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We're Bringing The Troops Home and - as a Republican - I'm Glad

They told me, if Barack Obama were elected President - then our troops would come home.

There were right and I am so glad. I know it sounds strange coming from a Republican; but this mission has become an unmanageable quagmire.

For too long, our forces have been mired in an area where they were mitigating for poor governance by local officials who could provide neither security nor infrastructure, who depended on outside aid and cared more about how to get theirs from graft and corruption then they did for hard-working people they governed. At the beginning of the mission - which was taken unilaterially without broad-based international support - we thought our troops would only be there for a few months at most; but the mission lasted years and depended heavily on National Guard forces.

All Your Feeds Are Belong To Me

North Carolina BlogNetNews has a new editor: me.

As some of you know, I run a blog in Cabarrus County called Cabarrus Cheap Seats. Right now, I'm looking for blogs that meet the following criteria:

- Are at least 90 days old
- Are updated at least weekly (not counting hiatuses)
- Have 1/3 or greater content that's North Carolina-based.
- Isn't the official blog of a political or advocacy organization.

North Carolina Research Campus - Cabarrus BOC Meeting Monday, March 26

The North Carolina Research Campus project is underway and public improvments to the site are proposed to be financed by Tax-Increment Financed (TIF) bonds. Because of the size of the project, the City of Kannapolis has asked Cabarrus County to participate in the TIF. While a number of Commissioners have expressed support, there is - as always - a small vocal minority that's opposed to improvement of the site for unrelated political reasons.

This is a bipartisan effort - supported by Republicans (Cabarrus NC Legislature Delegation, Cabarrus Board of Commissioners) and Democrats (Mayor of Kannapolis, Kannapolis City Council)

I've put the reports that detail the TIF and the fiscal and economic impact on my site here - if you would like more information.

Progressive vs. Liberal - What's the Difference?

In the comments section, I caught some hell for a comment I'd made about the use of "Liberal" and "Progressive". It went a little something like this:

Conservatives are just as guilty as liberals (or progressives or whatever y'all are calling youselves this month) as failing to see the diversity of opinions within the opposition's ranks and making an honest attempt at trying to understand the underlying philosophy behind the argument.

Of course, I've been equally baffled by Neo-Conservative vs. Conservative beyond the Neo-Conservative association with the War in Iraq.

But "Liberal" and "Progressive" are ones that are treated interchangibly by those on the Right, with some mutual exclusivity by those on the Left, and with some confusion by us folks in and around the Middle.

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