Legislative policies will kill jobs

The North Carolina League of Conservation Voters Foundation began running radio ads last week informing the public that the legislature is ignoring its mandate to create jobs while scrapping policies that protect water and air quality. The ad highlights that numerous pieces of legislation threaten jobs created by tourism which are dependent on clean water and air.  They also launched a web site, www.thataintrightnc.org, which offers details about the impact of legislation and lists bills that have little to do with jobs but everything to do with eliminating environmental protections.

Unbelievable anti-voting bill filed at the last minute

An unbelievable anti-voting bill was unveiled in the NC General Assembly yesterday at the last minute and it contains just about every wish list to block opponent voters you'll find on the Tea Party and far right agendas. It upends our election system in so many ways that Rep. Mickey Michaux (D-Durham) called it “worse than an abomination.” The far right is now trying to ram it through without public debate.

NC Republican Legislators have Betrayed our State

I want to thank Governor Perdue for standing up and fighting the Republican Budget.  I am ashamed that 5 Democrats decided to do what was in their best "Political Interest" instead of what is best for the State of North Carolina and the citizens of North Carolina.  Make no mistake this Budget takes our state in the Wrong Direction!  

The Republicans claim that their budget protects the class rooms but all they do is force the Local Governments to take on more of the burden of making those cuts.  A burden that they can't afford to bare.  

The Republicans have cut funding to Early Childhood education that really helps low income families and minorities, but the Republicans could careless.  All the while Tom Tillis gives his staff Raises, teachers across the state are going to get Pink Slips!  It's unforgiveble!  

Republicans pulled a fast one last night

When Republicans announced the Veto override vote would be Wednesday, were they already planning to do it right after the stroke of midnight? Via Twitter:

binker 6:59pm via HootSuite #ncga House Speaker Tillis says that a 12:01 a.m. session to over-ride the @ncgovoffice budget veto is possible. Will let us know by 9 p.m.

And my next question is, was the Party of Five aware of this deceitful little trick? If they weren't, they need to recognize this stunt for what it is: Straight-up dishonesty. As such, these five Democrats, and maybe a few honest Republicans to boot, should reverse their votes. A Budget that requires trickery to get passed is, by its very nature, something that demands another look. A long look.

With PROTECT IP Waning, Big Content Tries to Outflank

The lobbyists for Big Content don’t ever seem to let up, they’re beginning to lose ground on the Internet Blacklist Bill (PROTECT IP) but already they’re preparing their next move. This week a “Ten Strikes Bill”, which would make streaming or embedding copyrighted content a felony offense, is set for a vote by the Senate.

This bill has been proposed by Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) just as she is set to speak at the Netroots Nation conference, in honor of her past support for Net Neutrality. Lets hope the conference-goers call out the Senator for her hypocritical positions on Internet freedom.

Help us let them know they can’t get away with this, email your legislator to show your opposition to this bill.

The Puppetmaster turns over a new (Golden) Leaf

Gaining control over state government grants:

Major Republican donor Art Pope has been tapped to serve on the Golden LEAF Foundation board of directors.

Pope, a Raleigh businessman and former state lawmakers, was appointed by Senate president Phil Berger, R-Rockingham. The decision didn’t require legislative approval.

How could that not require legislative approval?

Bipartisan effort to stop Titan Cement's air quality permit

If the GOP can abuse the word, so can I:

Rep. Carolyn Justice, R-Pender, is making a last-minute attempt to delay the issuance of state air quality permits for Titan America by amending a bill with language that would accomplish that.

While her reason for doing this may seem rather Republicanish, she actually makes a good point:

General Assembly considering nonpartisan redistricting starting in 2020

cross-posted (in slightly edited form) at dKos

Per an editorial from Sunday's Charlotte Observer, there's reason for hope the Repubs won't gerrymander the hell out of the state after all. A proposal currently working its way through the legislature would eliminate most (if not all) of the partisan tinder from redistricting starting with the 2020s round. The bill would put the redistricting processin the hands of the legislative staff.

The House last week passed a proposal that would have legislative staff members, not elected legislators, draw the boundaries of congressional and legislative districts. It would take effect in 2021, the next time district lines are scheduled to be redrawn.

The legislation is modeled after the system in Iowa. Legislative staffers, sequestered from elected officials, draw maps and present them for an up-or-down vote by the House and Senate.

The proposal is viewable here. It would specifically ban redistricting to favor a party or incumbent. The bill passed pretty handily in the state house, and is currently in committee in the state senate.


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