Tuesday Twitter roundup

Francis DeLuca joins the ranks of petty tyrants trying to steal the election:

He's going after Same-Day Registration voters in an effort to delay the outcome of McCrory's stunning loss, implying many of these voters are "illegitimate" and should not be able to counter "legitimate" voters. And he's also using the same Civitas legal entity that challenged NC's very first wind farm. Let's hope they fail just as bad this time too.

Cooper: For, or against, due process rights?

I was one of 1,200 state employees caught up in McCrory’s ‘exempt’ reclassification net.

The term means that the reclassified state employee is ‘very important’ to the Governor and can now be fired ‘at will’ (i.e., for political gain).

Here are three state employees who were reclassified by Governor McCrory:

Susan; Information Technology Manger in the Department of Commerce; $15.41/hr.

James; Vehicle/Equipment Repair Supervisor in Administration; $44,000 per year.

Rayshawn; Facility Maintenance Supervisor II in DHHS; $47,600 per year.

Van der Vaart could be fox in the EPA's hen house

It doesn't get much worse than this:

As speculation grows that he might be asked to join the administration of President-elect Donald Trump, North Carolina’s top environmental official is very vocally supporting Trump’s agenda to prune back federal regulations. In an article published Friday by the conservative Carolina Journal, van der Vaart said only this about interest in him from the Trump transition team: “What I’ve been instructed to say is you need to ask the Trump campaign that question.”

In the mid 1990s he was a manager of environmental services at Carolina Power & Light, and was active in securing government permits for the power company’s coal-fired power plants.

Aside from being a scourge on the environment and allergic to science, van der Vaart is also a consummate brown-noser. When his near-weekly political Op-Eds extolling McCrory's absent virtues while viciously attacking the state's Attorney General failed to provide job security, he immediately attached those lips to Donald Trump's ass. It's embarrassing, frankly, and gives the rest of the nation even more reason to despise North Carolina.

Monday News: Normalizing bigotry


KLAN’S PARADE AND CONCERNS ABOUT WHITE SUPREMACISTS IN NC (Raleigh News & Observer) -- Within 48 hours of the Trump win, the Loyal White Knights of Pelham posted plans on the group’s website for a celebratory parade on Dec. 3, though no time or location has been listed. “Victory Klavalkade Klan Parade Dec. 3rd 2016 North Carolina,” is all the site mentions about the event. “Trump = Trump’s Race United My People.” Not only did the announcement bring condemnation from across the political spectrum, it raised questions about the state of the Klan in North Carolina, a battleground state for the presidential candidates.

Emergency meeting of NC SBoE today (11/20) at 4PM

See story on WRAL site:

Information on listening to this afternoon's emergency meeting of the State Board of Elections:
4 PM
Phone in:
(213) 929-4212
Code: 327-427-829
You will be required to register to participate online.

It's easier to manipulate 1 board than 100 boards.

Fascism Watch: The re-emergence of the Red Hat gang

Ready to intimidate Hispanic people at a moment's notice:

A few hundred people walked out of a North Carolina youth event during a session dealing with pain and racism felt by young Hispanic-Latinos, who had earlier been victims of intimidation, conference officials said.

The Rev. Edgar Vergara, chairman of Hispanic Latino Ministries for the North Carolina Conference, said young people wearing “Make America Great Again” hats in support of President-elect Donald Trump had harassed the youth during the event. “They have carried out hostile actions and contempt for our young people. … We are concerned and disappointed by this situation,” Vergara said.

For all their false piety about upholding Christian values, these modern-day Brownshirts don't even hesitate before bringing their hate and discrimination into a Methodist youth gathering. And after pulling such a stunt, which sends a clear message that bullying is okay, they have the audacity to feel "offended" when somebody calls them out for it:

Note from editor: Unfortunately, this Fascism Watch post is just the first in a series, to document the actions of Trump's followers toward the targets of their hatred.

Sunday News: Burr the hypocrite


BURR SET TO TAP REPUBLICAN DISTRICT JUDGE (Rocky Mount Telegram) --- Local Democratic lawmakers at the state and federal level claim a just re-elected U.S. Senator is poised to approve a Republican nominee for federal judge in Eastern North Carolina after blocking liberal appointments for years. U.S. Sen. Richard Burr, R-NC, blocked two judicial nominees for a vacancy in the Eastern District of North Carolina, which is classified as a judicial emergency and at more than a decade is the longest running vacancy in the nation. Burr's judicial nominee obstruction is unprecedented, said U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield.


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