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In North Carolina, liberals have given the Evil Empire a lot of grief for contesting Cooper's election. But on the federal level, we're mounting our own presidential challenges in six states based on evidence of criminal activities, irregularities, and any other kind of screw-ups. There will be complaints filed like crazy.

So what's the difference? If we're against McCrory's shenanigans, shouldn't we oppose the Clinton recount too? Structurally, they seem similar, but substantively, they're as different as can be.

Have we outgrown our Electoral College system?

Or was the idea flawed from the start?

Much has been written since Election Day about the need to resist the “normalization” of racism and misogyny. Less has been said about the “normalization” of democratic dysfunction, the signs of which are all around us.

Take the popular vote. Sorry, Americans, it’s just not “normal” for the candidate who came in second to be declared the winner of the race for the second time in the space of a mere 16 years. In 2000, George W. Bush was elected the 43rd president of the United States despite winning about 540,000 fewer votes than his Democratic opponent; in 2016, Donald Trump has been elected 45th president despite trailing Hillary Clinton by 2 million votes.

The short answer to both of those questions is "Yes." And as much as some of you might get angry at me for saying so, the idea we could appeal to individual Electors to change their votes and "fix" the Trump mistake is just more evidence the system is broken. You'd be giving them more power, not less, and also your tacit approval of a ruling class "deciding" what voters really wanted or needed. I've received several e-mails from friends wanting me to sign petitions asking Electors to do that, and I've refused (quietly) to throw my name in. Why? Because there's no middle of the road. We either do away with the Electoral College via the laborious (but Constitutional) method, or we allow it to operate the way it was designed. As we've learned from the behavior of the NC GOP, winning isn't everything, and the ends don't always justify the means:

Saturday News: SCSJ stands up to Civitas


ADVOCACY GROUPS JOIN FRAY OVER GOVERNOR VOTES (AP) — Voting-rights advocates have joined the legal wrangling over how votes are being counted in North Carolina’s close governor’s contest. Lawyers from the Southern Coalition for Social Justice asked a federal judge late Wednesday to reject a lawsuit questioning voters who used same-day registration to cast ballots. The request for a dismissal was by some of the same lawyers and advocates who successfully sued to overturn parts of a wide-ranging 2013 elections law enacted by the GOP-controlled General Assembly. Now the coalition opposes a lawsuit filed this week by the head of the alt-right Pope Civitas Institute.

Fascism Watch: Assaulted in a kindergarten classroom

Because choking little children will Make America Great Again:

In a three page complaint submitted to the State Board of Education and the Charlotte Mecklenburg school board, the David Cox Road Elementary teacher reportedly forced the child to carry a heavy backpack with a large textbook and headphones, causing him significant back pain.

The complaint claims the teacher also called the child “bad Muslim boy” on multiple occasions, and allowed his classmates to tease and mock him. On November 16, the complaint alleges the abuse turned physical when the teacher grabbed the kindergarten student by the neck and began choking him. "Another teacher then separated the two and began consoling the student, who was crying and extremely shaken," the complaint said.

Bolding mine, and before you say, "Hold on, Steve, let's wait and see what the investigation turns up," I fully expect that "investigation" will end up like this one:

Friday News: The shameful acts of a desperate man


MCCRORY'S BASELESS CLAIMS OF ELECTION FRAUD UNFAIRLY DEMEAN VOTERS (Capitol Broadcasting Company editorial) -- It is time to end the hyped-up claims of fraud and corruption in an election that was free and fair. Gov. Pat McCrory needs to urge the vote-counting process move ahead without delay. This is Pat McCrory’s last chance to demonstrate some leadership. He should, for once, stand up to the legislative bullies and partisan political manipulators, and be the governor voters thought they’d elected four years ago.

Thursday News: When duty calls

FORT BRAGG UNIT DEPLOYS TO MIDDLE EAST BEFORE HOLIDAYS (Fayetteville Observer) -- Two days before Thanksgiving and six days shy of his son's 6th birthday, Pfc. Jamaal Monroe marched out of the Ritz-Epps Physical Fitness Center gymnasium with other unit members to board a bus en route to the Green Ramp on Fort Bragg. Monroe was among roughly 56 soldiers with the 14th Human Resources Sustainment Center, 1st Theater Sustainment Command, deploying on Tuesday night in support of military operations in the Middle East.

Wednesday News: The stink of desperation

MCCRORY FILES FOR RECOUNT AS ODDS OF ERASING COOPER LEAD SHRINK (Winston-Salem Journal) -- The odds of Gov. Pat McCrory erasing his voting deficit continued to narrow by traditional ballot means Tuesday with 77 of North Carolina’s 100 county elections boards done with their canvass. The latest count from the State Board of Elections has Democratic candidate Roy Cooper with a 6,154-vote lead over McCrory out of more than 4.69 million votes cast.


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