Another mental health crisis in NC looms

Homelessness for some mentally ill could be just around the corner:

In the latest turn of events, federal Medicaid regulators have warned the state that it may be in violation of a rule that limits how many mentally ill patients can be housed in rest homes and assisted-living centers mostly serving the elderly.

Advocates for the mentally ill fear, with good reason, that the displaced could join the ranks of the homeless or end up in jails.

And to think, there are still those who believe privatization is the cure for this. That fantasy itself should have a few pages in the DSM IV describing it.

Duke and Progress Energy refuse to move on solar

Utility companies Duke and Progress Energy have mounted stiff opposition to state legislation that would increase their state mandate to provide more solar energy. Specifically, their current solar mandate for 2018 is a meager 0.2% of their entire energy portfolio (a benchmark Duke Energy has already admitted to having met) , and many have called for increasing the goal to 0.4%.

On this point, Duke and Progress have been obstinate: they will not commit to doubling their investment in solar power, despite evidence from the NC Sustainable Energy Association predicting that the 1,350 jobs created in the solar industry last year could increase to about 8,350.

CBO issues dire warnings on deficit, provides simple solution

Let the Bush tax cuts expire. Problem solved.
Tax collections could keep pace with those costs if Congress permitted the George W. Bush tax cuts to expire on schedule in 2012 and allowed the alternative minimum tax to hit millions of additional households, the CBO said.

Nothing like a sharp razor to cut through the bullshit.

Senate Republicans and corporations win, workers lose

Um, what was that about the private sector blossoming with jobs once their tax burden was lifted?

In the closing days of the session, the General Assembly allowed food distributor Alex Lee to keep a tax break, despite laying off some of the workers it promised to hire in exchange for the break.

Demonstrating for the umpteenth time that, as far as the NC GOP is concerned, "jobs for citizens" isn't even in their top twenty priorities. Now, campaign contributions, well, that's different story:

10 Strikes Slogs Forward As Opposition Mounts

Minneapolis, MN - Last Friday Demand Progress spoke out against the "10 Strikes" bill (S. 978) championed by Senator Amy Klobuchar. We called on the Senate to decelerate their efforts to pass this unfortunately written anti-piracy legislation. The 10 Strikes bill makes the streaming of unlicensed material a felony with a prison sentence of up to 5 years. In its current form only 10 streams of the content would be necessary to entail the maximum penalty.

Go to our campaign page and send a message to your Congressperson demanding they oppose this problematic bill.

Public discussion on fracking Thursday evening in Greensboro

Just a reminder:

The event, which is free and open to the public, will be held at Elon University School of Law in downtown Greensboro June 23. The meeting will take place in Room 207. The school is at the intersection of Friendly Avenue and Greene Street, located at 201 North Greene Street.

It starts at 6:30 pm. I won't go as far as to say you'll "be square" if you can't be there. But you'll definitely lose some of your roundness, which is not advised.


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