How to not cut health care costs

Allow doctors to write the laws:

State lawmakers are considering a bill that would require residents under the age of 18 to obtain a doctor's prescription before using a tanning bed.

Before you jump down my throat, I'm no fan of skin cancer. Some very special people in my life are either dealing with it or have done. But requiring a doctor's visit for this, while families are already being crushed under horrendous medical costs and/or debt, is beyond the pale (skin). And there are more:

Worried she's losing her spot as the dimmest bulb in Congress

The odious Virginia Foxxxxxxx weighs in today with a new proposal to unfund medical schools that teach doctors how to perform abortions. Next they'll be unfunding journalism schools that teach students to write words that start with the letter "A."

I really hope you don't find yourself a victim of uterine cancer, Virginia Foxx. Any decent doctor who could help you would almost certainly decide to let your wicked old body just drop dead. I sure wouldn't blame them.

Spent nuclear fuels in the US and NC

The price of fixing America's nuclear vulnerabilities may be high, but the price of doing too little is incalculable.

U.S. reactors have generated about 65,000 metric tons of spent fuel, of which 75 percent is stored in pools, according to Nuclear Energy Institute data. Spent fuel rods give off about 1 million rems (10,00Sv) of radiation per hour at a distance of one foot — enough radiation to kill people in a matter of seconds. There are more than 30 million such rods in U.S. spent fuel pools. No other nation has generated this much radioactivity from either nuclear power or nuclear weapons production...

Tillis wants his hostages back

In the wake of Phil Berger's attempt to use those 45,000 unemployed hostages to promote his own Senate Budget, House Speaker Tillis appears to be on the verge of introducing a new bill, also tied to a Continuing Resolution, that includes a provision allowing those unemployed to receive the Federal funds that never should have been held back in the first place.

That's three times the Republicans have used these unfortunate folks as pawns in their little-boy games, and that should be plastered above the fold of every NC newspaper worth its salt. Ink. Whatever.

Want to know which side your legislator is on? Watch today's vote on the health insurance exchange.

There are those defining issues raised in the General Assembly every so often that pit the state’s most powerful interest groups against the needs of consumers and average citizens. The vote on today’s health benefits exchange is one such issue.

A week without the N&O

One week ago we instituted a new policy banning links to the Raleigh News and Observer at BlueNC. The policy was created in response to the newspaper's reliance on propaganda from the Show on its editorial pages in general, with a specific concern over the use of WPTF's Rick Martinez as an op-ed columnist. For my part, the new policy has been a breeze. It's been easy to find important stories at other sites, with the added benefit of being able to uncover fresh, new sources of information. That said, I'd welcome the chance to resume linking to the Old Reliable. All they need to do is Dump Little Ricky.


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