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With so many new community members lately, I thought I'd front-page this at the top for a couple of days. this was originally posted back in September.


Over the past few days I've read things written by people here that surprise me. Not like 'oh my goodness' surprise. More like 'wow, I didn't know that' surprise. Which makes me wonder who you all are. Especially now that the NCGOP chair says you're nothing but hate-mongering extremists.

Care to explain yourself?

Mama's watching

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From the Fayetteville paper

Richard Moore, state treasurer and Democratic candidate for governor, said his campaign goal is “to be as gentlemanly as my mother expects me to be” and to talk about substantive issues. Given last week’s exchange with Moore’s likely Democratic opponent — Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue — one wonders what his mother thinks.

On Creative Misdirection and Pyrrhic Victories

Our system of government is based upon majority rule, with numerous checks and balances to ensure the will of the people guides the hands and minds of those who would separate themselves from the whole to become our leaders.

Unfortunately, there are minority special interests that work vigorously behind closed doors to affect policy decisions that are not in the interests of the majority. When these elements are successful, especially when the general populace is unaware of these machinations, our system becomes...something else entirely.

After speaking briefly with Larry on this subject last night, I decided it was time to revisit the unfortunate decisions the N.C. Utilities Commission has made to address net metering, and the way these decisions can/will serve to stifle the growth of residential Solar power collection.

Sunday's creative procrastination (with uncensored rant)

Fred made the front page of the NCDP website. Isn't it sweet of Jerry to give Fred some attention? ;)  ... well deserved, I might ad.

Also, there is a good article in the N&O on family job leave to care for injured soldiers.

Warning: Uncensored rant ahead ...

I am aghast. That N&O article hurts like a bitch. These men and women sacrifice their lives and treasures to serve our country whenever they are called and wherever they're needed and this is how we treat them? Where does it end?

New Dole Staffer Knows The Ropes

RALEIGH - In a move that surprised no one, N&O political reporter Rob Christensen today officially joined Elizabeth Dole's reelection campaign. N&O editor Melanie Sill could not be reached for comment, though it appears Christensen will be allowed to stay on the newspaper's payroll.

Christensen, it must be said, wasted no time exploiting his newfound status to deliver the goods on behalf of the very senior Senator. In a sweet little column about Dole's legendary political skills, he dutifully covers all the key talking points assigned to him.


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