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Ed Ridpath for Fuquay-Varina

OK, it's been a little while, but I could use the BlueNC community's help once again. Last week, I filed for the local Fuquay-Varina Town Board of Commissioners. Right now, this is the best way for me to serve the public and move progressive change forward locally.

Please check out our website: www.EdRidpath.com or find our campaign page on Facebook Ed Ridpath for Fuquay-Varina

Thank you for all your past and future support!

Ed Ridpath
Candidate - Fuquay-Varina Town Board of Commisioners

Linda Coleman NC House Seat

Since our new governor tapped Linda Coleman to head the Office of State Personnel, the District 39 NC House seat needs to be filled. The District Executive Committee will meet on Thursday, January 22nd at the Goodwin House (NCDP HQ) in Raleigh to pick the successor.

Bob Geary has a good rundown in the IndyWeek Blog

I shared the campaign trail with both Don Mial and Lindy Brown in 2006, and they both helped me out in 2008. I think the world of both of them, and I have heard great things about Darren Jackson, too. I am glad I don't have to make that choice, since I am in different House District.

What I expect of our Wake County Democratic Party Chair.

While I am not running for the position of Wake County Democratic Party Chair, I do have a few ideas on what is needed to lead our county party. I also feel much of this applies to county party leadership across North Carolina.

The historic election of 2008 shows the future promise and opportunity for the Democratic Party in Wake County. A massive infusion of money, staff, and enthusiastic volunteers from the Obama campaign resulted in 75% voter turnout and wins for nearly every state-wide and county-wide Democratic Candidate on the ballot. Our own county party efforts had significant impact too, with voter registration, canvassing, phone banks, distribution of voter guides, and a huge GOTV effort for early voting and Election Day. The entire Democratic team in Wake County, from each local Precinct activist up to our new President-elect, deserves great praise.

Obama "Change is Coming" events

This weekend, the Obama Campaign (Transition?) held a series of local meetings, hosted by volunteers. The intent was to keep the Obama team active, generate some local community service action before the inauguration, and to get the local teams to think about connecting with local elected officials.

I attended three of these meetings, one in Raleigh, one in Cary, and one in Fuquay Varina. Interestingly, they all focused on different parts of the agenda.

Thank you

Last night, the results for our campaign fell short of victory (46%-54%). Together, we worked long and hard, but it was not enough to prevail in this very tough district.

I congratulate Representative Paul Stam on his victory, and wish him well in his efforts to serve our local communities in our North Carolina General Assembly over the next 2 years.

I am proud of the tremendous progress we made. Our campaign added to many up ticket Democratic victories, including a Democratic majority on our Wake County Board of Commissioners, many Council of State races, the Governorship, US Senate, and of course the close Presidential Electoral vote.

Planned Parenthood Blasts N&O for Stam Endorsement

Planned Parenthood Health Systems Action Fund, Inc released the following:


OCTOBER 14, 2008

CONTACT: Melissa Reed, 919-924-1520
Paige Johnson 919-618-3899

Paul Stam-Extremely Out of Touch!

Planned Parenthood finds the News and Observer's endorsement of Paul Stam for House District 37 for the 2008 General Election disappointing and concerning. In the News and Observer's endorsements on October 10th, it stated that Paul Stam has not been particularly in sync with The N&O's editorial page positions, Paul Stam is not only out of sync, he is extremely out of touch with his District and North Carolina and puts personal ideology ahead of protecting our most vulnerable citizens.

N&O Fails to Endorse Ed Ridpath

In what I can only think of as a good omen, the Raleigh N&O endorsed my opponent

Of course, that riled up my strong supporters Ridpath Representative:

We were disappointed in The News & Observer's Oct. 10 endorsement of Republican Paul Stam over Democrat Ed Ridpath for N.C. House District 37. This endorsement appears to be based on a perception that Stam is "tough and his criticisms sometimes irritate the House leadership." While "irritation" from the minority leader may encourage partisan rancor, it does not provide the representation that residents in his district deserve


Jim and Linda Martin, Apex


Dear BlueNC Community,

From the beginning, this campaign has been about over-committing. Starting almost two years ago, we have worked tirelessly to bring the voice of progress to Southern Wake County and to all of North Carolina. We have spent the last year door-knocking virtually every weekend, reaching over 15,000 voters so far and even more in the next 28 days. Our phone banks are now live, calling voters every week. We held a dozen fundraising events, sent out many mailings, and solicited online donations regularly.

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