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Just received this in an e-mail from Sen. Linda Garrou:

"Taken dirty to a whole new level"

That's what CNN pundit Anderson Cooper said about Wesley Meredith's recent ad, which horribly characterizes Senator Margaret Dickson as a prostitute. Ads like this make me sick. And the people that run them threaten to take women in North Carolina back to the days where gender equality gets laughed at and brushed to the side.

I will not accept that. And I don't think you will either.

Here is the offending video:

NC GOP congressional campaign accused of poll intimidation, illegal robocalls

The campaign of the candidate challenging a two-term congressman from North Carolina is raising eyebrows over questionable and possibly illegal tactics.

Poll workers associated with U.S. House District 13 candidate Bill Randall, a Republican businessman challenging incumbent Democrat Brad Miller, have taken actions at early voting sites that appear to cross the line from observing voters to intimidating them.

Randall is the politician who gained notoriety earlier this year when he suggested the BP oil disaster was a conspiracy between the company and the Obama administration who "[m]aybe wanted it to leak."

Boycott: Roses, Maxway, Super Dollar, Value Mart, Super 10 stores

The North Carolina Democratic Party is calling on Democrats and all North Carolinians who care about clean, fair elections to boycott Variety Wholesaler properties in North Carolina including Roses, Maxway, Super Dollar, Value Mart and Super 10 Stores.

More details can be found on the new webpage.

NC Republicans intimidate voters, Taliban style

The Brownshirts are out in force this election:

Republican poll observers who say they're trying to root out fraud have aggressively approached voters and elections officials inside early voting sites, questioned established voting law and drawn at least two dozen complaints from voters, Wake elections officials said.

Wake County Board of Elections officials say they've had to deal with multiple complaints from voters and polling place staff about observers who hover near as voters go through the process, taking down names and addresses.

Inside the polling place? It's a good thing they didn't try that crap with me, or I would have shoved that little golf pencil up someone's wazoo. This is out of control.

Help Facing South watchdog the 2010 elections!

The right to vote. Free and fair elections. Every person having a say.

Growing up, this is probably what you learned democracy is
all about. And millions of people -- like the civil rights veterans who
founded the Institute for Southern Studies 40 years ago -- fought to
make it a reality.

But with the 2010 elections just a week away, we see dangerous signs everywhere that our democracy and voting rights are under attack:

'I Refuse To Join Any Congress That Would Have Me As A Member!'

How are we gonna get our best and brightest to ever run for elective office up-and-down the line again so we can solve these problems instead of just talking about them all the time?

Elaine Marshall at UNC tomorrow!

Hi everyone!

This is a bit last minute, but I wanted to remind everyone that Elaine Marshall will be on UNC-Chapel Hill's campus tomorrow evening, speaking about her campaign.

Here's the Facebook event:

It is in Gardener 105 starting at 7:45PM, so come out and show Elaine some lovin!

Parking on campus is free after 5PM in most lots, just make sure to read the signs...

On Asking Experts, Part Two, Or, What's An LBGT Voter To Do?

It’s been a few days now since we began a conversation that addresses the issue of how frustrated some number of LBGT voters are with the Democratic Party this cycle; this because they find themselves either frustrated at the lack of progress on the civil rights issues that matter to them, or because they see both the Democratic and Republican Parties as unreliable partners in the struggle to assure equal rights for all.

In an effort to practice some actual journalism, I assembled a version of an online “focus group” at The Bilerico Project (“daily adventures in LBGTQ”), with the goal of gathering some opinions on this subject in the actual words of those frustrated voters.

Part One of this story focused on “stating the problem”, and today we’ll take on Part Two: in this environment, with Election Day staring us in the face, what is an LBGT voter to do?

As before, there are a variety of opinions, including a very informative comment I was able to obtain from a genuine Member of Congress, Patrick Murphy of Pennsylvania’s 8th District, and that means until the very end you won’t hear much from me, except to help “set the stage” for the comments that follow.


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