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Larry Kissell Welcomes Ambassador Joe Wilson to Charlotte – New and Improved!

You may remember just a few weeks ago, Betsy Muse announced that none other than Ambassador Joe Wilson will be visiting our fair corner of the 8th District on September 22 in support of Larry Kissell.

Since that announcement, a generous donor has offered to put us up for the event…Uptown, that is…so, we’re changing venues. You can join Ambassador Wilson, Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Congressman John Spratt at Spratt’s (no relation!) in Founders Hall at the Bank of America Corporate Center. (Parking for the event is free in the BoA garage, so no excuses!)

“But what was she wearing?”…of Women, Politics and the Media

Last Thursday I attended the monthly meeting of the Mecklenburg County chapter of Woman for President 2008 where UNCC lecturer Carol Gay was presenting the topic “Media Coverage of Women in Politics.”

Although I hadn’t attended any prior meetings of the WFP ’08 group, I knew I had to participate in this discussion. You see, just a few weeks before receiving the invitation, I had read the Washington Post’s coverage of Speaker Pelosi’s decision to appoint Alcee Hastings as chair of the House Intelligence Committee over the Committee’s Ranking Democrat, Jane Harman. While Pelosi’s choice to by-pass the ranking member may have been notable, the most astonishing aspect of the story was how it was played by the media, specifically, through the use of the term

Cat Fight.

RIP: Stare Decisis

In a ruling yesterday that all sides of the abortion debate agree has changed the legal landscape of this issue, the Supreme Court voted by narrow majority to uphold the 1993 federal Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act.

CNN’s Washington Bureau described the decision thusly:

The sharply divided 5-4 ruling could prove historic. It sends a possible signal of the court's willingness, under Chief Justice John Roberts, to someday revisit the basic right to abortion guaranteed in the 1973 Roe v. Wade case.

As many of us at BlueNC are probably aware, the Supreme Court has historically held that the life and health of the mother is a critical determinant in upholding or overturning abortion laws.

Here again, CNN sums it up for us:

The legal sticking point was that the law lacked a "health exception" for a woman who might suffer serious medical complications, something the justices have said in the past is necessary when considering abortion restrictions.

On April 18, 2007 our Bush-ified Supreme Court threw history out the window.

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Black to plead guilty Thursday

We've been hearing rumors for weeks, and as of 8:15pm Tuesday evening, the rumors are apparently true.

The Charlotte Observer is reporting that Jim Black will plead guilty to one count of accepting illegal gratuities.

"Since somebody is talking who shouldn't have and has leaked what's happened, I will confirm that Dr. Black will enter a guilty plea to accepting illegal gratuities in federal court on Thursday," [Black's attorney, Charlotte lawyer Kenneth Bell] said.

According to The Observer, this felony charge could carry a sentence of up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Black will have to resign his seat and it will be left to the Mecklenburg County Democratic Party executive committee to fill the vacancy.

Liddy Dole: Too Bad, Minimum Wage Earners.

Looks like our favorite Senator from NC just sent a big fat message to American workers during today's Senate session.

Liddy's message:

If you work for minimum wage, I don't care about you.

Apparently, Liddy and our new Republican Minority don't believe in the upperdownvote. The Party of Greed (as our friend Anglico loves to call them) has filibustered the Minimum Wage vote because it does not include an accompanying tax break.

I'll leave it to Senator Kennedy to ask the obvious:

Why can't we do just one thing for minimum wage workers, no strings attached, no giveaways for the powerful?

Well, Liddy? Liddy....?

Where’s Waldo, Wormhole Edition or Andy Curliss gets manipulated by Robin Hayes (Updated)

Bumped by SD - We'll replay all our greatest hits for one last storm before election day. This was originally published on July 8, 2006. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Yesterday (just a week before the Election) we found out that Hayes' recent accusations toward Larry Kissell of running a negative campaign are based on the following July 4th "controversy" in which Hayes claimed to have attended an event with GWB and Larry pointed out that he was fibbing. Of course, I used language a tad less nuanced in my you will read for yourself! Be sure to follow the link in the first paragraph to Part 1 of this story...what we have here is Part 2.

This story just gets better and better.

A few days ago, I documented Robin Hayes' baffling ability to render himself invisible as evidenced through the extensive coverage in the Fayetteville Observer, NY Times and Washington Post (including photos) of the luncheon Robin Hayes insists he shared with President Bush. Despite the claims made adamantly by his spokeswoman Carolyn Herns, we have yet to find a single shred of proof that Rep. Hayes was actually in attendance at the Fort Bragg photo op.

Join me on the flip side...

(NC-08) WWRD?

As we get closer and closer to November 7th, the question I have been hearing from Democrats working on the Kissell campaign is What Would the Republicans Do?

This question is asked, of course, in regard to Robin Hayes latest smear running in the form of a television campaign ad. In this ad, Hayes claims that Larry Kissell was fined for running a negative campaign.

Now, anyone who has a television in the 8th district and who actually watches that television during the evening news has seen the ads run by both the Hayes and Kissell campaigns. These 8th district television watchers know without prompting that the only candidate for the 8th district Congressional seat who is running a negative campaign is Robin Hayes.

Larry Kissell (NC-08) Kickin' It Old School

In the Information Age, we’ve gotten so used to the slick media blitz, online activism and 24 hour news cycles that it is easy to overlook the most simple, old fashioned and effective of all campaign efforts: The Door Knock. Good thing Larry Kissell hasn’t.

While our 8th district incumbent is writing fat campaign checks to produce high priced, glossy television spots, Democratic Challenger Larry Kissell is out knocking on doors all across the district, meeting his future constituents and talking about the issues that matter most to their families.

If I had the time, I'd talk to every person in this district, Republican and Democrat,” Kissell said in a recent interview. “In this age of expensive media campaigns and wholesale politics, average working people have lost their voice. No one listens to them anymore, and my campaign is all about changing that.

Larry Kissell (NC-08) Coffee, Doughnuts and the Medicare Doughnut Hole

Larry Kissell shared coffee and doughnuts with a group of seniors at the Birmingham Pharmacy in Hamlet, NC to talk about why they’re angry about the Medicare prescription drug plan and the consequences of yet another promise broken by Robin Hayes.

It’s been about nine months since the Medicare Part D has taken effect and millions of seniors, including those in Hamlet, are now facing the lapse of prescription coverage known as the doughnut hole.

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