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House candidate Jim Fulghum caught doing the chicken dance

Jim Fulghum, Republican candidate for NC House 49 in Wake County, has been caught red-handed with his hand in the taxpayers' cookie jar. What does it mean for this free-market worshipping, tax-cut-first-ask-questions-later, John Locke Foundation board member? It means he is a hypocrite.

In 2009, the Raleigh millionaire neurosurgeon received a $100,000 government bailout for his chicken farm in Chatham County. According to the NC Dep. of Agriculture, Fulghum's Deep River Farm received a $100,000 bailout through the Poultry Loss Contract Grant Assistance Program when its live poultry dealer, Pilgrim's Pride, went bankrupt.

Local Voices for Obama - a different kind of ad campaign

Corporations are spending billions this year on negative political ads but what about the voices of ordinary citizens — the very people whose lives will be most affected by the election outcome?

One campaign, at least, is giving them the chance to be heard: Local Voices. The Local Voices ad campaign features real people talking about why they will vote for President Obama in 60-second, documentary-style commercials. Three of the ads are running right here in North Carolina.

Duke Energy may have delayed rate case for a more favorable – and Gov. McCrory-stacked - Utilities Commission

Our fears are starting to become reality. According to a News & Observer report today, Duke Energy may have delayed filing a rate increase with the NC Utilities Commission until a future Gov. McCrory can stack the board with his cronies. Among the key points:

Republican Pat McCrory has emerged as the gubernatorial front-runner. McCrory is a former mayor of Charlotte and also a 29-year veteran employee of Duke Energy…

If McCrory were to be elected in November, he would immediately have a vacancy to fill on the Utilities Commission, which regulates rates and service for utility companies. Two more commission vacancies come open July 1, allowing the new governor to handpick three of the seven commissioners and a chairman within eight months of his election...

Did Pat McCrory commit perjury in Duke Energy case?

On the campaign trail, Pat McCrory continues to claim that he’s never had an ethical lapse or a conflict of interest. But this website has pointed out quite a few including his employment at a lobbying firm and his failure to disclose his energy employer to the U.S. Congress while testifying on clean air regulations.

But here is more evidence of McCrory’s sketchy ethical record, brought to you by the North Carolina Supreme Court. McCrory may have even perjured himself in the process.

Wake up the media with a Cup of Joe: Who Pays Pat McCrory?

Gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory has been given a free ride by the media for far too long. If you are just an average voter, you might believe that Pat McCrory is who he pretends to be: a champion of ethics who never had a conflict of interest while Mayor of Charlotte, because the media hasn’t given you the whole story.

OUT OF CONTROL video: Tillis hides behind armed guards

On January 5, Speaker Thom Tillis and the Republican House Majority contrived an unannounced, unconstitutional and unethical late night session to accomplish nothing more than political payback on North Carolina's teachers. Today marked the first time Speaker Tillis has returned to the scene of the crime since that infamous day for another “special session.”

This morning close to 100 citizens rallied outside to keep vigil over Tillis and the NCGA to ensure there were no more dirty tricks.

When we went inside the Legislative Building to stand watch over Tillis as he went to the House Chamber to gavel in session, we were greeted by armed Legislative Police officers, ordered by Tillis and his staff to have us removed from the 2nd floor of the building (where Tillis' office and the House chamber is located).

See the incredible video here.

Gov. Perdue: We cannot allow this recession to devastate our children’s education and our state’s future.

On Tuesday, Governor Perdue presented the General Assembly with a pathway to balanced budget. The pathway calls for raising the revenue necessary to protect public schools and other core services in health and public safety. Combined with $3.8 billion in cuts, the pathway modernizes the state tax code in a way that is fair to working families.

You can read the plan here.

The fiscal year has already begun. Local governments, schools and service providers are in limbo regarding what resources will be available for the coming year. The General Assembly must work quickly to pass a budget.

So we need your help. Contact your legislator. Tell them to pass a budget that raises the revenue necessary to protect public schools and core services.

In an email yesterday Governor Perdue said:

We cannot allow this recession to devastate our children’s education and our state’s future, and I hope you will join me as we continue to take that message to the General Assembly.

Join Gov. Perdue to protect our state's future. The legislature is debating these issue right now. We need your emails and phone calls to tip the scales.

Gov. Perdue's message on "The State of the Budget"

Gov. Perdue just sent this message out to her email list:

For more than a year North Carolina, along with many states, has felt the impact of the national recession, which many of you have already experienced first-hand.

In that time, our state’s unemployment rate has almost doubled and now stands at 11.1 percent — 7th highest in the nation. Just as North Carolina’s families have been hurt by the recession, so has our state’s budget.

The General Assembly is working to finalize a budget that, because of a decrease in revenues, has a $4.7 billion shortfall for the 2009-10 fiscal year and even more next year. It is one of the largest shortfalls in the country, and it is the largest in North Carolina’s history.

Governor Perdue’s First Week

On Friday afternoon we sent out the latest newsletter from the Office of Governor Bev Perdue.  Hopefully you all are on our email list already, but if not, I have reproduced the newsletter below.  It details all the key moments from Governor Perdue’s busy first week.

Email communication is going to play a key role in the Perdue Administration, and I want to encourage everyone to sign up for the email list.  You can do that by clicking here.

You can help us by forwarding the newsletters to friends or directing them to this post right here.  We appreciate the help!  Working together along with tools like our website, our eTownhall, social networking, and North Carolina's blog network we are going to create a vibrant back-and-forth dialogue between citizens and state government.


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