getting ready to knock, you've already crossed the legal threshold into someone's dwelling.

Republican lawmaker breaks the law

The free market don't need no stinkin' laws:

The state lawmaker who led a closed-door committee meeting last week for House Republicans to hear from lobbyists and special interests on video gambling is, himself, in the gambling business.

Rep. Mike C. Stone, a Sanford Republican, owns a small grocery where customers can play a variety of sweepstakes games on four desktop computer terminals.

While the relatively new law against video sweepstakes might be bouncing around in court, the video poker ban is not in question:

Will Hagan lead on immigration reform?

When Sen. Kay Hagan voted against the DREAM Act in December, she joined with only a handful of other Democrats in handing President Barack Obama his sole setback of a very productive lame-duck session. To educators like myself, Hagan's opposition to the act is indefensible. However, she can redeem herself and regain our support by following through on her own rhetoric.

Hagan said that she would not support the DREAM Act as a stand-alone bill, and that she would prefer a comprehensive overhaul of the immigration system. Now, she should become one of the leading Democratic voices for immigration reform and ensure that a comprehensive bill includes DREAM Act-like provisions.


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