Thursday News: Guess who will pay?

AMERICAN AIRLINES ON ‘HIGH ALERT’ LAWMAKERS TARGET TAX BREAKS OVER HB2 OPPOSITION (Charlotte Observer) -- American Airlines, a major employer in Charlotte, is on “high alert” that state lawmakers will target tax breaks on jet fuel in response to the company’s opposition to House Bill 2, the state’s new law on public accommodations and employment practices. Memo from Charlotte lobbyist contains warning; Airline has said North Carolina’s public accommodations law should be repealed; The company is a major employer in Charlotte, where its second-busiest hub is located

Coal Ash Wednesday: More lawsuits on the way

Playing the game of risk:

Spokespeople from basin owner Duke Energy and the Southern Environmental Law Center talked with Carolina Public Press earlier this month about their desired outcomes. Both indicated an expectation that their employers would consider legal action if DEQ doesn’t give them what they want. Since what each side wants is the opposite of what the other side seeks, litigation seems unavoidable.

Wednesday News: Cause & Effect version

DOCS ABLE TO CHECK WHEN PRESCRIBING OPIOIDS, BUT THEY DON’T (N.C. Health News) -- Provider use of North Carolina’s Controlled Substances Reporting System could help get substance users away from opioids

SENATE PASSES INCREASED ACCESS TO OVERDOSE REVERSAL DRUGS (AP) -- North Carolina could become the third state with a standing order allowing an injection that prevents opioid overdoses to be easily accessed by most people.

EITC is not about campaigns, it's about people

Masking your disregard for the poor in political rhetoric:

Luebke ran an amendment to restore the Earned Income Tax Credit for low- and lower-middle-income workers, proposing to pay for it by reinstituting a 7.75 percent tax rate on income over $1 million. The amendment failed, but not before spurring a heated partisan debate in the usually congenial committee.

"I appreciate the effort to demagogue and to penalize those that are able to raise the level of income that they make," Rep. David Lewis, R-Harnett, said to Luebke. "It’s certainly easy to attack those who make over $1 million. Those make for good talking points."

No, what's easy is to slash programs and benefits that help the poor keep their families fed and clothed. The GOP has proved that countless times already over the last 4-6 years. What's not easy is to face the inequities in our Capitalist system and make adjustments that keep those inequities from endangering the health and welfare of those on the bottom rung. That takes courage and compassion, traits that are lacking in many of our current leaders:

Tuesday News: The resistance continues

11 ARRESTED WHILE PROTESTING HB2 (AP) -- Nearly a dozen people were arrested in North Carolina's Legislative Building during a second swell of demonstrations led by civic and religious leaders opposing the state's law limiting protections for LGBT people.

MORAL MONDAY RALLY AGAINST HB2 BRINGS 11 ARRESTS (Raleigh News & Observer) -- German news crews in Raleigh to chronicle HB2 fight; NAACP head calls bill a ‘Trojan horse’; Focuses on wage limits and change to state discrimination claim process

Priests Molesting Children Payment Plan

Some readers of Child Molestation is a Common Catholic Habit took exception with the title and said that priests preying on children is an exceptional not an ordinary pastime. The Altoona-Johnstown jury would not agree with this assessment nor would the other U. S. grand juries that have been convened to examine the subject of miscreant priests.

EU condemns HB2, eliciting expected absurdities from NC GOP

Trying to outstupid each other:

Gov. Pat McCrory’s campaign spokesman, Ricky Diaz, dismissed the EU move in a brief statement Friday afternoon. “We relinquished our adherence to the British crown and European powers over 200 years ago,” Diaz said. “The law is now in federal court, where it will be resolved.”

N.C. Republican Party executive director Dallas Woodhouse said the move is “absolutely no surprise since North Carolina Democrats led by Roy Cooper want to install European socialist policies ... that are an affront to the common sense traditions of North Carolina and America.”

Wait, I'm confused. Should we be afraid of Autocracy or Socialism? Pretty sure you can't have both. Y'all need to get on the same sheet of fear-mongering music.


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