Dallas Woodhouse and his Twitter War Team Screwed the Pooch

Dallas Woodhouse and his motley band of Twitter warriors screwed up in epic fashion last night. After rallying the crowds of Facebook to follow their Twitter War Room during the DNC last night, Woodhouse and his team failed to exercise basic common sense before attacking Tim Kaine during his speech.

The results:

Op-Ed on the GOP's disingenuous attack on wind energy in NC

In which I preach from my chair a little bit:

In each of the last five years, we have seen numerous attempts by the Republican-led General Assembly to erode environmental protections and undermine the fantastic growth in our clean energy sector. Some have succeeded, some have failed, but the efforts have been relentless. In this previous short session, one of the more notable of these was Sen. Harry Brown’s attempt to ban the construction of wind energy projects in the vast majority of the state, in particular eastern North Carolina, where the most suitable winds are located.

While this bill failed to pass out of the N.C. House this year, Brown has promised to bring it back again next year. When he does, it needs to go to the Rules Committee or wherever the muckety-mucks decide is the best place for it to die a slow, legislative death.

I would like to take this time to encourage everybody reading this to engage in the process of analysis and feedback with media outlets, especially print media. Their "stable" of content creators has shrank severely in the last decade or so, and they are much more open to publishing material from non-standard sources. By "non-standard" I mean clumsy amateurs like myself. :)

Thursday News: Dangerously unqualified edition

RALEIGH’S BROOKS BELL AT DNC: HB2 IS A ‘PREVIEW’ OF TRUMP PRESIDENCY (Raleigh News & Observer) -- Raleigh tech entrepreneur Brooks Bell called North Carolina’s House Bill 2 “deeply embarrassing and morally wrong” in a speech Wednesday afternoon at the Democratic National Convention.

BUTTERFIELD TELLS DNC THAT TRUMP IS ‘NOT QUALIFIED’ TO BE PRESIDENT (Raleigh News & Observer) -- U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield of North Carolina had strong words for Republican Donald Trump in his speech to the Democratic National Convention Wednesday evening.

Ready, fire, aim: Bumbling NC GOP attacks Tim Kaine for lapel pin

And of course they get it horribly wrong:

“[Tim Kaine] wears a Honduras flag pin on his jacket but no American flag,” the state party tweeted as he was speaking. “Shameful.”

There was one problem: Kaine’s pin, which had a single blue star on a white background bordered with red, wasn’t the flag of Honduras, where he spent a year as a missionary decades ago. It was the symbol for Blue Star Families, or those with members serving in the military.

Which is symbolic of most of the criticism leveled at the Democratic Convention by Republicans: Picking out some tiny little detail and then constructing a fictional narrative to "evil" it up. But frankly, I don't blame them for grabbing at straws. After their freak show of a convention, with so much hateful and un-American posturing, they are desperate to save face. Ain't gonna happen.

DNC Day 2: Final thoughts

Elayne had some final thoughts last night about the events of the day, so I thought I would share them before tonight's speeches got started.

Celebrity sighting; my Facebook friend, Christine Pelosi. It was such a thrill to not only hear her speak but to meet her. She touches my heart because we have both been on this journey to educate down-ticket Dems to run effective campaigns.

I was sad that there were only 20-30 people in the room for this dynamic session entitled “10 Secrets to winning campaigns” which offered cutting edge strategies for campaigns.

Wednesday News: HB2 goes national edition


HB2 PLAYS INTO DEMOCRATIC, GOP PLATFORMS (WRAL-TV) -- Education and economic opportunity are longtime planks in the Democratic Party platform, but the fight over transgender rights that has been raging in North Carolina for months has now entered the national political fray. North Carolina's House Bill 2, which excludes gay and transgender people from anti-discrimination protections and requires transgender people to use bathrooms in schools and other public buildings that correspond to their birth gender, has affected both the Democratic and Republican platforms adopted their respective conventions.

Left behind: The GOP cuts funding for special needs children

Because tax cuts for the wealthy take precedence:

About 2,200 children are part of the state's CAP/C program, which gives medically fragile children, and their families, access to money for nursing and other special needs. News that the state was reducing those services stunned the Weaver family when they found out Sophia's allotted nursing hours would be cut in half.

"It was completely shocking," Weaver said. "I was stressed and in shock for a couple of days and then I just got my mom spirit going and decided I needed to fight this. I will do whatever it takes to fight it, and that's what I'm doing right now."

If lawmakers were forced to spend just one hour taking care of one of these children, at least some of them might get it. But that would never happen, because they keep themselves insulated from such suffering. And their policies reflect that disconnect.

GOP's Voter ID law: Myth vs. fact

THE MYTH: The many changes and restrictions in the so-called Voter ID law are aimed at limiting voter impersonation and assuring public confidence in our elections.

THE FACTS: No, that is not their aim. Instead, they are about making it more likely that Republicans will win elections by making it harder for people who support Democrats to vote.

DNC Day 2: You know you are at the DNC if...

It is official! Hillary Clinton is the first woman candidate nominated to run for president by a major political party.

The vast majority of drama came in the form of heartwarming stories and nomination speeches. I was brought to tears by Larry Sanders being allowed to individually cast his vote for his younger brother as part of the Americans Living Abroad delegation. I also leaked tears when a long-time friend of Hillary's spoke and could barely get the words out as she was overcome with emotion.


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