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Cal Cunningham for Senate FB Group Passes DSCC

A big milestone was reached over the weekend, as the Facebook group asking Cal Cunningham to run for US Senate gained more supporters than the DSCC has on its political page.

That is correct. At almost 700 members, Cal has more supporters on Facebook than the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee!

I know there are a lot of people here who believe that the DSCC will try and tell us who we should choose, but they understand the power of the grassroots to bring a lesser known candidate to the top. I know that this level of support this early will help show them that Cal is a great candidate worth their support.

Thanks Governor

Over the past few weeks State Government has been dogged by a number of huge issues facing the state. Not the least of these are an estimated 3 Billion plus budget shortfall over the 09-11 fiscal years and a State Health Plan in crisis.

Through it all, Governor Bev Perdue has worked hard to protect working families, even while others push her in the wrong direction.

Intimidation of Workers is Real (Update)

I recently became chair of the Young Democrats of NC Labor Caucus. In that position, I went to the recent event held by Richard Burr and Americans for Prosperity where they attacked unions and declared that the “secret ballot” was under attack. I went to their event, and called them on their lies, and was rewarded with a few interviews. Now the Republicans are after me, and attacking the press for “not investigating” my statements.

Because Brent Woodcox does not allow comments on his blog, I am forced to respond here. I hope that he comes by for an actual debate.

YDNC Stands Up for Workers

This Tuesday Senator Richard Burr and the business front group "Americans for Prosperity" are kicking off a campaign against workers' rights. They are hosting a rally at 10:30 on the Bicentennial Mall across from the North Carolina Legislature.

The supposed purpose of this effort is to protect the so-called "secret ballot" in union elections. In reality this is an effort to continue the roadblocks that have been placed in front of workers who wish to unionize by lying about the Employee Free Choice Act and keeping the ban on collective bargaining.

Layoffs will make this worse

In Under the Dome today, Gov Perdue is quoted as saying that personnel managers across state government should prepare for layoffs. She doesn't yet anticipate any, but wants folks to be prepared. I understand her directive, and it is always good policy to be prepared, but layoffs should be off the table in this budget crisis.

"I want everybody to be prepared," Perdue told reporters afterwards. "I do not anticipate RIFs or layoffs or even four-day work weeks. But I think it does us all justice to be prepared as the economy softens. This is not a paper exercise we are about. Tough decisons are going to be made."

Now is the time for Bold Action

Right now our state is in a crunch. We will hit the end of this fiscal year with no budget deficit, mostly because of some severe steps that Governors Easley and Perdue took and will take. I don’t fault them, they are required to not run a deficit. However, next year will require a significant legislative fix if we are going to avoid a government shutdown to ensure the constitutionally mandated balance budget.

Deeply disturbing

To me there are a number of things that I would like to see in our next Party Chair. A commitment to grassroots politics, an ability to fundraise, and a continued commitment to competing in all 100 counties are all essentials for most people. But what is even more core, and is in fact so essential that it never seems to be mentioned is Democratic values.

Another Party Chair Candidate?

Under the Dome has an article up today discussing the race for state party chair.  It quotes a number of people, all of whom indicate that the Governor is going to stay neutral on the party chair race.  But, there was another very interesting part of this article.



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