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Meet me in ... Charlotte for 2012: The Democratic National Committee 2010 summer meeting in St. Louis

The Democratic National Committee held its 2010 summer meeting last week, Aug 19 and 20, in St. Louis. As one of your elected DNC members, it was a pleasure to get to represent the great state of North Carolina and to let other DNC members from across the country know how much we will enjoy hosting them for the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

From Activist to Elected: Phillip Gilfus for County Commissioner

I've spent the past 36 days getting used to life from the other side of the table. On March 1, 2010, I was sworn-in as the newest at-large Cumberland County commissioner. And as I face my first election this May, I need this community's help. Please follow me below the fold.

Phillip Gilfus appointed Cumberland County Commissioner

Well, it's been a day, folks. And that was after quite a night on Thursday.

On Monday, March 1 at 9 am in the Board of Commissioners chamber at the Cumberland County Courthouse, I will be sworn-in as the newest Cumberland County Commissioner, At-Large. I may have to dig up some history books...but after some discussion with people in the know, I believe I will be making history, at the age of 29, as the youngest commissioner in Cumberland County history. When I am sworn in, I believe I will also be the only attorney serving as an elected local government official in the county (to include our municipalities).

Last night's vote of the county executive committee was full of excitement, drama, suspense ... and, ultimately, victory. But that elation must quickly turn into dedication into getting the job done for the citizens of my county.

Democratic National Committee Update, or" Snowmageddon Is Contagious"

Instead of driving to the Triangle for another gathering of North Carolina Democrats this morning, I'm here at home in Cumberland County, looking at the snow outside my window. Looks like winter weather has cancelled our main events today, so I thought I would take this opportunity to give BlueNC an update about last weekend's Winter Meeting of the Democratic National Committee, held in Washington, D.C.

Phillip Gilfus for Cumberland County Commissioner, At-Large

Ladies and Gents of BlueNC:

I wanted y'all to be the first to know that I am taking up the call and will be running for the appointment and election to the soon-to-be vacated at-large seat on the Cumberland County Board of Commission. I'll be giving y'all more information about this exciting campaign as it gets off the ground, but for now just wanted to share our press release announcement. Please join us on Facebook and feel free to contact me as we promote our ideals at the local government level. See ya on the campaign trail!


Time is Ticking: Time to Either Put Up or...That Other Thing

Sixty-one days.

In sixty-one days, the filing period will begin for races including the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House, the state Senate, the state House, county commissioners, and other public offices in this great state of North Carolina.

On Feb. 8, county Board of Elections, from Murphy to Manteo, will open up their doors for business...and who will dare to walk in? From the 8th to the 26th of February, there is a window to help shape the communities we all live in. All the blog posts, 30-second ads, and fundraisers in the world will not change the fact that, during those days, filling out a piece of paper and paying a fee is all that one individual has to do to change our democracy.

2009 DNC Fall Meeting in Review

It's been a week since I attended the full meeting of the Democratic National Committee in Austin, Texas. It was a great time as I met Democrats from across the country, whether they were fellow DNC members, staff, various caucus members, or just Texas Democrats.

For those who don't know me, I am one of your five elected members from North Carolina to the Democratic National Committee (not counting our elected state party chair and first vice chair). I was elected in 2008 and took my seat for a four-year term the day after the 2008 Democratic National Convention. As such, this was my first "real" meeting I've attended as a National Committeeman from North Carolina.

DNC Elections: Chairman Kaine's slate

I'm not sure if everyone is aware, but next week is the Democratic National Committee's Fall Meeting, held Sept 10-12 in Austin, Texas (open to the public, as always). This meeting is the first "big" meeting of the DNC since the 2008 election. The main business will be the election of 75 At-Large members, as well as the election of members to the various standing committees, e.g. Budget, Credentials, Resolutions, and Rules & By-Law. The various caucuses and other groups will meet to elect their leaders. For instance, there are regional caucuses, e.g. Southern, and other councils, like the Youth Council (for those up to age 35) and the Veterans and Military Families Council. The caucuses will elect officers, to include members who will sit on the DNC Executive Committee.

DNC Update

I recently participated in a Democratic National Committee conference call with Gov. Tim Kaine, DNC chair. As one of your five elected national committeepersons, I wanted to share the contents of that call:

Gov. Kaine stated what his three goals as chair of the DNC are:
1) Achieve/promote President Obama's agenda
2) Activate the grassroots, embodied in Organizing for America (OFA)
3) Promote state parties, primarily through the state partnership program (aka 50 State Strategy) and the VAN (the voter tracking software most people use).

His short term goals/updates were:
1) Fundraising: President Obama and Vice President Biden have been active, and POTUS has participated in 2 small/1 big fundraising events. The GOP outraised us in the first quarter, as they are wont to do, but our second quarter looked very good, though the GOP's numbers had not come in at that times.

Phillip Gilfus for Cumberland County Chair

To my BlueNC folks:

I have always been an advocate for's up to us to take leadership positions in our county, district, and state party. Next month, county conventions will be held all across the state; we cannot afford to miss this opportunity to promote real change. Below is my bid to lead my county party, but I hope you will join me, not only in my effort in Cumberland County on April 18th, but in your own local parties. You need to be the ones letting your voices be heard. Run for party office, run for State Executive Committee, run to represent your county at the District level, and hold accountable those who run for election. Help recruit and win for our North Carolina Democratic Party!


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