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The Canvassing Cardio Workout

I started my new fall exercise program tonight by walking the neighborhood for an hour and canvassing for the Democratic party. It is the end of my cycling season and I usually take a few weeks off of the bike before starting up again. So instead of doing some mindless running ,(Yuk), I decided to make my training more interesting by turning out the vote. If anyone wants to join me for some light cardio work in Albemarle #7 Precinct part of the NC-8 District, sign up on my PartyBuilder

The Mac VAN blues

Well it finally happened. A few weeks ago Voter Activation Network released a upgrade to the NC VAN that will not work correctly on Macs. A pretty subtle bug too and you can miss it if you are not checking the lists the VAN generates. What happens is that the query conditions are not being processed correctly . For example, when I generate a list of just the voters in one precinct, I get a list of voters from all over the county. This is happening using the Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer for Mac (IE).

When I attended VAN training last year, Mark Sullivan, the trainer, and one of the company founders was up front in saying that they were a Microsoft shop and they made no promises that the VAN would work on anything but IE. Now it looks like it needs to be the latest version of IE at that. You would think that with Al Gore on the Apple board of directors that the VAN would show some love for Macs.

Call your local ABC station about the 9/11 Right Wing Smear

I'm sure that many of you have gotten emails about contacting ABC and Disney about the right-wing smear of the Clinton Administration in the 9/11 docudrama "The Path to 9/11". Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo makes a important point that petitions and calls to ABC and Disney are not going to work, but calls to the locally owned affiliates did work to against the Sinclair Broadcasting attack on John Kerry. So give your local affiliate a call.

Questions on the fifth anniversary of 9/11

Well it looks like Rove has unleashed his October surprise a little early with the President's speech last night making it apparent that the Republicans will attempt to smear Democrats and all supporters of the Constitution and rule of law as Terrorist lovers.

Here are some fact and things to discuss with your friendly neighborhood Bush lover.

1. Why is it the five year anniversary of the attacks on 9/11 and Bin Laden has not been captured?

2. In less than five years after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the U.S. along with its allies had crushed the Axis powers.

3. Why is it five years after the 9/11 attacks and the major Terrorists that we have captured have still not been brought to trial?

Lookout, Outlook email search tool

Off topic for a political blog site, but I know there are a lot of you out there using Outlook and are drowning in emails. Let me through you a life ring, Lookout a email search tool. Lookout indexes all of your emails and allows you to search them just like doing a Google search. It is lightning fast and I think that it has less of a performance overhead than Google Desktop or other search tools. My team at work has been using it over for over two years and we can't imaging working without it.

Best of all it is free, but sorry

Kissell Cycles Stanly County

Larry Kissell showed that he still has the legs by riding with the Uwharrie Wheelmen's Saturday morning ride in Stanly County from Albemarle going through Richfield, New London, Palestine and Badin. Larry, despite not having very many cycling miles due his campaign schedule, hung on the climbs that included Tower Hill outside of Palestine, but rumor has it he took advantage of the over forty exemption and passed on the climb to the top of Morrow Mountain.

Larry demonstrated his man of the people touch by fitting right in with the riders and engaging all of them with the usual small talk that goes on during a ride.

A Party, not a Cause

Everyone interested in creating a strong roots based Democratic Party should read E.J. Dionne's column in todays Washington Post.

He addresses some of the conflicts we are seeing between Howard Dean and the DCCC and why it is important for the Democrats to create a party that is active all the times, not a group of special interests that just come together for a Presidental election.


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