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Twelve applicants want school board seat

The CMS School Board will be appointing a new member in the next week to replace a district rep who was elected at-large this past November. This is the district I live in so I have been watching with interest. Tim Morgan, the rep who is getting replaced has been a good representative for the district and I am hoping the board replaces him with someone as capable. I have known Tim, his brothers and parents for over 30 years and consider them friends and while I disagree often with their politics, they truly care about our community and our school system. Tim and his brothers are CMS grads and Tim has two children in the system.

What will be interesting about the appointment is that Tim is a Republican and our district is Republican (we also have Bill James as our county commissioner, google his name and Mecklenburg if you don't recognize it) but the board is now majority Democrat.

Charter schools' spending varies in the Mecklenburg area, per-pupil outlays ranged from $6,194 to $15,157

I am a product of public education in North Carolina: my high school graduating class was the first one to go all twelve years under court ordered busing here in Mecklenburg. I also graduated from Central Piedmont Community College, Appalachian State, and UNC-Charlotte ... so I know firsthand that NC has a very good public education system from kindergarten to college.

I don't dismiss the value of charter schools but I do have a problem with for-profit entities running them.


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