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Cost/benefit analysis of running races

Here is a question I would be interested hearing answered by the readers of BlueNC:

Should we support candidates (time/money/workers)where we don't have any chance of winning or should we direct our resources to campaigns that are winable but could use a little help to get over the hump?

I know there are many definitions of winning, I used to be very active with the Green Party and we ran many educational campaigns that we knew going in that we had no chance of winning at the ballot box but we ran them to get our message out.

So, BlueNC'ers what are your thoughts?

Franklin Graham at it again

I am a Christian who goes to church about every Sunday and am very active in my parish but this bozo really gives us a bad name. When are these loonies going to shut up? Franklin Graham is, once again questioning Obama's Christian faith.

Appearing on MSNBC this morning, Graham said he is not sure the president is a Christian. Neither is he certain that Obama is not a Muslim.

read more: Charlotte Observer

Performance mocks Duke CEO's honor

Street theater in downtown Charlotte:

Annie Vereen and Jack Kirven of Viscera Dance Theatre staged a protest this morning outside of Morton's Steakhouse in uptown. The event happened as Rogers was set to receive the "Business Person of the Year" award from the Charlotte Business Journal

Maybe they can also get Jimbo to answer James's question about Duke's stand on Amendment One: Still No Answer

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Watt files for 11th term

At least we won't have to find someone to run in the 12th:

We need experience and seniority to maintain the influence of our delegation and we need representatives who will continue to work for progress, not return to the same old rhetoric and policies that led to the mess we're trying to dig our country out of

Mel Watt has almost always been one of the Congress members I have been able to count on to vote the right way on my issues, glad to see him running again.

Read More:Charlotte Observer

LWV Fracking debate

As some of you know I serve on the board of the League of Women Voters of NC as the Environmental Advocacy chair. I have been trying to organize a debate on the merits of Hydro Fracking here in NC for our annual meeting which is being held in Morehead City this spring. Didn't have any problems finding the "con" speaker but am having a hard time finding the "pro" speaker.

I wonder why this is?

I have a fold out couch if anyone wants it

The host committee announced hotel assignments for the DNC Convention and I feel kinda bad for my home state: Kansas. They have been assigned to the Wingate Inn up in Concord, not a plum assignment. Wyoming and Lousianna didn't get good places either, guess it doesn't pay to be red states.

To anyone out there, I have a fold out couch and plenty of camping space.

See the whole list: Charlotte Observer

Disrespect in the House of God

The Bishop of New Hampshire, Gene Robinson spoke at my church yesterday and members of the Religious Right felt it appropriate to heckle him during his sermon. One stood up in the middle of the service and said "Sodomy is a sin and you are a sinner"

Gene Robinson is the first OPENLY gay Bishop in the Episcopal Church and his selection caused a great deal of controversy within the church as a whole. Several parishes and a couple dioceses split from the church but I am proud to say my parish, St. Martin's, stood firm in our support of all of God's children and their rights.

I have no problem with people protesting outside on public property but to interrupt a service where you have been invited as a guest is disrespectful and just wrong. Bishop Robinson handled the disruption with grace and forgiveness, it is not like he hasn’t heard it before but he shouldn’t have to deal with crap like that.

State of our statewide campaigns

I have tried to volunteer for three different statewide campaigns over the last three weeks and have yet to hear back from any of them. Campaigns run on volunteers: not paid staff and consultants so I can't figure out why I haven't gotten a response from any of the three.

I have run five campaigns (4-1) and have volunteered on many more so I know how valuable volunteers are. Since they are not paid, they can go anywhere and work for anyone they want and generally are very committed to a candidate because of this. Volunteers knock on doors, make phone calls, stuff envelopes and do the things that keep campaigns in front of the voters.

In this time of shrinking donor contributions and media consolidation, I can't quite figure out this lack of response.

Or maybe it is because I blog at BlueNC.

Libertarians have a primary!

The Libertarian Party will have a presidential primary in NC this May which I think is a good thing. It shows that there is a hankering for choices other than the two traditional parties, I just wish we had more choices.

On a side note, I think this will help drive out votes against Amendment One. The party has come out against the amendment and while there aren't that many registered Libertarians (12,781), every vote will be vital.

read more: Charlotte Observer

America Elect and North Carolina

I have written in the past about how tough it is for third parties to get on the ballot here in North Carolina here and here. Now there is a group, Americans Elect that is trying to get on the ballot in all fifty states so they can run a "moderate" bi-partisan ticket.

Under the Dome is reporting that they have a long way to go here in NC:

The Wake County Board of Elections reported today it is reviewing more than 22,000 petition signatures. It needs 87,000 verified signatures to qualify to be on the ballot as a new political party


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