Dole Votes To Protect Employers Who Discriminate Against Women, African-Americans

Opposes Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to protect victims of discrimination

Elizabeth Dole today voted against the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act which would ensure that victims of pay discrimination can hold their employers accountable under existing anti-discrimination laws. Dole’s vote comes one day after Equal Pay Day, which highlights the disparity in wages between women and men – currently at 78 cents to the dollar in North Carolina.

“The last thing hardworking North Carolina families need is a paycheck further slashed by discrimination, but Elizabeth Dole passed on guaranteeing equal pay for equal work today,” DSCC spokesman Matthew Miller said. “With Elizabeth Dole’s record, it’s no wonder she voted against holding people accountable today, but that’s exactly what the voters are going to do to her in November.”

The bill, which passed the House last July, would restore civil rights laws to their state before a Supreme Court decision last April drastically reduced the ability of women, African Americans, and other victims of employment discrimination to hold their bosses accountable and receive the pay they deserve. The decision shielded employers who discriminate on pay from anti-discrimination lawsuits if they can keep the discrimination secret for the first six months.

Dole Stands with Activist Judges Against Workers. The Supreme Court opinion was a 5-4 decision by a narrow majority of conservative activist judges that consistently rules for big businesses against their workers. The decision in Ledbetter v. Goodyear overturned Congressional intent, earlier precedent, and the overwhelming consensus of the appeals courts. [Ledbetter v. Goodyear, Ginsburg, J., dissenting, 5/29/07; Los Angeles Times, 6/21/07]

CBO Shoots Down Flimsy Republican Excuse for Protecting Employers Who Discriminate. According to the Congressional Budget Office, “H.R. 2831 would not establish a new cause of action for claims of pay discrimination. Because many variables influence the filing of a claim for pay discrimination, CBO expects that the bill would not significantly affect the number of filings with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).” [Congressional Budget Office Cost Estimate on HR 2831, 7/12/07]

North Carolina Women Earn 78% What North Carolina Men Earn. According to the American Association of University Women, the median annual earnings of college educated women in North Carolina was 78% that of college educated men. [AAUW]

The Republican-Bush Economy Has Been Bad for Most, But Especially African Americans. Since 2000, the median income for African American families has fallen by almost 10% and is less than two-thirds the median white income. During the same period, all Americans’ median income has fallen less than 2%. [U.S. Census Bureau, 8/07]


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Hagan Campaign Calls on Dole to Return 22% of Her Senate Salary

Thanks, Jerimee -- this went out from the Hagan Campaign about 30 minutes ago.

Dole voted against Ledbetter Fair Pay Act yesterday;
On average, women in North Carolina make 78% of what men do

Contact: Colleen Flanagan
Dave Hoffman
April 24, 2008

GREENSBORO, NC- The day after Elizabeth Dole voted against the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which would ensure that victims of pay discrimination would be able to hold their employers accountable under existing anti-discrimination laws, Colleen Flanagan, Communications Director for Kay Hagan’s U.S. Senate Campaign called on Dole to return 22% of her Senate salary. On average in North Carolina, women make 78% of what men make.

“Elizabeth Dole’s vote against the bill which would ensure that victims of pay discrimination have a fair shot to hold their employers accountable flies in the face of all the working families in North Carolina trying to make ends meet on a full paycheck, nevermind those who are receiving a paycheck reduced by discrimination. Since Elizabeth Dole sees nothing wrong with women earning less than men– on average, 78% of what men make in North Carolina – she should return 22% of her Senate salary and practice what she preaches.”



This is brilliant. Very smart move. Excellent.