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Join us tomorrow night in Raleigh: Halloween March on McCrory


Wednesday, October 30, 2013
5:30 PM to 6:15 PM
Governor's Mansion
200 N Blount St.
Raleigh, NC 27601

Sponsored by: Progress NC, NC Women Matter, NC NOW, Planned Parenthood Health Systems, Action NC and NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina.

Join us October 30th at 5:30 PM in front of the Governor's Mansion in Raleigh to demand that McCrory clean house at the Department of Health & Human Services. COME DRESSED AS YOUR FAVORITE CLEANER AND BRING FOOD TO DONATE TO LOCAL FOOD BANKS. Details after the jump….

Gov. McCrory ducks little kids delivering an education petition to play catch


Yesterday, on June 10th, a parade of young children pulling red wagons filled with over 16,000 signatures of North Carolinians asking Governor McCrory to protect our public schools attempted to deliver the signatures to the Governor's Office. The action was part of a rally sponsored by Progress North Carolina, Public Schools First NC and Action NC. As the children lined up at the door with stacks of petitions in hand, a secretary came out to inform the crowd that Gov. McCrory was busy and in a meeting until 5:00 PM. However, a pair of women walking by to join the rally noticed the Governor playing catch with a state trooper and Chief of Staff Thomas Stith, not 50 feet around the corner from the rally, outside a side entrance to the state Capitol. You can see the photos after the jump, as well as photos showing the time stamps proving when they were taken. My question: he knew the kids were there. He ducked them. Why did he go then go outside and very publicly diss these children? What kind of person needs to do that?

Time to hold Thom Goolsby accountable:


PLEASE HELP US SPREAD THE TRUTH: After the jump, there is an image we are asking people to share with everyone they know via social media and email. We need to hold Thom Goolsby accountable for his recent editorial about Moral Mondays. (You can see the editorial at http://bit.ly/19bjYOy if you have not yet read it.) Tell everyone you know who has not attended a Moral Monday to come and see for themselves so that they know the truth: the good people of North Carolina are speaking up at Moral Mondays, people of all races, ages and socio-economic groups, people who will no longer tolerate the politics of hate as exemplified by Thom Goolsby's shameful comments. Thank you. Photo to Share after the jump.

So much hypocrisy, so little time....

Jason Saine
Jason Saine

We added a real pair of winners to Hypocrisy NC yesterday and today: One of them doesn't believe in climate change because she doesn't think there's enough evidence to prove it... but has no problem believing in voter fraud with no evidence at all. The other is talking out of both sides of his mouth while simultaneously giving to for-profit schools what he has taken away from public schools. It's enough to make you wonder why more people don't call them on it. Find more NC Hypocrites at http://hypocrisync.com. Large photos after the jump in case you want to Share them -- especially with people who live in their districts.

He got his UI, guess he can afford to deny it to others...

Jason Saine

Pure Hypocrisy: When House Rep Jason Saine was laid off in May of 2010, he received unemployment checks for 15 months while he was unable to find another job. But once in the NC House, Saine voted to drastically cut the benefits his family once relied on. NC's unemployment benefits are now capped at $350/week and the number of weeks one can receive benefits has been reduced from 26 weeks to a sliding scale of 12-20 weeks. The bill also caused North Carolinians to lose eligibility for extended benefits paid for by the federal government. For this act of breathtaking hypocrisy, Jason Saines is our Hypocrite of the Day. Find more at http://hypocrisync.com. Large photo after the jump in case you want to Share.

A pair of real winners added to Hypocrisy NC....

Ralph Hise

The fact that Ralph Hise once convinced lawmakers to sell an entire state prison to his employer for a whopping $1 did not stop him from sanctimoniously opposing the Dix Lease on the grounds it undervalued the property. Meanwhile, if you get as annoyed as I do at having to keep your car registration and plates up to date, you will probably appreciate why Randy Dishong landed on Hypocrisy NC... Starting Monday, we will be posting one new entry a day. Hope you stop by and vote for your favorites at http://hypocrisync.com/ Large images to Share after the jump.

When it comes to hypocrisy, McCrory leaves the competition in the dust....

Pat McCrory

PEOPLE FEEL BETRAYED: Pat McCroy won election as our Governor by managing to stand for nothing. He successfully became all things to all people -- then promptly showed his true colors by throwing in his lot with the far right and proving he was unafraid to indulge in blatant political hypocrisy. But people don't like being misled, and when they turn on you for it -- they really turn on you. All of which is probably why Pat McCrory leads the pack in voting at Hypocrisy NC. He's raised hypocrisy to an art.... Check out the site at http://ow.ly/lrMJ4. It will debut a new entry every day -- plus it allows you to nominate people for inclusion. Large graphic after the jump in case you want to share..... and we hope you do.

Hypocrisy NC kicks off with a nod to Kieran Shanahan, NC Hypocrite Supreme

Kieran Shanahan

MEET HYPOCRISY NC: A new website devoted to the worst instances of hypocrisy among our state's leaders. It was a tough call, but Kieran Shanahan, head of the Department of Public Safety, heads off the line-up, thanks to a truly blatant instance of hypocrisy. Check out the site at http://ow.ly/lrMJ4. It will debut a new entry every day -- plus it allows you to nominate NC Hypocrites. Large graphic after the jump so you can share.....

Join us in Raleigh on Saturday, February 9th for HKonJ

Friends -- as the far right steamrolls over our state, it is more important than ever for us to show the world that not all of North Carolina is a reactionary backwater intent on living in the 1950's. This coming Saturday is a great opportunity to come together and take a stand: please, join Progress NC and many other groups (some posting here) as we support our brothers and sisters at the NAACP in this year's HKonJ march to the General Assembly. This is the year to show our strength! To join us, just show up at Shaw University in Raleigh on February 9th and look for the Progress NC banner. Trust us: you'll have a great time and you *will* feel your power. Complete flyer after the jump.

Join us in Raleigh for Saturday's Pay-To-Play Pat Sidewalk Ball protest!

Rather than getting rid of the patronage system and the good ole boy network like he promised during his campaign, NC's new Governor Pat McCrory has elevated pay-to-play politics to a whole new level. See the details at www.paytoplaypat.com

That's why a number of progressive and good government groups are pushing back by staging a rally outside one of the political fundraising events McCrory has lent his name to. Join us on Saturday, January 12 from 6 PM to 7 PM at 500 South Salisbury Street, outside an inaugural ball sponsored by the political group, the Foundation for North Carolina (F-NC). We want to send a message to the media and to the public: not everyone in North Carolina believes in pay-to-play politics! How bad is it? F-NC is currently selling memberships for $50,00 and $25,000 -- with members getting to meet with McCrory behind closed doors to discuss policy as just one membership benefit. More details, including resources you can share to help publicize the event, after the jump.


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