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Jesse Tilton and ElectriCities Attempt to Cover and Justify

Jesse Tilton came to Tarboro this week to spin some tales about electric rates. One citizen wrote:

"In any case, apparently his reason for being at last night's meeting was to get the town council members to voice their support for some specific legislative issues. I guess he was doing what would be called "lobbying." He talked a lot about rising costs of this and that and how the lending industry is all screwed up which in turn has affected the pocketbooks of many other industries."

Jesse Tilton, ElectriCities in a panic

These legislators got ElectriCities PAC checks and we are calling them and asking them to return them given the shadow on the organization as a result of a rate increase and questions regarding why the rate increase is so large. And a meeting upcome where we will ask about it. Apparently we are making headway

Jesse Tilton has his 15 lobbyists making a mad dash to the legislature "to do some splaining" and to try to recover from complaint calls legislators are getting. So we need to counter.

Main number to reach legislators 919-733-4111. Please help us make people aware.

Tainted PAC Money on the Back of Electric City Rate Payers

The following legislators accepted PAC money from ElectriCities when their constituents are being hit with HUGE RATE increases. They need to stand up and return the money or they appear to be supporting an overspending CEO who has botched refinancing of rates on $5 BILLION in debt costing us millions each month. Do the right thing and return the money as a gesture that you do not support the personal greed that has led to ridiculous salaries and mismanagement.

Electric Cities’ Future at Stake: Soaring costs, Mismanagement in Raleigh threaten eastern NC

Electric Rates are increasing. You may not be surprised.

After all coal, rail, nuclear fuel, like everything else, is increasing in cost. BUT, if you live in one of the 32 cities in eastern NC that belong to the NC Eastern Municipal Power Agency (i.e. your town owns a piece of Progress Energy nuclear and coal plants and that piece has a huge debt like a noose around your town’s neck) web site

And that cost is on the wholesale rate the power agency passes onto your town. And that cost threatens your town, you, your way of life.

Drinking the Kool-Aid of ElectriCities and Liking it?

When ElectriCities does answer a question about budgets and costs, they complicate it so much and blow so much smoke, you feel like you are at the circus with magic mirrors. What is real and what is not? The Wilson Times story is like a book report. Did this reporter ask any questions? Bottom line 37% of a Wilson bill goes toward long term debt and we still do not know what goes toward the increasing operational costs of salaries, settlements and who knows what else. But if I am in Wilson and my bill is $300, more than 1/3 goes to debt that will end in 2026, some amount to Jesse Tilton's inflated salary and that of his staff and whatever else he spends money on for "increased operational costs", some amount for the electricity, and then a profit to Wilson City Government to build a fiber optic system that will probably go bust. What a deal. What brilliant leaders we have.

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Seems ElectriCities thinks taxpayers in its cities have no right to express their opinions about spending, salaries by the CEO and others. But we do have the right to express our opinions, question budgets and spending and otherwise delve into the public business. It is the PUBLIC business and we pay the rates.

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