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Richard Burr calls for Akin to step aside?

Even though Burr wants to institute the exact same prohibitions against abortion that Akin is proposing.

All these sanctimonious crocodile tears from Republicans like Richard Burr would be hilarious if they weren't so pathetic. Akin's only problem was his lack of judgment in telling the truth about what most Republicans today believe. Fortunately, no one gives a flip what Burr thinks about anything. Akin's in this race for good ... the new poster child for Republican extremism.

Weekend open thread: Who is Pat McCrory and why is he hiding?

Since Mitt McCrory won't return any of our emails or respond to open letters here on BlueNC, would some of the nice people reading this please shed some light on what the guy stands for? Surely somebody somewhere has something good to say about hizzoner.

Killing Medicare is just an appetizer

Pat McCrory and Mitt Romney also want to make birth control illegal. Hard to believe, but true. Pat McCrory backs Mitt Romney's plan. (This segment from Rachel Maddow opens with one of Romney's campaign commercials lies, but it's worth wading through the bullshit to see just how radical these clowns are.)

The end of affluence

From The Wilson Quarterly

For millions of younger Americans—say, those 40 and under—living better than their parents is a pipe dream. They won’t. The threat to their hopes does not arise from an impending collapse of technological gains of the sort epitomized by the creations of Fulton, Ford, and Gates. These advances will almost certainly continue, and per capita income—the average for all Americans and a conventional indicator of living standards—will climb. Statistically, American progress will resume. The Great Recession will be a bump, not a dead end.


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