Cherie Berry: What Me Worry?

from the Charlotte Observer:

The Observer's recent interview with Republican N.C. Labor Secretary Cherie Berry sounded like a satire on how public officials work.

Staff writer Ames Alexander asked her whether she planned to do anything in response to the Observer's series describing workplace safety violations at poultry processing plants run by House of Raeford Farms, a big N.C. company.

Her answer: No.

Teresa Sue Bratton Live-Blog March 20th

This coming Thursday evening, from 7 to 8 p.m., Teresa Sue Bratton will live-blog here at BlueNC. She will run against Jay Ovittore in the Democratic Primaries and they are both running for the seat that Howard Coble (6th Congressional) currently occupies. Please visit her website and leave questions if you won't be able to attend.

Meek and Cotham Engaged? Congratulations!

From the Charlotte Observer:

Politics and wedding bells
Some men ask a woman's parents for her hand in marriage. Jerry Meek had to check with her campaign manager as well.

Meek, North Carolina's Democratic Party chairman, has become engaged to Tricia Cotham, a Democratic legislator from Charlotte.

Meek, of Fayetteville, got down on one knee when he popped the question Friday night at a cabin in Bryson City. He planned the weekend get-away only after clearing the schedule with Cotham's campaign manager.

Cotham, 29, is the state's youngest legislator. Meek, 37, is one of if not the nation's youngest party chairman.

McHenry, Jones, fellow Rs gag abused credit consumers

I guess they thought the testimony would be too emotionally painful for their banking donor buddies. At least, one has to draw that conclusion when Republicans on the House Consumer Credit Subcommittee are so threatened they arrange for witnesses to be stonewalled and bullied.

But, in their efforts to keep these stories out of circulation, House Republicans kinda blew it. No wonder none of 'em are returning reporter's phone calls.

War Anniversary is Coming up...Does anyone care?

As an Army wife I face many important dates alone. Dates that mean something only to me and my husband or to my family. However, this week marks the fifth year our men and women have been sent off to a war that has now destroyed our economy. We can stop the debate on why we went into Iraq but we need to discuss what that one fatal decision has done to our great nation.

We have lost many brave lives over there yet those losses really to do not compare to the fact our economy is failing. I believe we should support our troops but not at the cost of my children's future.

Duke Energy CEO advocates climate change?

According to Jim Rogers Duke Energy CEO:

"He said that Duke Energy was the third largest emitter of carbon in the United States and the twelfth in the world -- and if considered an independent nation, Duke Energy would be 41st in the world -- so carbon emissions is a huge issue for him and his firm and wants to turn that around."

Common Sense For The Birds

We are at a crossroads in North Carolina, my friends. Many forces are being brought to bear on us, and we have some very important decisions to make. And make them we must, or the fate of our state and the people and animals that inhabit it will be at risk. Global Warming is not a myth, it's a reality. And it's not simply a natural occurrance of which we are mere spectators, it's an artifact of our own shortsightedness and lack of vision. We brought this monster to life, and we're the only ones who can kill it.


The cars in the parking lot at the Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Durham has more bumper-stickers than god. From "visualize peace" to "question authority" and everything in between. It's a place of purposeful people and active activists. Today's service was conducted by the high school youth group, of which my daughter is a member. It was all about art and music and caring.

Attendance was good. God was there too.


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