That'll be $2.5 million, please. Cash or credit?

North Carolina's executive space cadet

Suppose you won a million dollars in the lottery. As you ride a wave of giddiness, you head to the local lottery office and present yourself and the winning ticket, to lottery officials. And in exchange, they hand you back a nice, fat check. Suddenly, your eyeballs begin to rotate into the back of your head as you envision marquee lights twirling around that piece of paper. What now? As you clutch that piece of paydirt between your sweaty fingers, you're immediately confronted with important decisions. Call a lawyer, an accountant, or head to your local bank branch and make a deposit? A deposit wins out; the lawyer and accountant can wait. On Main Street in Megalopolis, North Carolina, you find your branch. As you hastily enter the bank, you yank a deposit slip from your check book and scurry to an open teller. At the counter, you are met by a middle aged and bespectacled woman. She's a no nonsense professional in appearance.

Blogging the bloggers' conference

Nearly 20 bloggers and wannabe bloggers have showed up in Raleigh today for a chance to share ideas that can help shape the political environment in North Carolina. Great representation from many great organizations.

Speakers include Rob Schofield, Greg Flynn, Thomas Mills ... with lots of ideas to be shared by other participants. If you have have questions about blogging, the blogging ecosystem, who's who in NC blogging, how to do it, how not to do it, etc., please post them below and I'll make sure they get asked.

Daily dose

PHIL BERGER, MILK CARTON MAN? -- A new television advertising blitz Republican backers of Gov. Pat McCrory and House Speaker Thom Tillis is aimed at boosting the lagging images of two of the three top leaders in North Carolina. For the immediate future, it is particularly critical for Tillis who is in a very tight battle with incumbent U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan, for her seat. The effort to inflate the images of Tillis and McCrory, both Mecklenburg County Republicans, isn’t an easy task. First, they’ve been unable to bring the contentious legislative session, marked by infighting among the GOP leaders at a time when they promised in their campaigns and at the opening of the session church choir-like harmony. The General Assembly appears to be headed to a finish, shuffling out of Raleigh with more a whimper than a bang. Attempts to complete work are marked by failure on addressing the Duke Energy coal ash spill disaster and no action on the promised fix to Medicaid.

It's the wages, stupid

Gene Nichol nails it again.

Writing on chronic poverty in North Carolina, where it was recently revealed that four of the ten cities in all of American with the worst poverty increases are in (SURPRISE!) North Carolina.

Standard & Poor’s piled on last week, concluding that the gap between rich and poor in the U.S. has become so extreme it’s damaging the entire economy. S&P declared such intense disparity markedly hampers economic growth and has slowed our anemic recovery. And that’s Standard & Poor’s, not The Nation magazine. North Carolina has among the worst economic inequality rates in the country. Over the last three decades, the top 1 percent of Tar Heels saw their incomes grow by 98.4 percent, while the bottom 99 percent inched up only 9 percent.

Bloggers workshop in Raleigh on Saturday

If you're at all interested in reality-based political blogging in North Carolina, this is for you. Here are the details:

Engage Carolina

NC Policy Watch and Progress NC

Workplace Options
3020 Highwoods Blvd.
Raleigh, NC 27604

Saturday, August 16, 2014
12:00 PM to 6:00 PM


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