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How to wreck your US Senate campaign before it even begins

Tillis on the verge of a major flip-flop:

When these ideas were floating around the General Assembly this spring, I had a chance to ask House Speaker Thom Tillis about the issue of early voting and what changes he would support. Here’s what he had to say in that April 9th interview.

“I think that as long as we do not really restrict the number of days,” Tillis said. “There are some inconsistencies around counties, but I think that early voting is a good thing. In my election, I won before election day in early voting."

Well, if you prove yourself a liar on this issue, you can expect to lose long before the Primary votes are even cast. The two-faced man continues:

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North Carolina Politicians Taking Ladies for a Ride (ACLU) -- Despite opposition coming from all directions, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has said he will sign the motorcyclevagina bill. So ladies, grab your helmets, and hold onto your reproductive rights. We're going for a ride. Where? First we'll stop in Wisconsin and Texas, where sweeping anti-abortion restrictions were enacted earlier this month, adding to the growing list of states enacting laws intended to restrict access to abortion. And then we'll head east, because North Carolina could soon join the ranks, if we don't stop the infamous #motorcyclevagina bill (Jezebel is right: Sturgis could indeed be quite weird this year). Let me be clear: being part of this tour is not an honor. So legislators, listen up: get yourself out of my doctor's office. We may not all agree about abortion, but people with all different perspectives do not want politicians meddling in these deeply personal decisions.

After dark

If it can happen in Ohio, it's going to happen here.

A federal judge in Ohio ordered state officials Monday to recognize the marriage of two men that was performed in Maryland on the death certificate of an Ohio resident in hospice care.

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If you can't get what you want in the proper fashion, put it in the budget:

House, Senate reach agreement on two-year state budget (WRAL-TV) -- House and Senate leaders announced Sunday that they have reached an agreement on a $20.6 billion state budget that will end teacher tenure and allow taxpayer money to be spent for private school tuition.

Out of the backroom and into the courtroom

Charlotte airport takeover to come under judicial scrutiny:

In a dizzying sequence of events, the General Assembly on Thursday created a new airport authority to run the airport, saw the city persuade a judge to block it, and then watched the sudden departure of the longtime aviation director, Jerry Orr. “It’s all very unfortunate,” says Charlotte Chamber President Bob Morgan. “The city and state need to be together. That is the face we present to the rest of the world from an economic development perspective.”

Republicans aren't interested in compromise, they're only interested in exerting as much power as is possible, regardless of the outcomes. Why? Because the more power you have, the more money you can squeeze from groups like the Chamber of Commerce. You breathed life into this monster, and big business is the only entity that can snuff out that life by closing their checkbooks. And you can start by cutting off the funding for these bazooka-toting tyrants:

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GOP hypocrisy on parade:

Echoes of 'pay to play' in Tillis' post-PAC appointments (Raleigh News & Observer) --There is a remarkable coincidence in all this. It happens that the House appointed three men, who gave a total of $70,000 to the super PAC, to the University of North Carolina Board of Governors. It’s perhaps the most prestigious board in the state, and Speaker Tillis is a man of no small influence when it comes to appointees.

But don’t anyone dare whisper “pay to play,” because when Republicans are involved, there’s no hint of that, of course. Shaw says, shucks, anyone can contribute to the PAC “without our involvement.”

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NC Republicans continue to super-size their control over municipalities:

NC Gets “Anti-Bloomberg” Law (N.C. Health News) -- This week North Carolina became one of only two states in the nation to enact an “anti-Bloomberg” law, despite attempts in dozens of others to get similar legislation passed. Thursday afternoon, Gov. Pat McCrory signed into law the The Commonsense Consumption Act, which includes a provision that prohibits local governments from placing a cap on the size of soft drinks offered for sale. It is similar to legislation introduced in other states in response to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s attempted ban on large sodas.

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The power to change:

35-Acre Solar Farm Under Construction In Orange County (WUNC-FM) -- A new six megawatt solar farm is under construction the Orange County community of White Cross. When it’s completed, it will be the second largest in the Triangle. The project is being designed by Chapel Hill based company, Strata Solar. The firm's Blair Schoof says when it's up and running, the 35-acre farm will provide energy for about 750 homes. Strata Solar is the state's largest solar developer, responsible for generating more than 145 megawatts around the state. Schoof says two farms in the Triangle area are already operational with eight more planned for next year.

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Buried on page twelve:

Five Triangle newspapers to shut down (Triangle Business Journal) -- Five small-town weekly newspapers in the Triangle – the Apex Herald, the Holly Springs Sun, Garner News, the Cleveland Post and the Fuquay-Varina Independent – will close their doors effective Aug. 1. The closings were confirmed in a news release issued by Civitas Media, the newspapers' owner based in Davidson, near Charlotte. “Our core business is focused on developing community news and information portals, in areas that are predominately rural and would not be served well otherwise,” said Michael Bush, Civitas CEO, in a news release. “The suburban newspaper isn’t a fit in this business model. We have offered employment in the Civitas Media organization to the 12 employees who are being affected by this decision.”


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