Goolsby misleads on plastic bag ban

The "say anything" crowd strikes again:

"Now you talk about the good folks up there, the working folks, that are having to pay several dollars more a week when they go out and buy a lot of groceries just for bags," Senator Thom Goolsby said. "It doesn't make a lot of sense."

And now for the truth: People who bring their own bags actually pay less for their groceries:

Sportsmen applaud new EPA rules

Tired of throwing tainted fish back in the water:

Mercury, arsenic and dioxins emitted by coal-fired power plants would have to be reduced under proposed rules unveiled by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this week. While the restrictions are written for public-health benefits under the Clean Air Act, a national sportsmen's group is applauding the move in a new report because of additional benefits - those to wildlife and fish.

It's been a while since we posted the list of fish to avoid eating due to Mercury bioaccumulation, so here it is again:

On Monday morning philosophy, or, Founders tell America: “You figure it out”

In our efforts to form a more perfect Union we look to the Constitution for guidance for how we might shape the form and function of Government; many who seek to interpret that document try to do so by following what they believe is The Original Intent Of The Founders.

SBI officials used criminal database improperly

cross-posted (in slightly edited form) at dKos

The State Bureau of Investigation is under fire again. Turns out two senior agency officials improperly used the state and federal criminal database, known as the Department of Criminal Information (DCI) network.

Jerry Ratley, the former assistant director who oversaw the network, used it to snoop on his ex-wife, her co-workers, her husband, the wife of an SBI agent and others, records reviewed by The News & Observer show. Wendy Brinkley, who is directly responsible for policing and maintaining the network, used it to track her stepson's case in the courts, the records show.

How serious is this? Federal and state law both state in no uncertain terms that the network is not for personal use. Police officers and sheriff's deputies caught misusing this information can be brought up on criminal charges.

"Alternative currency" promoter guilty of domestic terrorism

I wonder if his lawyer will accept Liberty Dollars as payment?

The leader of a group that marketed a fake currency called Liberty Dollars in the Asheville area and elsewhere has been found guilty by a federal jury of conspiracy against the government in a case of “domestic terrorism.”

Bernard von NotHaus was convicted...

I gotta stop right there and say, "Being proud of your heritage is cool, but if your name reads or sounds really funny (Dick Trickle), or like something you'd prefer people not call you (Nuthouse), you should seriously consider changing it."

Obama's Budget

The Obama budget is the continuation of the bailout plan which was carved out to please corporate companies. They now have to balance the budget on the side of the poor. So, interest rates will go up and bank portfolios will collapse. Indeed the war machine in the states is very powerful and they are controlling the entire system for implementing their objectives.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and Max Keiser discuss this:


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