Tuesday Twitter roundup

Governor "Transparency" buries video evidence:

All things considered, Pat would make a fine Trump VP pick. In a joint press conference, you'd be hard-pressed to keep an accurate score of all the lies.

Open Carry Creates Chaos

In January, 2016, it became legal to openly carry firearms in Texas. North Carolina can learn from what happened at the Dallas rally last week, where 20-30 individuals showed up with firearms slung across their backs. When gunfire broke out, wounding or killing 11 of those present at the peaceful rally, confusion reigned. Two men with firearms (and a woman who was with them) were detained, creating the rumor there was more than one gunman.

Chasteen tries to walk back his efforts at book-banning

Telling lies is apparently now an accepted Christian practice:

Chasteen said he never wanted the book banned, but rather simply wanted an equal choice for students who didn’t want to read Allende’s novel.

“The fact is the community of parents requested a compromise, such as providing an option, a choice among books, without a student being removed from the classroom,” he wrote.

None of that is true. Chasteen worked both overtly and covertly to get the book removed completely from the reading list:

Monday News: Hey, this sounds familiar...


SOME TEACHERS LEFT OUT OF STATE PAY RAISES (Asheville Citizen-Times) -- North Carolina Republican lawmakers are predicting pay raises included in their budget plan will bring the average annual teacher salary in the state to more than $50,000 for the first time. They say the raises are part of a three-year effort to raise average pay to nearly $55,000. But some of the state’s most experienced teachers are feeling left out. They will see some of the smallest raises, and about 4,000 are not expected to get a raise this year. “The North Carolina legislature is happy to tell the public that they have provided significant raises for teachers in the past six years. But that’s not the whole story,” said Debi Beckman, a Buncombe County teacher who is in her 34th year.

North Carolina's out-of-control CAFO problem

This little piggy killed a bunch of fish:

The map shows 4,100 lagoons holding hog waste and 3,900 chicken barns scattered across the state -- many of them in Bladen and Sampson counties, where the map almost bleeds pink from lagoon sites.

Brunswick and Pender counties have plenty of lagoons and hog farms, too. "Wet waste" output in Brunswick amounts to nearly 67 million gallons per year. In Pender, where 2.6 million chickens live, the figures are 298 million gallons of wet waste annually and 28,000 tons of dry waste.

Bolding mine. And yet, we've got idiots like Harry Brown drawing up maps of Eastern North Carolina in an effort to smother wind energy growth in our state, while he allows an environmental and public health crisis to continue unabated:

Sunday News: Put on your dancin' shoes...

RETIREMENTS SHAKE UP GENERAL ASSEMBLY (Raleigh News & Observer) -- Among the top legislators departing the General Assembly this year are Sen. Tom Apodaca of Hendersonville, who as Rules Committee chairman has been Senate leader Phil Berger’s top lieutenant; Sen. Bob Rucho of Matthews, who led the charge to rewrite the tax code and redraw congressional and legislative districts; Sen. Fletcher Hartsell of Concord, a 13-term, moderate Republican who left with a hearty round of applause despite just having been indicted for campaign finance violations; Rep. Leo Daughtry of Smithfield, an expert in crime and courts, and Paul “Skip” Stam of Apex, a lightning rod for conservative social issues. “We are losing quite a bit of legislative power and brain power and character and expertise,” said Rep. Nelson Dollar, R-Wake.

Will we choose to be a Hate State or a Love State?

I read today that social justice is not just a liberal tradition, it is a Christian tradition too. That sounded right to me, certainly thinking back about Sunday school at the Newmarket Baptist Church in Hampton, Virginia. It was all about Jesus' love. Pure and simple.

Nothing else mattered.

Today we're up against all sorts of madness, with the heart of our state hanging in the balance. One side demonizes and seeks to dominate. The blacks, the browns, the gays, the women, the teachers, the atheists. It is what they do.

The other side? Love and let live.

This is One Wall That Needs Re-Building

The Wall of Separation Between Church and State has had some holes punched in it over the past few years by those wanting everyone to believe, erroneously, that the US is some kind of 'Christian nation.' When we think about it, we all know that the only way that I can be free to follow my own religious beliefs is to allow you to be free to follow your's. And the only way that can be accomplished is if no one group's tenets of faith are enacted as the law of the land.

Saturday News: Cause & effect version


MAJOR US COMPANIES ASK JUDGE TO BLOCK NC TRANSGENDER BATHROOM LAW (Reuters) -- Dozens of large U.S. companies on Friday backed the Obama administration's bid to strike down a North Carolina law restricting the use of public bathrooms by transgender people, saying the law hurts their recruitment efforts and could discourage investment in the state.

SPECIAL SESSION ON HB2 POSSIBLE, LAWMAKERS SAY (Greensboro News & Record) -- When the General Assembly’s short session ended last week, the clock ran out on one very high-profile piece of business: House Bill 2. But a number of legislators said this week that they expect the General Assembly to convene a special session to deal with the controversial law before the next regular session begins in January.


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