NC Supreme Court upholds "no firearms for felons" law

Justice Brady gets it right this time:

North Carolina's Supreme Court has upheld a state law that bars felons from possessing firearms, reining in a controversial ruling that made an exception for a nonviolent felon. The court ruled Friday that a 2004 state law barring convicted felons from having a gun did not unconstitutionally punish felons.

The high court ruled last year that the no-guns law could not be applied to a Wake County man convicted of felony drug possession in 1979. The man's right to own a gun had later been restored.

Here's the decision, which will give me something to read on my flight today.

My resignation letter, Vice-Chair Wake Democratic Party, Sept. 15 2010

I am sure the question will immediately arise, why post this and why now? I am doing so, as I am told that at the most recent meeting of the Board of the Wake Democratic party some of those present asked why I had resigned. They were told by the elected officers (all of whom received this letter prior to my resignation), that "they did not know why." So here goes:

To: Mary Starkey,Acting Chair, Wake Democratic Party
Via Email

Re: Resignation as Raleigh Vice-chair Wake Democratic Party
Resignation Effective September 15, 2010

I am resigning after considering the controversy at every meeting I have attended since accepting a “compromise” election based on the vote in April 2010 at the most recent County Executive Committee Meeting. I am still waiting for Minutes from that meeting over 4 months ago, but my recollection is as follows for any not in attendance or whose memories have “faded:”

Letter to the Editor: Fayetteville Observer on "homosexualizing" (sic) our youth and our future

Posted by Rep. Rick Glazier on FaceBook moments ago.

Incumbents hold people's will hostage
In the Sept. 23 article "Fayetteville shows its true colors," from, we learn that Rep. Rick Glazier and Sen. Margaret Dickson are both celebrated lawmakers in the eyes of the state's homosexual rights network, and they were feted at a party here. I note that Eric Mansfield, Democratic candidate for state senator, also was in attendance.

"We extend our deepest gratitude to Wayne and Mark for their tireless work on our behalf, and to our special guests Judge Laura Devan, Sen. Margaret Dickson, Rep. Rick Glazier, Dr. Eric Mansfield and Rep. Diane Parfitt. Wayne (Riggins) spoke movingly about what passage of the landmark School Violence Prevention Act meant to him, and thanked Rep. Glazier for his leadership in getting the bill passed."

Defending Blue Dogs (not me--the folks like Rahm)

Posting from LA Progressive by Paul Hogarth. Reviewing last Saturday's article in the NY Times.

Democrats did not win back Congress because Rahm recruited more Blue Dogs. As I wrote in 2006, only about five of the 30 House seats that Democrats gained that year could be from “conservatives” – the rest were progressive Democrats like Carol Shea-Porter and John Hall, real team players who took the risk of standing up for liberal values in swing districts. And those – not Bobby Bright – are the ones who deserve to be helped today.

Like Secretary of State Elaine Marshall for instance?

POPE THE VOTE? Conservative NC benefactor steps up funding to nonprofits for ads during election season

Cross-posted from an article by Chris Kromm at the Institute for Southern Studies.

Ask a casual political observer to name the nation's biggest Republican operatives, and a few would come readily to mind. Most could you tell you about Karl Rove -- the legendary Bush adviser and GOP strategist who this year aims to spend $52 million by November to help elect conservative candidates.

Some might even know Charles and David Koch, the Kansas-based oil billionaires who have poured over a hundred million dollars since 1980 into conservative causes and spent millions more on political candidates and lobbyists.

Register to vote in the "only poll that matters"--Vote Early

Did you read the story about the Triangle having one of the top 5 longest commuting times in the country? That did not happen by accident. Poor planning and the sprawling municipalities that resulted contributed. More so, lack of mass transit options including buses and light rail.

Does that make you want to cast a vote in the November election?

If you are not registered at your current address in your current county, make it easy on yourself and update your voter registration record. Do it TODAY. See my previous article on "How to vote" here.

Tired of the behind the scenes votes on the state budget and a lack of transparency on drawing the districts? The 2010 Census is over. New Congressional and Legislative Districts will be decided by a new General Assembly beginning in January, 2011.

Burr runnin' scared?

With his approval numbers still in the toilet, incumbent Richard Burr's knows his campaign is skating on thin ice. He can't point to anything of significance he's accomplished in 16 years. Not one damn thing. That's why he's now moving to attack Marshall's with a parody ad designed to divert media attention from his pathetic record. Richard Burr is a do-nothing slacker. No amount of stunts from his lackluster campaign staff will change that one bit.

Open government workshop in Asheville 10/14

New laws in North Carolina promise increased transparency and more effective procedures to settle public records disputes, including mediation and financial incentives. The Sunshine Center will explore these new laws and more with its regional workshop 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. Oct. 14 in Karpen Hall 038 at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. The event is free and for a wide audience, including the general public, media, public servants, civic organizations, legal professionals, students, educators - anyone with a stake in open government.

Even if you don't live in the Western part of the state, you should check this out. Besides, any excuse to visit the Asheville area is a good excuse, right? Leaf colors should be pretty sweet by then, and the apples? Forget about it. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.


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