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How to Change North Carolina

This Diary is meant as a how to guide on making North Carolina more progressive within the state legislature. As we have seen, even with large Democratic majorities, it is often not enough to just get more Democrats elected to office in Raleigh. We also need to make sure that we are pushing for different Democrats, real progressives who put people first. But, how do we do that on an individual basis?

North CarolinaTurns Blue

No matter what you think about the electoral college, it is an historical tradition, and a central part of our democracy. And today, North Carolina gave 15 votes to Barack Obama.

At this link you will find the entire event on video.

One of the coolest parts was the nominating and second speeches, and 2 Young Democrats got the honors of not just being electors but of nominating Obama and Biden. Kara Hollingsworth helped give the Obama speech and Sam Spencer gave the speech for Biden. This was a proud day for everyone at the state capitol, and I was thrilled that I got to be there.

Breaking: Workers in Chicago Sit Down

This is a real short diary, bringing attention to some breaking news out of Chicago.

Republic Windows & Doors shut its doors Friday, but more than 200 workers reportedly refused to leave the North Side manufacturer, demanding assurances they'll get severance and vacation pay that they say they are owed.

The short and sweet of this is that these workers had a union contract that said they were required 60 day notice of a layoff or shutdown. They are also owed severance pay, vacation pay, and likely pensions. The total pay and benefits they are owed is about 1.5 Million for the 200 plus employees.

McCain Adviser Claims Every American has Health Insurance

As many of you know, SEIU has made Universal Health Care a top priority, not just in their endorsement of candidates across the country and in the Presidential race, but for after November.

Well today, a McCain adviser said we can all go home, nothing to see here. Everyone has Health Care! Is it time to celebrate? I think not.


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