Bigot viciously attacks gay bar owner over SC ruling

There's nothing even remotely "simple" about this assault:

A police report said Lucas Dylan Wilhelmson assaulted the bar’s owner, Jeff Edwards, at least 15 times. A short video of the incident that a witness shared with the local LGBT news website QNotes shows the suspect repeatedly choking, hitting and slapping Edwards, who apparently never struck the suspect.

Kolby Brinkley, partner of Edwards, and the bar’s general manager, said Wilhelmson was ranting about his disagreement with Friday’s landmark Supreme Court decision on marriage equality. He thinks the incident was motivated by hate and bias. The police report and witnesses also said Wilhelmson threatened to come back to the bar and kill Edwards, according to QNotes.

He's 21, and this is his 3rd or 4th run-in with the law, starting with a DWI when he was 16. And he'll probably get off with probation and a "stern lecture" from the judge. And like ignorant drunks usually do, he'll probably end up back at that same bar in the near future, showing his ass and maybe this time toting a little nine millimeter friend. Come on Darwin, we're counting on you to fix this before it's too late.

Daily dose: TA's push back edition


Opponents protest NC Senate plan to slash teacher assistant jobs (Charlotte Observer) -- Demonstrators holding signs that read “Largest Layoffs Ever” gathered Sunday in South End to rally against a state Senate budget plan that would take thousands of teacher assistants out North Carolina school classrooms.

Protesting teacher assistant cuts (Greenville Daily Reflector) -- Local educators, parents and community members are hosting a rally at the Pitt County Courthouse today to speak out about a provision in the state Senate’s budget proposal that would cut approximately 8,500 teacher assistant positions.

You're invited to our July 4th party

Jane and I are, once again, hosting a July 4th party this year, and we're inviting all of our BlueNC friends to join us. The party is from 5 to 8 pm. We'll provide the barbeque, lemonade and sweet tea, and ask that you bring a side dish or dessert. Also, bring swim suits, chairs and blankets if you're so inclined. Address is 451 Lakeshore Lane, Chapel Hill. Please do come and bring your friends. The more the merrier!

Racists come out of the woodwork for confederate flag rally

Apparently they're being "brutally attacked" because of their beliefs:

“The lunatic in Charleston did not understand our flag, our symbols or our heritage. … He was a racist. He was a bigot, and above all he was a lunatic,” said a rally organizer, Bill Starnes of Mount Holly.
But Starnes and others said they, too, have been victims of “attacks upon our heritage and our culture,” as Pastor Creighton Lovelace said in a prayer.

“We should be in prayer for those families in South Carolina,” Starnes said. But, citing calls for removal of the flag, he added that “we have to be here doing this because we have been so brutally attacked.”

I don't see you lying in a pool of your own blood, so maybe you should STFU about brutality. And as far as that "pastor" leading their prayers, he's quite a piece of racist/bigoted/lunatic work:

Daily dose: Dumb and dumberer edition

overturned car.jpg

NC Senate budget proposes ending driver's ed. requirement (AP) — The fate of driver education in North Carolina looms uncertain as legislators ironing out the budget weigh whether to continue the program's funding, or possibly end the requirement for teenagers to take driving classes altogether.

Young motorists learn consequences of unsafe driving (Raleigh News & Observer) -- More than 60 young drivers, many of whom are in trouble due to motor-vehicle violations, received hands-on instruction Saturday at the StreetSafe Lifesaving Driving Experiences about the dangers of distracted driving.

Saving rural NC as simple as one, two, three

Great article in this week's Indy by Jeffery Billman, called What's Driving the NC Senate's Animus Towards the State's Metros? BIllman explores possible reasons our state Senate Republicans dislikes our state's cities. I don't know about you, but I have never heard an urban politician campaign on hurting our urban environments, but to hear what is happening in NCGA, one would think there was a cabal of cities out to destroy the countryside. However, the greatest harm to our rural brethren has come from the Senate Republicans themselves. (I've put a link at the bottom of this piece. Read his article for more.)

Wall Street is betting you and I will pay for coal ash cleanup

And Duke Energy shareholders are already reaping the benefits:

The aforementioned state legislation imposed a moratorium on Duke from seeking any sort of rate increase related to the clean-up through mid-January this year. But last week, the ratings agency Fitch upgraded Duke’s credit rating, in part reflecting the “significant, albeit manageable” coal-ash clean-up costs, as well as its expectation that the costs incurred will be recoverable from ratepayers.

Clearly, the market believes Duke will recover costs via ratepayers. The stock hit a high at the end of January, before the general correction in utilities sparked a selloff.

Once again we're entering the "tail wagging the dog" territory, where the stock market determines business behavior instead of the other way around, like it's supposed to. The same thing happened leading up to the mortgage crisis, and you see where that got us. Due to the NC Utilities Commission's bent responsibility to ensure utilities remain "profitable," Duke Energy can legally argue that not allowing them to recover costs from ratepayers will bring down their stock values, thus hurting their overall profits. The fact that Duke's stock price was artificially inflated in anticipation of the NCUC's ruling will not even be mentioned, unless the public representative or somebody like NCWARN brings it up. That's no way to do the people's business.

Daily dose: The GOP's glaring whiteness edition


Nichol delivers fiery speech to Rowan Democrats (Salisbury Post) -- Speaking to a crowded room of Democrats, University of North Carolina Law Professor Gene Nichol on Thursday issued harsh criticisms of state government and the Republican-controlled General Assembly. The Republican caucuses in the General Assembly don’t include a single black member, Nichol said. Likewise, he said McCrory’s administration is majority white. “Some might say that’s impolite to mention — accurate but impolite,” Nichol said. “It’s apparently OK to govern as a white people party, but it’s just not OK to notice it.”

Franklin Graham: God's gonna get ya

It didn't take long for the bigots to get up on their soapboxes. In the lead, of course, was Franklin Graham:

North Carolina-based evangelist Franklin Graham was among the first conservative Christian leaders to react to Friday’s Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage.

It's no surprise that Graham blasted the Supreme Court, and warned about what they've wrought.


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