50 State Blog Roundup - 2/29/08

This week finds many of us burning the candles at both ends. We see campaigns gearing up in North Carolina as the time for filing to run for public office comes to a close at noon today. Campaigns are looking to hire "internet outreach coordinators" for the first time and BlueNC has been announced as a venue for an open forum discussion between our two Democratic gubernatorial candidates. Imagine seeing that in the newspaper and realizing we didn't have a date set for the event! We will also host a debate or forum between at least three of the four candidates for Lt. Gov. in NC.

Right wing launches attack against openly gay judge Arrowood

The GOP in North Carolina is exceptionally homophobic, populated and run by bigots with fossilized thinking. It's not surprising, then, that the first openly gay judge on the NC Court of Appeals, John Arrowood, is facing an anti-gay attack by his opponent Bob Hunter's supporters. Arrowood was appointed by outgoing governor Mike Easley back in August of 2007, to fill an unexpired term, and is up for election this year.

Civitas Removes the Fig Leaf

Civitas has a luncheon every month or so to spin the results of their push polls. These meetings are primarily used to offer advice to Republican elected officials and GOP campaign workers on how to win elections. Given that Civitas claims a 501(c)3 tax free status, this ought to be illegal, but who honestly expects the GOP to play by the same rules as the rest of us?

Several of the statements made, particularly by Fetzer, are shocking in their cold ruthlessness. I think it is telling that nobody objected on principle to some of his ideas.

I think this is the best example:

Fetzer: This isn't like what we did with Reagan. Since we don't have anti-communism to unite the Republican party anymore we'll have to find new issues to agitate our political base.

An audience member then suggested, why don't we just replace fear of communism with fear of terrorism?

Fetzer: Yes, that's the plan.


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