Together NC releases budget plan today

Sometimes doing what's right costs money:

Restoring lost funding to education and health care programs is at the center of a budget plan released today in Raleigh by Together NC, a coalition of 120 organizations from around the state. The proposal includes raising the state sales tax by a full penny and creating an additional upper-income tax bracket for North Carolina households making more than $1 million a year.

I have absolutely zero confidence that Berger & Tillis will pay any attention to these ideas, since progress is apparently a dirty word amongst their followers. But the planning must be done anyway.

Why I chose to become a county chair

I became the County chair in Gaston a little over a year ago. There was so much excitement in the air that you could feel it. People came out of the woodwork to vote and to be involved and the optimism of the local and state Democratic Party was beginning to emerge after a wake-up call in the 2010 elections.

Fast forward to Saturday, May 12th, and the scene was very different. The SEC Meeting which I attended did not demonstrate the reasons why I ran for and accepted the office of a County Chair.

NC mental health system @ crossroads

A must read series from North Carolina Health News.

Without a doubt, North Carolina is taking a gamble in transforming all of the state’s mental health local management entities into managed care organizations. If the effort succeeds, North Carolina stands to become a national leader in solving the problem of Medicaid financing for mental health services. If the effort fails, it could cost billions to fix it.

Happy Mother's Day!

Mothers have so many positive traits, like empathy, sympathy, patience, unreserved love, etc. It would take until next Mother's Day to list and explain them all, so I'll just cover "understanding" this time around. It doesn't just mean they know what their children are thinking and/or feeling. It also means mothers respect those thoughts and feelings, and are prepared to take them into consideration before making a decision. In order to fully explain this trait, I have to tell you a story about rock-throwing:

Parker Rightfully Won, the Royalists Were Defeated, Get Behind Him!

Ok folks, fun's over.

The Gov, COS, and the consultants ran a power play, and lost, flat lost. The right person won. Now, get behind him, there are a number of elections to win this year.

I watch a lot of people carp and dither about this and that. Go down to your local Democratic Party HQ and do the phone work, the canvassing, the voter registration, the data entry, and all the other scut work to get Obama elected, and oh by the way, all of the local and state candidates. Dont like that, then get off your butts and go raise funds, we really need them. If you do not understand that this is a fight to the death, and that it will only end in our death as a political entity, you are not helping, you are likely the opposition.

Parker to continue as NCDP Chairman

Apparently it's crazier than it seems:

The 742-member N.C. Democratic State Executive Committee meeting in Greensboro voted to retain David Parker as chairman. He had turned his resignation in earlier in the day but agreed to stay on after the vote.

Can somebody help me with a little math here? I know I went to a county school and all that, and studied some fairly obscure dead civilizations as a History major, but...if you subtract the 269 pro-Parker votes from the 742 SEC members, that leaves 473 votes. Subtract the 203 hasta la vista, baby votes cast from the remaining total, and you still have 270 outstanding votes not cast. Did I miss something? I mean, other than the passengers not giving a shit who's driving the bus.

NC will audit the Amendment One contest

The Amendment One contest will be the target for state mandated post election audits per Don Wright at the NC State Board of Elections per an email on Friday May 11.

If you would like to volunteer to participate or observe you may contact your County Board of Elections.

Post Election Audits were mandated by state legislators in August 2005. In addition to requiring a voter verified paper ballot, the law requires random, manual hand to eye audits to check that the voting machines are counting correctly. The audits are done after the election and before the election is certified. Below is section of law regarding audits:

SECTION 5.(a) G.S. 163‑182.1(b) :

ALEC attempts to muzzle states' Attorneys General

And in the process, the people themselves will be muzzled:

OVERBY: Yeah, one proposal is called the ALEC Attorney General Authority Act. And to really boil it down, it would give state legislatures more power to tell attorneys general when they can and cannot file lawsuits. Just for example, it says the attorneys general's client is the state, not necessarily the people of the state.

Before I continue, here's a question for SEC members to ask themselves: If the Parmley fiasco had not occurred, which brought about today's hastily-called meeting, would Don Vaughan still be an active member of ALEC and in attendance this weekend in Charlotte? I think you know the answer to that.


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