Where is Liddy on SCHIP?

Elizabeth Dole was against expanding the State Children Health Insurance Program before she was for it.

Dole endangered the health of 123,000 North Carolina children when she voted six times this year against fully funding the program.

Last week, she was among 28 senators who sent a letter asking Senate leadership to expand SCHIP.

“Elizabeth Dole is playing election year politics with the health of our children,” said NCDP Chair Jerry Meek.

Offering Bounties

Everyone knows what a bounty is, right? In the olden days they were offered to anyone who brought in a bad guy - dead or alive. In modern times, we have people like Dog the Bounty Hunter (a.k.a. racist criminal who lost his job) doing much the same thing, hunting people down for money. There are other settings in which bounties are acceptable. Poker for instance.

Does the same player win every tournament? Put a bounty on his head! A bounty is paid to the player who eliminates a "Wanted" player from the game. Take $20 or $100 from the overall purse and put a bounty on the head of the player who won your previous tournament. This will make it more difficult for that player to win again because everyone will be trying to eliminate him for the bounty money!

It's all fun and games here. But, there is a place where bounties are serious business, where they are serious CASH business, and they are still offered - Dead or Alive.

The health care industry.

Elizabeth Edwards, Haircuts, and MRDD

I recently saw a story in the AP that dealt, once again, with the John Edwards $400 haircut. However, this time I was pleasantly surprised that the story was about a good cause - autism research. I was disappointed though, that the AP could not do a complete story and actually follow through with a little research. Unfortunately, our mainstream media have become "reporters", that is they simply report what they are told.

So, I thought I would you give you some background on this issue with regards to the Edwards campaign, and why what happened wasn't a stunt.

John Hood: Prescient or Pompous

I'm not sure which, but I know from the first sentence he wrote in this op-ed in today's Charlotte Observer that he isn't being honest with his readers.

I want to believe in the John Edwards campaign.

Bull. Complete and utter bull.

There is no way that a right-wing ideologue like John Hood could possibly believe in the Edwards campaign. No freaking way.

Welcome Jay Ovittore!

I hope you got the word that Jay Ovittore will be visiting us tonight, starting around 8 pm, for about an hour. Please join us! You can read more about Jay at his website, so give it a look and then stick around for some real democracy in action.

And if you're looking for a good thing to do with a little of your hard-earned cash, I'm sure Jay would appreciate your contribution.

Welcome, Jay. And thanks in advance for spending some time with us.

Charlotte Mayor to take on Orr, Smith and Graham?

Not long ago I brought your attention to a CharO article that reported Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory was considering a run for something before he was sworn in as Mayor for the new term. Here at BlueNC we speculated this time last year that he would run for higher office, but couldn't quite pin down what that higher office would be.

Now we know.

The politics of Christmas trees

I believe that most of the decisions we make have the potential to ricochet into the world of politics and public policy - whether we mean for that to happen or not. Where we shop, what we buy, our transportation practices, where we set our thermostats, charities we support, even the Christmas trees we choose.

-edited to protect the uninitiated that continue to use IE. (RP)

Test your free-market extremist credentials!

Rob Christensen's December 2 column has an analysis of what he considers the state of civics education in the United States, based on a test created by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. Christensen's column wraps with a link to this test, which I found hard, somewhat bizarre, and dramatically tilted in favor of knowing all about the kind of dead white men these people adore.

And what does Christensen have to say in the interest of full disclosure?

ISI is a conservative-leaning organization founded in 1953.

If you follow my link to the ISI website, you will discover that "conservative leaning" describes ISI about as well as "objective reporter" describes Christensen himself. The website features The Conservative Mind as part of its top-level navigation, Clarence Thomas, as an honored lecturer, with links throughout the site to Townhall.com.


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