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Wilson Residents Continue to Write, Call and Object to Electric Rates

Problem is ... I have many emails from people who say Mayor Bruce Rose will not call them back, answer or respond in any way. But we are still hard at work on the ElectriCities Board and two newspapers are working on additional stories.

Call Rochelle and Go on the record Re Electricities

Would anyone on this forum be interested in talking with me about your concerns about ElectriCities and its impact on the electric rate in Wilson? This would be an official interview. Also, if there is a concerned ElectriCities employee or former employee willing to discuss your concerns/frustrations, I am willing to keep your identity confidential.

Please contact me by email or phone.

As the ElectriCities scandal unfolds, Mayor Bruce Rose Defensive and Customers Outrage, Tilton out to lunch

ElectriCities Spinning Fast and Loose with the Truth?

I just received an email from Teresa and rather than spin her words, I will quote it. I have to say I have received information previously that was almost similar so I think she makes good points.

An email from Teresa says

I draw the line at plain old lying or misleading, whichever it may be.

Wilson Daily Times Stands up to ElectriCities; Rick Dew Letter to the Editor

Attend the Rate Committee Meeting, Ask your Mayor and Council Questions

PLEASE attend the rate committee meeting tomorrow at 10 am in Rocky Mount, Braswell Library. Ken Raber and Sam Noble told one of our gorup that we would not get answers to questions but we could ask questions. Apparently it is not appropriate for them to answer questions before they stick it to you. And answering questions is a drain on them administratively.

Jesse Tilton has admitted a botched refinancing deal that is costing 5% of the rate increase. Don't know about you but I can handle paying for increased fuel costs but the extra 5% because of CEO mismanagement is another story and the fact that he concealed it for months is an even bigger problem.


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