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Hope for All NC Progressives: IRV seems to be on a roll

Under the Dome is reporting that after the success of Instant Runoff Voting in Carey, Hendersonville will be using IRV in their November municipal elections. I haven't seen much about this, but maybe the AC-T will carry some pieces about it now that it will be happening in Hendersonville.

Who from the triangle area can tell me about IRV in Carey and how it worked out?


Non-political Gardening Question


I am asking for some help today about gardening. I get from here that there are a lot of people here that do some gardening, thus why I am asking it. The problem is that I live in an appartment and do not have access to land to garden on. I do however have a balcony that I could grow some stuff on. I was thinking maybe a Tomato plant or two, but I was wondering if anyone else had any ideas about way for me to get a little home grown into my life.



Heath Shuler Mailer

Most of my fellow students got this in the mail today at school. For some reason I did not get one. But then I never get any mailers, except from the Republicans. I am not sure who I pissed off in a former life, but I did something.

I thought that y'all might like to see this, especially those of you that live down state.


Page Two and Three:

Sometimes people make me want to pull out my hair....

I guess I will start by adding all the things that I am doing (since this is all the rage on the site now), even though the list is short:

One corps member
County One Corps "Captain"
Active member Western North Carolina Network of Spiritual Progressives
Campus organizer
And oh yeah full time student

I am graduating in 3 weeks and still don't have a job, because I am holding out, trying to get a position as a community organizer for various organizations.

I am annoyed

So in the last, I don't know three days I have called the Edwards CH office like 5-7 times. Not one time that I called (including "abnkers hours") did anyone answer the phone. I have left, I think, three messages 9maybe two) and no one has gotten back in touch with me.

Warren Wilson in the News

Cross posted at Rambling Rambles.

It is not everyday that Warren Wilson gets positive treatment in the Asheville Citizens-Times. At times it seems as if there is a real vendetta against the school, a story that can be told some other time.

But I thought that I would post this story, particuarly after I mentioned Yunus and Grameen in the my last post.

Incidently, I am part of the group that is helping to host the event, which will include a feed to the live presentation of the award (so I've been told).


One More Reason to be Glad for a Democratic Majority

cross posted at Rambling Rambles

I saw this over at

So, it seems that Kerry is going to reinvigorate the Small Business Admin. All I can say is great. We all know that small businesses are good for not only the national economy but also the local ones as well. I hope that Kerry will use his role to also look into what we can do to protect small, local business from the big mega-stores and mega-corporations too. With the founder of the Grameen Bank set to accept the Nobel Peace Prize in less than a week now, it should be on the front of all our minds what we can do to help the small person.

Reminds me of what Dad told me when I was small when I asked about the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. He told me that Republicans were for big business and the rich people and that the Democrats were for everyone else. Made sense to me then and makes sense to me now.

100 County Strategy

There has been some talk on the site about the creation of a 100 county strategy for the state in 2008. I have been thinking about it since before the election and I have come up with some ideas. Let me say that I know that I am new to NC so some of my planks are more general and could be (and I believe should be) applied to all states, but I still think that they are good ideas. The second thing is that in my experience working in politics, the majority of what I have done has been field work. This has made me a devoted advocate of field. I truly believe that I dollar spent in field is worth 5 spent on TV ads.

So here is the plan:

1) Hold all current office holders accountable. This includes everything from Dog Catcher up to Gov., Sen., etc.

2) Create, support and help fund local county organizations in every county. Even here in Buncombe there are precincts that do not have leadership. This needs to be fixed in every county in the State.


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