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Congressman Jones, Jr. To NC-03: "I don’t want to talk to you!"

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It's the August recess for Congress and members everywhere are back "in the district" and meeting with their constituents.


Almost everyone.

The Gentleman from North Carolina's Third Congressional District will not be meeting with constituents.

I know because I tried to find out...

3rd District Convention

The 3rd Congressional District will hold its annual convention today at Charles B. Aycock High School in Pikeville, NC. Registration starts at noon, lunch (at Wilbur's BBQ) starts at 12:30 and the convention begins at 2pm.

Marshall Adame (candidate for NC's 3rd Congressional District) will be present, as will I.

If you're coming, my cell phone # is 910-546-0769. Give us a call and we'll be sure to meet!

HB 91 (Registration and Voting at One-Stop Sites)

HB 91 (Registration and Voting at One-Stop Sites) will be going through the Senate Select Committee on Government and Election Reform soon (the scheduled meeting for today was canceled). I ask that each of you contact the Senators on the Select Committee to express your support and urge them to support the bill.

HB 91 is important because it will allow registration and voting on the same day during the "One Stop" voting period prior to elections. This is a great opportunity to attract voters and will certainly make voting more convenient for hard working North Carolinians.


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