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Deep cuts coming for SNAP recipients in NC

And the hungry will be even hungrier:

For a family of three, that cut will mean a reduction of $29 a month— $319 for the remaining 11 months of the fiscal year. This is a serious loss for families whose benefits, after this cut, will average less than $1.40 per person per meal. On top of these across-the-board cuts to the program, the U.S. House of Representatives is considering and could vote on even deeper cuts to the program in the coming weeks. This could leave many families and their children without assistance to put food on the table when they need it most.

Congressional Republicans already tried once (and luckily failed) to cut this program by $20 Billion. And here's how our (NC) Delegation voted:

McCrory bubble bursts, lies spew forth

North Carolina's Deputy Assistant Governor came to Chapel Hill to talk business with the state's leading special interest group, the NC Chamber. During the course of his brief remarks at this private event, McCrory repeated talking points about the budget, as required by Art Pope, the brains behind the spreadsheets.

McCrory's comments are not alternate interpretations of data. Nor are they misunderstandings of the facts. McCrory's comments are lies, lies he believes will come magically true if he tells them often enough. These lies are part of a disturbing pattern of deception and deceit involving everything from staff positions, tax "reform," abortion restrictions, outside agitators, attendance at Moral Mondays, and more. Simply put, the man holding forth in the governor's mansion seems unable to distinguish truth from falsehood.

Mike Stone's trustee attack law headed to court

Drunk with power:

The complaint states that the Lee County Board of Commissioners, which wasn't affected by the bill, is controlled by a Republican majority, the same party as Stone. It also notes the four trustees kicked off the board and prohibited from being immediately re-elected are all registered as Democrat or Unaffiliated, and that the school board that elected them — which was recently changed to a partisan board, in a separate law proposed by Stone — is also majority Democrat or Unafilliated.

This isn't the first time General Assembly Republicans have misused their majority for partisan gain, and it's not the first time they've undermined the will of the people by taking authority away from local elected governments. But it may be the first time they've targeted specific individuals:

DHHS closes another abortion clinic

And this is the only one that would have remained open under the original bill:

Wednesday’s action against Asheville’s Femcare came after similar sanctions earlier this year against clinics in Charlotte and Durham. Each of those closings came under current health laws. The new law, among other things, calls for DHHS to draw new standards for abortion clinics. Under an earlier version of the bill – which McCrory threatened to veto – Femcare would have been the only clinic to meet the more stringent standards.

This is not a coincidence, and it's not evidence that abortion clinics are "more dangerous" than other health care facilities. But it is evidence that Aldona Wos is mismanaging her resources in order to achieve a political agenda:

Old white men meet at old white men's club

So they can settle their debts without any riff-raff bothering them:

The N.C. Republican House Caucus Leadership fund will be raising money at the Carolina Country Club next month. The Aug. 27 shindig is billed as a reception honoring the GOP House caucus. Chipping in $10,000 will get you 12 tickets to the VIP and general receptions, with less expensive options available down to $150 single tickets.

In all fairness, the Club did just decide to finally allow one (Duke Energy) African-American to join its previously lily-white ranks:

While NC moves backwards, other states are leading forward

Radical Republicans in Raleigh are doing their best to wreck our state, but thank goodness other parts of the country are not following our lead. In Montana, an experiment with single payer health care is proving to be an unqualified success. Meanwhile, the experiments we get from the GOP in North Carolina mostly involve determining the maximum bribe required for seat on the UNC Board of Governors. Tilly Thomas, of course, knows all about that.


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