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The truth about NC's education spending

Lining the pockets of the wealthy at the expense of teachers:

Senate leader Phil Berger, an Eden Republican, said teacher raises weren’t possible because the legislature had to commit an additional $1.5 billion over two years to pay for Medicaid. But Berger also backed major tax cuts signed by the governor that will cost the state $500 million over the first two years and more than $2 billion in lost tax revenue over the next five years.

The truthful answer isn’t that North Carolina couldn’t afford to give money. It just couldn’t afford to give it to teachers.

Not only does a big chunk of that money go into the pockets of a handful of already wealthy scions like Art Pope (Estate Tax), a lot of the others won't have a skin in the education game:

Dueling editorials on the GOP's education policies

Fact and propaganda are the weapons of choice:

With close to the lowest pay in the nation, no money for advanced degrees and 75 percent of teachers operating with less than two years of job security, why would they remain in the profession? Again, the question begs to be asked, do we value the profession of teaching? What is the message we are sending to our teachers, including those who might consider moving here?

It's not just the teachers being disregarded, it's the bulk of the information they are trying to impart on their students. From history to science, and all points in between, that information doesn't fit the narrative that Republicans want people to work from. And a well-educated populace is far less likely to swallow the propaganda they throw out:

FreedomWorks helps Koch Brothers manage North Carolina

Another astroturf tour headed this way:

FreedomWorks, a conservative group, will hold a series of town hall meetings, protests and discussions to urge Congress to defund the Affordable Care Act. The group plans to hold a lunch in Hendersonville Monday with Rep. Mark Meadows, a protest at the office of Sen. Richard Burr's office in Winston-Salem. FreedomWorks originated from a conservative political group called Citizens for a Sound Economy, which was set up by businessman David Koch. The group has been involved in the Tea Party movement.

It's no surprise that FreedomWorks is becoming (desperately) active again. They have several embarrassing issues that are in dire need of distractions:

DAG McCrory will use fear to control DENR

Caught between a fracked rock and a hard place:

An analysis by WRAL News shows that these re-designated workers are disproportionately concentrated within the hierarchy of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, where McCrory will soon strip employment protections from about 150 directors and managers. In some cases, especially in areas involved in permitting and compliance, employees six levels removed from the DENR secretary now serve in exempt positions.

Meaning, if you do your job like you're supposed to (protecting citizens from toxic nightmares), and not like the "oil is a renewable energy" idiot Skvarla wants you to, you probably won't have a job anymore.

Public education is broken?

Political fodder indeed.

North Carolina’s high school graduation rate continued to rise to record levels, sparking praise for educators and providing political fodder for the state’s ongoing education-funding debate. Figures released Thursday show that 82.5 percent of the state’s public high school students graduated this year in four years, up from 80.4 percent in 2012. The state’s graduation rate has risen by 14.2 percentage points during the past seven years.

Don't you just know that the GOP will be claiming credit for all this success.

Food stamp system failure emptying pantry shelves

Making North Carolina's food security situation even more precarious:

"I am frustrated with the state," said Beverly Howard, Loaves & Fishes' executive director, "that they would pull something like this out that still has glitches and just assume that the local sources will be able to rise to meet this need." State officials are trying to fix the problems with NC FAST, which was implemented in March. At the same time, SNAP beneficiaries also can expect a reduction in their payments starting in November with the expiration of Recovery Act funding.

These food banks are supposed to work in tandem with programs like SNAP, not as a back-up service. There's no government mechanism to replace the food being depleted from the shelves due to this "glitch", and we can't expect any actions from the Tarheel Taliban to ameliorate the problem. If you can spare it, please give to the Food Banks and/or Loaves & Fishes (Charlotte).

This report reveals that the Republican-led General Assembly is full of beans when it comes to public education

Bottom line? The GOP has been claiming they're fixing an education problem that doesn't exist. And their solution is guaranteed to shred the integrity of North Carolina's public school system. As many have said, their goal seems to be simple: make public schools suck so much that regular people will turn against them.

Please take five minutes to read the entire report. The charts and graphs are excellent, and the conclusions are inescapable.


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