Shameless Dallas Woodhouse using autism for political purposes

It's a special kind of jerk who would think this is a good idea:

House Speaker Thom Tillis often wears an Autism Speaks pin and supported legislation this year that would require insurers cover certain treatment for autism disorders. The measure got tied up in the Senate and didn't become law, but that's not stopping Carolina Rising from running two ads thanking Tillis for his support.

The North Carolina-based group is run by Dallas Woodhouse, the former state director of Americans for Prosperity. It is a tax-exempt nonprofit that is not required to disclose its donors. According to Carolina Rising it is spending $2 million on the TV ads.

The only thing "rising" is the bile in my throat. Again, a regulatory system that would allow this kind of dark money to be spent is no regulatory system at all.

Daily dose: We need fewer McCrorys edition

McCrory: We need fewer lawyers, fewer journalists. more truck drivers (Triad Business Journal) -- Gov. Pat McCrory on Thursday said that North Carolina needs fewer journalists and lawyers and more truck drivers and technical workers as he unveiled his “1,000 in 100” work force development initiative in Greensboro as part of a three-city tour. “We've frankly got enough psychologists and sociologists and political science majors and journalists. With all due respect to journalism, we've got enough. We have way too many," McCrory said to laughter from the audience. He said we have too many lawyers too, adding that some mechanics are making more than lawyers. "And journalists, did I say journalists?" he said for emphasis.

The numbers game

Chris Fitzsimon has written a column I wish I'd written ... a beautiful analysis of why Republicans have lost the education debate in North Carolina. They've come up with a bunch of statistics and percentages to proudly show how much they've helped teachers, but the reality on the ground doesn't jive with all their happy talk.

Daily dose: Jeb Bush? Really?

Jeb Bush Returns to Fray and Finds Going Rough -- (New York Times) -- In one of his first public appearances of the 2014 campaign, former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida had a vivid preview Wednesday of the challenges he would face with his party’s conservative base should he seek the Republican nomination for president in 2016. Standing alongside Thom Tillis, the North Carolina House speaker and Republican Senate candidate, Mr. Bush outlined his views on two of the issues he cares most passionately about: immigration policy and education standards. But as Mr. Bush made the case for an immigration overhaul and the Common Core standards, Mr. Tillis gently put distance between himself and his guest of honor, who had flown here from Florida on a dreary day to offer his endorsement in a race that could decide which party controls the Senate. “You have to make it clear that amnesty shouldn’t be on the table,” Mr. Tillis said, referring to how to address those immigrants currently in the country illegally. “That doesn’t negate any opportunity to provide some with legal status and other things, but you only do that after you seal the borders and you make the problem no longer grow.” Mr. Bush supports a pathway to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants and complained that not addressing the immigration system had “done us harm economically.” Speaking to a group of business owners in a lighting company’s warehouse, he said, “Fixing a system that doesn’t work is a big thing that I think will restore and sustain economic growth for this country.”

Help is on the way: Progressive Kick joins judicial races

When you're fighting Art Pope's plans to take over our courts, you need all the help you can get.
Received via email

National Independent Expenditure Group, Progressive Kick, First
to Enter the Fray to Support Democratic Judges in North
Carolina’s 2014 Judicial Elections

In its second week on the ground, Progressive Kick IE NC has already
secured thousands of dollars in pledges.

Raleigh, NC – One of the nation’s most respected and hardest hitting super PACs,
Progressive Kick, has pledged its resources to the citizens of North Carolina in the
state’s most important judicial elections in a generation. The country has watched the
GOP-controlled legislature pass laws signed by a complaisant governor that have
effectively returned North Carolina back to the politics of Jesse Helms. In just two short
years, these laws have sparked at least seven constitutional challenges by North
Carolina citizens with many more expected to come. With so much at stake, Progressive
Kick realized its duty to stand up and fight the millions in special interest money from
Art Pope, the Koch Brothers, and the like in their attempt to buy NC’s Judiciary. The
citizens of North Carolina have lauded Progressive Kick IE NC’s entry into these
elections with citizens pledging thousands of dollars in its first two weeks of fundraising.

Growing up in the shade of Hofmann Forest

Some things can't be found on a business plan:

When the sale was announced many months ago, there was a brief mention of it in the local paper but most people in the area didn’t think it would ever happen. Now as we are approaching the final sale, many people are just now realizing that the sale is really going to happen. Personally I cannot imagine my life without Hofmann forest, it will be devastating for me to visit the area and see that the forest has been destroyed.


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