Coal Ash Wednesday: The contamination continues

The only thing that's ceased is the outrage and determination from lawmakers to fix the problem:

The more that the scientists look, the more problems they find – for example, arsenic in a drinking water reservoir, contaminated well water, fish kills, polluted groundwater. All are unnecessary.

Every day, 3 million gallons of polluted coal ash water flow into North Carolina rivers from Duke Energy’s coal ash lagoons. Every day, groundwater is being contaminated. Every day, there is the risk of another catastrophe. It is long past time for DENR and Duke Energy to act to clean up North Carolina’s coal ash mess and protect all 14 communities and rivers across North Carolina.

And the only thing lawmakers seem to be concerned about is losing ground in their efforts to suppress women's access to health care and LGBT rights. Once again, the GOP is allowing its misogyny and bigotry to draw their focus away from real dangers, and the citizens of NC are paying the price for that lack of concern. Meanwhile, the Duke Energy happy talk express is chugging right along:

State of hate address

Daily dose: Thom Tillis's handwashing moment edition


Freedom is not washing your hands? US senator picks bad day for health joke (The Guardian) -- If ever there was a good time to crack a joke about dismantling the basic public health infrastructure of the United States, it was not this week, with top Republicans on Capitol Hill questioning the fundamental science of vaccines. But newly minted Republican senator Thom Tillis jumped in anyway, bragging at a public forum about a shining point he had made in a debate about regulations on business. As the video that started to go viral on Tuesday made all too clear, his not-too-serious idea involved employees who might not wash their hands.


We don't need no clean hands

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dear Sen. Tillis,
Your comments regarding government regulations vis-a-vis voluntary hand washing in restaurants illustrates to me that your robotic ideological views lack any wisdom whatsoever. What you lack in curiosity and intelligence, however, is more than made up by the outsized arrogance.

Watch this video:

Daily dose: FCC hearts muni broadband edition

F.C.C. Chief Wants to Override N.C. Laws Curbing Community Net Services (New York Times) -- Tom Wheeler, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, will propose an order to pre-empt state laws that limit the build-out of municipal broadband Internet services, senior F.C.C. officials said on Monday. The proposal focuses on laws in two states, North Carolina and Tennessee, but it would create a policy framework for other states. The chairman’s plan to invalidate the two state laws comes in response to petitions from two municipal Internet service providers: the Electric Power Board in Chattanooga, Tenn., and Greenlight, a community-owned broadband service in Wilson, N.C. THE WHOLE STORY

The race for NCDP Chair: Fundraising

Three of the five candidates running to serve as chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party have returned questionnaires that were created by the readers and editors of BlueNC. All of the candidates had a busy week with forums and we thank Patsy Keever, Marshall Adame, and Connie Johnson for returning their answers.


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