Wake GOP Commissioners abandon teacher raise request

While continuing their power plays against the School Board:

On April 14, county staff had presented a draft legislative agenda that included the commissioners requesting state legislators to raise teacher pay during the short session. That item is no longer on the legislative agenda that the commissioners are scheduled to vote on today.

One of the items added since the draft agenda is backing a draft bill that would cut back on when public bodies could use construction manager at risk (CMAR) and prequalification of services for construction projects. Last year, contractor Keith Harrod charged that the school system’s use of construction manager at risk was reducing the ability of local companies to get work on projects. Click here for a November article in the Carolina Journal.

That's right, the N&O is linking directly to Art Pope's propaganda machine to provide background for their coverage. I don't have to "click here" to know what they said. "Blah blah Free Market blah blah competition blah blah taxpayers blah blah blah." In reality, without that system in place, cronyism and substandard work become more likely. Sometimes that magic invisible hand goes straight for your wallet.

The NC Chamber doesn't just lie down with dogs

Few organizations have done more to destroy the reputation of the business community in North Carolina than the NC Chamber. That's ironic, but nonetheless true. By the imperious manner in which they advocate for their privileged membership, the Chamber has a long history of undermining the importance of work, of workers, and of corporate responsibility.

Within the Chamber, the role of political director, held by Nathan Babcock, stands out as a champion for sleaze. When the Chamber joined the fight against Robin Hudson in the Supreme Court race, it didn't just lie down with dogs, it became a leader of the pack, despite Babcock's insistence to the contrary.

In comments on a Charlotte Observer article about the attacks on Hudson, Babcock tries mightily to distance the NC Chamber from the evil it is doing.

Remembering the Rebecca Riley Medical Child Abuse Case

Psychiatrist Dr. Kayoko Kifuji of Tufts-New England Medical Center had prescribed 4-year old Rebecca Riley psychotropic drugs for more than a year prior to the child's drug-induced death in December 2006.

CBS News reported that Dr. Kifuji had authorized a prescription regimen of ten medications per day for her patient's symptoms.

Rebecca Riley's death prompted national attention because her parents were charged and convicted of murder. Dr. Kayoko Kifuji continues to practice medicine.

There has been no meaningful introspection on the part of the medical community regarding these polypharmaceutical practices and the FDA has not intervened . Enter ADHD on the computer and one will find numerous practitioners promising quick diagnosis and treatment.

Pearson Common Core Test Products under Gag Order

New York officials signed a $32 million five-year contract with Pearson PLC 's subsidiary, NCS Pearson Inc., in 2011 for its Common Core test merchandise. Pearson, a British consortium, is the world's most influential purveyor of educational supplies and holds numerous contracts with New York and other states. Texas, for example, is paying Pearson $462 million for its five-year contract.

Unknown at the time, the Pearson/New York agreement stipulated that the 2014 spring exams would be classified and not subject to public review or educators' criticism. In response to Elizabeth Phillips' April 10 NYT's Op-Ed "We need to Talk About the Test ," Pearson says that the state is responsible for the gag order.

Take Action: GOTV for Robin Hudson

Received via email


In 2012, outside right-wing groups spent over $3 million in secret money to elect extreme conservative Paul Newby to the NC Supreme Court. Now they are at it again, working with the Koch brothers to pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into the May primary in an attempt to slander and defeat incumbent Justice Robin Hudson. They hope that their money combined with a high turnout Republican primary will be enough to force Justice Hudson off the bench.

Progressive turnout in this race will by key – and your effort in the next few days can make the difference. Now there is an online, GOTV phone bank where you can make calls to encourage voters to turnout and help re-elect Justice Hudson. We know the right wing will be out in force on Tuesday – and every call you make could be one more vote for a justice who will protect consumers and look out for working people.

Will you spend 30 minutes before election day calling potential voters across North Carolina?

It’s simple. All you have to do it go to this link, create an account, and start calling.

Direct link: http://tinyurl.com/VoteRobinHudson

(This phone bank is a project of the NC Futures Action Fund and is not authorized by any party, candidate or committee.)

Jeff Jackson will take Senator Clodfelter's seat in the NCGA

Be careful what you ask for, because you might get it:

Jackson will not only serve the remainder of Clodfelter’s current term, but take his place on the November ballot where he will run unopposed for a full two-year term.

Jackson will join 16 other Democratic senators when the short session begins on May 14. They’ll find themselves in a minority in a General Assembly where Republicans have super majorities.

Hopefully Jeff will be ready to speak out against injustice, because I have a feeling the GOP arrogance and hubris will be neck-deep in the up-coming short session.


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