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Gaining Traction on Making North Carolina more Progressive

As most of you already know, I have been in Reno, Nevada for the last few weeks helping Barack Obama win the White House. I am officially a part of the big Purple Army known as the Service Employees International Union. But I wanted to give all of you an update on another project I am working on-- Traction Action.

DCCC Comes to NC

The DCCC is coming to play in North Carolina, with a radio spot targeting McHenry and Hayes for their continued support of giving more and more tax breaks to oil companies while working Americans can barely afford gas.

Elizabeth Dole and the FEC

"Maybe Elizabeth Dole doesn't stand by her ad because she knows that for the past six years she hasn't been standing up for North Carolina's families."

Today the NCDP filed their second ethics complaint in a week against Elizabeth Dole. This time its Federal Election Law that Elizabeth Dole has violated. For more, continue below the fold.


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