Friends of Liddy

In a new book about national GOP infighting, our own Liddy Dole gets smacked down by fellow Republican Steve Laffey over her miserable performance as top dog in the NRSC last year:

LAFFEY’S PUBLISHER . . . had promised five months ago that the blunt, former two-term mayor would “name names” in his book, and Laffey delivers plenty of names. He blasts national GOP leaders, including Republican National Chairman Ken Mehlman and U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole, head of the NRSC, for trying to persuade Laffey to run for lieutenant governor and leave the Senate to Chafee. Laffey also criticizes President Bush for allowing the national party to “slime” Laffey with attack ads.

Bush and Dole, Dole and Bush. Two peas in a pathetic pod. There's no end to the damage they've caused, even within their own morally bankrupt party. Come on, Grier. You can take her.

An Open Letter to Patrick McHenry, Republican Representative from NC's 10th Congressional District

I ask that you all join me in this quest to educate the young (yet unusually gray) Mr. McHenry. Please photograph your bicycle and send it with a letter pledging to ride versus driving your auto. You all know I'm intending to bicycle to work. It's a serious commitment, I think, and not one I would impugn upon you, but I would ask that you try to use a bicycle, or walk, if possible . I'm providing the text of my letter, and you may use as you wish, but please, send something.

Dear Mr. McHenry,

I Know Marshall Adame

I Know Marshall Adame

I met Marshall Adame several years ago while working in Iraq / Kuwait. At that time he was the he was the CPA Basra International Airport Manager in Southern Iraq. I was working for a Defense Contracting firm that supplied Arabic Linguist to Coalition Forces. While at the time our encounter was brief, I found him to be very engaging and personable, with a real regard for the people of Iraq. He seemed to know every Iraqi in the Airport terminal and they all know him. As with me at the time, he showed an interest in our soldiers and marines who would often plow through his area, usually without notification. This was one of those occasions. I also found him to be a deeply caring man when it came to our cause in Iraq. He called it a rescue effort.

Open thread: Three times a week

When you say something like this:

Congressman Heath Shuler will update this blog three times a week about legislation, day-to-day operations and issues of the day.

And then do something like this, well, it doesn't really inspire much confidence.

Note to the good Congressman's staff: (1) Don't make ridiculous promises in the first place, and (2) learn how to get public websites updated.


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I've driven my pick-up truck in every county in North Carolina over the past five years, and I have to say: I don't get all the whining and complaining about North Carolina's roads. To hear the road-construction lobby talk, you'd think we were all dealing with two-laned mud-filled ruts and such.

Sure there are improvement and maintenance needs, but compared to some of the other problems our state is facing, I don't put building highways anywhere near the top of the list of investment priorities.

The issue hit me right between the eyes this morning when I read this story about the so-called Highway 17 Association. It's hard to tell who this association is made up of, but it's a safe bet that developers and contractors like Fred Smith are behind it, people who line their pockets when taxpayer dollars get spent on road projects.

Where the rubber meets the road

From this week's column, some thoughts about incentivising folks

The General Assembly is contemplating a return engagement in Raleigh next week with the intent of taking up Gov. Mike Easley’s veto of an incentives bill for the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.

Easley’s objection, which reportedly came as a shocking twist to legislators after a two-year negotiation over the package, was that the threshold for the number of jobs the bill would protect was reduced.

Will We Ever Be Free of Nifong Stories

So now the rich parents of the kids wrongly accused in the Nifong case (see how the emphasis has shifted) now want $300 from every citizen of the City of Durham. Nifong has a symbolic 24 hours behind bars -- more time that Scooter Libby will ever do for a crime for which Alberto Gonzales should be charged but won't because Democratic Congressmen are not as vindictive as the parents of rich white jocks.

Dear Beverly

You deserve equal time. I'm sure you're a nice gal and all, but your Deputy Campaign Manager, David Kochman is making accusations against Richard Moore without offering any proof and it really needs to stop.

I know it must be hard when people make hay out of things you actually said and did when you haven't even declared you are running for Governor. The response from your campaign leaves a lot to be desired. It's one thing to straighten out misunderstandings or to clarify the meanings of things you actually did say and do, but to accuse Richard Moore of unethical behavior without offering any proof whatsoever goes beyond the pale.


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