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Ed Ridpath Door-to-Door Campaign Milestone: 10,000 Voters

Ed Ridpath, Democratic Candidate for the North Carolina House, reached a milestone this Labor Day weekend. Over 10,000 voters contacted so far in his 2008 door-to-door campaign. Committed to one-on-one voter contact, Ridpath, assisted by campaign volunteers, has been door knocking weekly since last October.

Ridpath stated: “Door-to-door campaigning is a little old-fashioned, but it is the best way to get to know my neighbors and the best way for them to get to know me. Over the last year, I have spent most weekends and many evenings listening to voters, right at their own doorstep. This level of direct voter contact is hard work, but very rewarding. The big benefit is that I will represent all of us in Southern Wake County much better when I get to Raleigh.”

Ed Ridpath Receives Key Labor Endorsements

Labor Day Press Release:

Fuquay Varina, NC - Ed Ridpath, 2008 Democratic candidate for the North Carolina House, received key endorsements from several organizations representing North Carolina Workers. The Triangle Labor Council and NC State AFL-CIO; the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) and Wake NCAE; and the State Employees Association of North Carolina (SEANC) all endorsed Ed Ridpath over his opponent, incumbent Republican Paul “Skip” Stam.

Jesse Helms Republican

I struggle to describe the radical North Carolina branch of the Republican Party. As I tell my Republican friends, this is not the Republican Party I grew up with in Minnesota.

The message that drew my mother to the "Party of Lincoln" 50 years ago: fiscal efficiency, individual responsibility, equality of opportunity, and protecting rights and civil liberties, is now completely lost. The NC GOP of 2008 has abdicated those mainstream American values in favor of anti-government rhetoric, rigid and dangerous fiscal policy, social intolerance, and divisiveness.

Ridpath condemns Stam for Noose Bill Vote.

I wanted to share a press release I sent out today condemning my opponent for his lone vote against the Noose Bill.

Contact: Ed Ridpath
Telephone: (919) 567-2099
Mobile: (919) 274-0744
Email: info@edridpath.com
Website: www.EdRidpath.com
Ridpath condemns Stam for Noose Bill Vote.

Ed Ridpath, Fuquay-Varina Democrat and Candidate for NC House 37 made the following statement today:

New and Improved Ed Ridpath - Now With ActBlue!!!

Just switched over all the technology of the website under a program of the DLCC. Nice thing is, although ActBlue does not normally support NC House candidates, they can through the DLCC.

So, if you have an ActBlue fundraising page (you do, right???) please add the Ed Ridpath campaign to it.


Valuing Hard Work

In my “day job”, I am a professional working at the business and technical interface of a large company. I see the business needs to balance investments in equipment with investments in people. However, our current laws too often value capital over labor. To maintain our shared prosperity and the basics of the American dream, we must restore the balance of valuing hard work over wealth.

Open Space

I grew up in a small lake front home in the suburbs of Minneapolis, where I could enjoy swimming, boating, and fishing. I would visit my grandparents who lived in a rural farming community, and was introduced to farm life. I spent many summers in my youth camping in the pristine Boundary Waters Canoe Area of northern Minnesota. As a young Cub Scout, I went on hikes in nearby parks and natural areas. I developed a deep appreciation of nature, agriculture, and the real value a variety of local open spaces can give a community.

This appreciation of natural areas, parks, farmland, and rural living attracted me to Southern Wake County and my home in Fuquay-Varina. We have many working farms, large stretches of still natural land, and several parks that add greatly to our quality of life. But as all of North Carolina grows, these sources of critical open space we all enjoy are under great pressure.

Public Health: Outsourcing Mental Health

Today, the Raleigh News and Observer started a series on the sad state of Mental Health “reform” in North Carolina. The 2001 plan was to move care out of central State Hospitals into local communities and have private providers deliver much of the care. This reform was poorly planned, poorly executed, and most telling, went forward with too little oversight.


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