Ignore the Media. Democrats are United

One of the first headlines I was greeted with this morning on CNN was something to the tune of, "Democrats are Divided". I'm sorry. We're what?

This year Democrats who vote after traditional super Tuesday states will have a say in which candidate represents us in our bid for the White House. We're excited. We're energized. We're motivated. We most certainly are not divided.

As nasty as primary season gets, I've never felt my party more involvede in the process of selecting our nominee, even if we don't agree on which candidate will do the best job.

Vanity press

From a press release I received from Blackwater Watch:

Regnery Publishing today announced that it has signed a contract with Erik
Prince, Chairman and CEO of Blackwater Worldwide. Prince’s book, tentatively
titled We Are Blackwater, will be released this summer. It is the only
insider’s account of the controversial company that has supplied bodyguards
and support-and-rescue personnel to hot spots around the world, including
the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Hillary's Negative Coattails in NC

Here's what scares me most about Hillary Clinton.

Let's say she wins the Democratic nomination. Let's even assume that she could win the general election (probably by carrying my home state of Ohio.)

What is her impact on our elections in North Carolina?

I'm afraid that she would have negative coattails that could have disastrous results for down-ticket races in our great state.

My trip to Chicago; adventures in Obamaland.

This past weekend I flew to Chicago to help a Belgian TV News crew make a report on the Barack Obama campaign. As you might know, Chicago is Obama's hometown and it's here that his political campaign started.
We visited the National Obama Volunteer headquarters and went to the communities where Obama was a community organizer some 25 years ago.

When I landed, the contrast between Charlotte and Chicago couldn't have been any bigger. In Charlotte it had been a balmy 60 degrees, in Chicago it was 30 and there was at least 10 inches of snow on the ground. The skyscrapers were hidden in a dense, low hanging cloud cover and it gave the whole city a weird kind of atmosphere.

Super Tuesday Open Thread.

Yikes, I guess many of us have jumped off the "excitement" bandwagon. The first results are in on the Red side.

Mike Huckabee is the projected winner of the West Virginia GOP caucus. CNN and MSNBC called it first ...

Mitt Romney was second; John McCain, a distant third ... The final count per the WVA GOP:

Huckabee 567 VOTES (51%)
Romney 521 VOTES (47%)
McCain 12 VOTES (1%)

“Congratulations to Mike Huckabee who is the winner of 18 of West Virginia’s 30 delegates to the Republican National Convention,” said Bob Fish, CEO of the convention.

Maybe a bad sign for McCain, who needs a good showing in Georgia to solidify his conservative base credentials?

Picture via Makeshift Utopia.

Open thread: Get out of jail free

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Courtesy of the Dome, here are some legal tips for bloggers. An example:

Conflicts of interest, such as personal, political, or financial relationships with subjects of news coverage, can cause legal trouble for citizen journalists. Legal risk aside, a real or apparent conflict of interest raises ethical concerns and can erode a journalist and news organization’s credibility. Here are some examples of conflicts of interest for citizen journalists:

Puppetshow Takes to the Airwaves

Last fall, WPTF-AM (in Raleigh) signed up Rick Martinez as Director of News Programming. In case you don't have the misfortune of listening to WPTF, it's the dull diamond in the Curtis Media Crown, 24 hours a day of non-stop, right-wing hate. The story was originally reported here. Initial response was muted, even as some listeners lamented Rickie's newest venture:

IMHO not a good choice. Rick seems to be too wishy washy.... never taking a stand. Most News/talk PDs I have worked with have a back bone.

Tune In To WUNC Noon Today

I just received this E-mail in my inbox:

Debate on Cliffside & Climate, Tuesday 5th

Tuesday at noon, NC WARN’s Jim Warren and a Duke Energy official will be Frank Stascio’s guests on WUNC Radio’s State of Things. (91.5 FM. You can also hear it live or later at WUNC.org)

It is also broadcast through WRQM, 90.9 FM Rocky Mount and WUND, 88.9 FM Manteo/Columbia.


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