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Why Won't Joe McLaughlin Answer my Questions?

Remember my one easy question?

Due to recent events regarding the U.S. Navy's plan for an Outlying Landing Field (two options are near Onslow County), I emailed Mr. McLaughlin to get his take.

My email:

Given the recent news that two sites that the US Navy is exploring for an outlying airfield are in/near Onslow County and that the US Navy has previously tried to build an outlying airfield in protected wetlands located in Washington County, many voters would like to hear your position.

Jacksonville Daily News wants to know if we should leave Iraq...

Hey folks.

The Jacksonville Daily News wants to know how you feel about withdrawing from Iraq.

Gen. David Petraeus is expected to recommend to Congress that current U.S. troop levels in Iraq be maintained until spring, as the surge has met with some success. Do you agree?

The survey is on their homepage...Please go vote!

An Open Letter to Patrick McHenry, Republican Representative from NC's 10th Congressional District

I ask that you all join me in this quest to educate the young (yet unusually gray) Mr. McHenry. Please photograph your bicycle and send it with a letter pledging to ride versus driving your auto. You all know I'm intending to bicycle to work. It's a serious commitment, I think, and not one I would impugn upon you, but I would ask that you try to use a bicycle, or walk, if possible . I'm providing the text of my letter, and you may use as you wish, but please, send something.

Dear Mr. McHenry,


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