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Ending Domestic Violence. One Family at a Time.

Dispatch called earlier so I was expecting them. It was after midnight when they knocked on the door. The seven of them, standing there with nothing except a small suitcase between them. The youngest, leaning into mom, clearly just awakened from his sleep in the patrol car. The oldest boys were bickering and the little girl was barefooted. They were dirty and tired and scared but I could see relief in mom’s face. This was at least a break for her, a chance to breathe and make a plan. I brought them in, offered them food, drinks, and helped mom get her children all tucked into bed before I started the paperwork that would tell me how we ended up together on this hot, hot night in July. The officer left, promising to keep a watchful eye.

Shuler/ Carter Event in Winston (Why you should attend)

I am happy to announce a special fundraising event in Winston-Salem on May 15 with Congressman Heath Shuler. We are honored to have his support and are looking forward to this exciting event. Details follow.

I hope that you will all attend, and if you can't attend, I hope that you will still make a donation. Coach Carter needs you now more than ever.

This is why.

For Your Election Results Fix...

I can't wait until 7:30 pm on May 6th when the polls close and the votes start coming in... the anticipation is seriously about to kill me.

The NC Board of Elections has an awesome web page dedicated to reporting election results from across the state in this historical primary. It includes a summary of every race statewide and by county. Plus it has voter turn out numbers, and a map of the state to see results by county. There is even a tab where you can download CSV and XLS reports, and filter by CD, county or vote type.

On the Trail: Puck Drop

After a long week of campaigning three (awesome) candidates wrap it up in Winston Salem. Roy Carter, Jim Neal and Dan Besse converged at the Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum to drop the puck for Ice Wars, the 9th annual charity hockey game organized to raise funds for the Special Olympics.

I took along my boys, Nathan and Alex, who were happy to help me campaign for Coach Carter (gotta raise them right!). They are good little politicians and especially had fun chucking ducks at Jim Neal.

Here are some photos from the event!

Foxx’s Clemens Crush Says It All

Yesterday, on national TV, Virginia Foxx showed the world exactly what kind of representative she is- one that can be bought and sold, cheaply. In five minutes of the Clemens hearing we learned how she does her job and how she represents us. Her (embarrassing) performance reminds me...

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