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NC House 4th District 2nd Quarter Campaign Finance Disclosure

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In the NC House 4th District, Incumbent Russell Tucker (Dem) is being challenged by
Richard Kaiser
(Rep). Representative Tucker has significantly out-raised his challenger, receiving over $5,700 this quarter while Richard Kaiser has only received $250. Mr. Kaiser’s entire 2nd quarter contributions are from individual donors, whereas Representative Tucker’s quarterly income is almost entirely from political action committees. Without those corporate contributions, the two would be quite close in fund-raising.

In G.O.P. Fund-Raising, Dole’s Star Power Dims

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Is Liddy failing in her job to get Republicans reelected? Many of the Republicans seem to think so…And the numbers seem to prove it.

From the article…

    The latest filing, on Thursday, showed Democrats with $37.7 million on hand, compared with $19.9 million for Republicans.

    Some Republicans say Elizabeth Dole is faltering as leader of the Republican effort to hold the Senate this fall.

NC Senate 6th District 2nd Quarter Campaign Finance Disclosures

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In the 6th District of the NC Senate, Ms. Carolyn Pittman-Dorsey (Dem) is challenging incumbent Senator Harry Brown (Rep).

For the 2nd quarter of 2006, Ms. Pittman-Dorsey received $125 in contributions from individuals. I believe that Ms. Pittman-Dorsey’s disclosure is incomplete as there is no information on what her previous campaign balance was at the end of the 1st quarter (her previous disclosure records that she had $189.91 at the end of that period). Where is that money? More importantly, where is the accountability for that money? Ms. Pittman-Dorsey’s 2nd quarter disclosure doesn’t list the existing $189.91 from quarter 1, doesn’t list any expenses (but does say there’s NONE) and doesn’t list what would be the remaining total of $314.91.

US House 3rd District 2nd Quarter Campaign Finance Disclosures Details

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In the 3rd District, US House of Representatives race, Congressman Walter Jones
(Rep/Incumbent) is being challenged by Craig Weber (Dem).

According to the 2nd Quarter (April 13th, to June 30th) 2006 disclosure
reports, Congressman Jones has generated nearly 10 times the money than Mr.

Congressman Jones collected a total of $52,436.10 for the quarter. Mr. Weber
collected $5,300. These are total contributions that include individual
donations and corporate donations as well as donations from other campaigns,
political action committees, political parties and contributions made by the
candidates to themselves.

Stem Cell Veto Overturn Fails in House

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The House voted today to overturn the Presidential veto on HR 810. The bill
requires 2/3 of the House to vote “YES” to move the bill back to the Senate for
their vote.

WaPo’s vote database has the details

. The vote was 235 for and 193 against. Five members of Congress failed
to vote.

Unfortunately, the majority of the NC delegation voted against the bill. Six
for (G.K. Butterfield, Howard Coble, Bob Etheridge, Brad Miller, David Price,
Melvin Watt) and seven against (Virginia Foxx, Robin Hayes, Walter Jones,
Patrick McHenry, Mike McIntyre, Sue Myrick, Charles Taylor).

Officials cruised on public dime

bumped and slightly expanded- RP

While thousands of visitors strained to see a festival of tall ships at Beaufort this month, more than 200 state and local officials enjoyed the views from a cruise aboard a state-owned ferry that was paid for partly by taxpayers...
A DOT spokesman, Ernie Seneca, said the cruise cost taxpayers about $2,800 in fuel and staffing -- costs that DOT will absorb.
The steel drum band cost $1,200, Fox said. But ports officials said they don't know how much the catering cost because they haven't gotten a bill. Fox would not say how much was budgeted for the catering.


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NC State Senate Approves Pledge Bill

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I have issues with this…Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance shouldn’t be a mandatory thing. It’s an individual thing, a voluntary thing to declare your fealty to the United States. It’s not something that should be required by law…

The state Senate today gave final approval to a bill to require public school students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance daily.

[NewsObserver.com - Local & State]

Back-seat riders will need to buckle

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We already know where the Jacksonville Daily News stands on this…

Regardless of their editorial, the NC General Assembly has approved the bill requiring back-seat passengers to be strapped. This is a good thing, even if the penalties aren’t quite painful.

People continue to fail to understand why this is an important safety requirement. People such as State Senate Minority Leader Phil Berger (R-Eden). In the article Mr. Berger says "We continue to see an erosion of our personal freedoms,". Wow. All that just from having to buckle a seat-belt.

I invite you, Mr. Berger, and anyone else, to go to your preferred hardware store, purchase a 200 pound back of sand and put it in the rear seat (behind the driver’s seat, please). Get in the car and drive. Accelerate to about 55 miles per hour, then slam on the brakes.


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