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A liar by any other name:

McCrory breaks his promise on abortion (Charlotte Observer) -- On Friday, N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory reneged on his promise not to allow further restrictions on abortions in the state. Yes, he did some fancy footwork, dancing around his broken promise, telling reporters that a “recent House version (of proposed legislation) allows the medical professionals at the Department of Health and Human Services to write the rules which will ensure women’s safety.” And he added that he would still veto a Senate version that opponents said would close virtually all abortion clinics in the state. But McCrory isn’t fooling anyone but himself with this parsing. The House bill varies little from the Senate version other than making a couple of concessions.

The Follies

A good round-up of Pat McCrory's show of incompetence this week.

McCrory also told the reporter that Obama could have given the state a waiver so the 70,000 workers could continue to receive emergency benefits even with the draconian changes lawmakers made to the state’s unemployment compensation system. That’s not true either. Congress would also have to issue the waivers, not President Obama.

Either McCrory didn’t think anyone would notice that he repeated a falsehood to a newspaper outside of Raleigh or he doesn’t actually understand that what he is saying doesn’t make sense—or maybe he doesn’t care because he thinks it is a good talking point.

Maybe he has even discussed it with all those protesters he talks to every week at Moral Monday, apparently in disguise.

Daily dose

Stealing airplanes from the Queen City:

NC House agrees to Charlotte airport authority (AP) -- Transferring control of one of the nation's busiest airports from the city of Charlotte to a regional authority has cleared a significant hurdle. The North Carolina House gave tentative approval Thursday to create a Charlotte Douglas International Airport Authority that would take over operations in January. The 72-42 vote comes after Republican legislators decided to move on the idea after Charlotte city officials wouldn't agree to participate in a legislative study on the idea. Rep. Bill Brawley of suburban Charlotte says the airport is a regional economic asset and an authority will help the airport's long-term health. House Democrats opposing the bill said the airport succeeds under the current governance structure.

And now it's up to Charlotte's former mayor. Will he go against the wishes of all those people who supported him in the past? The magic 8-ball sez: Better not tell you now.

Breaking Blue: McCrory issues executive order outlawing pregnancy

BAT CAVE, NC - North Carolina's embattled deputy assistant governor today stepped up his fight to protect women's health in the Old North State.

"I'm tired of all these half measures," he said in a private interview in an undisclosed location. "After talking with my medical advisers about the needs of women, it's clear that banning abortion won't be enough. Our scientists say the real source of risk to women is childbirth itself. That's why I have issued an executive order making it illegal for any woman in North Carolina to get pregnant."

The bold move is similar to other executive orders issued by Mr. McCrory. Besides outlawing pregnancy, he has also declared rising sea levels and long-term unemployment to be illegal.

One organization that might have worked to undermine the new pregnancy policy is the North Carolina Family Policy Council. A spokesperson, however, said the Council is solidly behind McCrory's plan. "If you eliminate pregnancy, you eliminate the possibility of abortion, and that's what matters most."

The GOP's "women's health" argument put to bed

Doctors are needed for abortions, but not for live births:

This Article may be cited as the "Home Birth Freedom Act."

The General Assembly makes the following findings:

(1) There is a need for a person to have the freedom to choose the manner, cost, and setting for giving birth. (2) Access to prenatal care and delivery services is limited by the inadequate number of providers of midwifery services, and the practice of midwifery may help to reduce this shortage. (3) There is a need for the safe and effective delivery of newborn babies and the health, safety, and welfare of their mothers in the delivery process. (4) In the interest of public health, the State should promote the regulation of the practice of midwifery for the purpose of protecting the health and welfare of women and infants. (5) Midwifery is a profession in its own right, and it is not the practice of medicine.

This diary is not intended to disparage those who believe in and/or practice home delivery via midwifery. But it demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that Republican claims of concern for women's health are merely a cloak to hide their true intent. And I'm surprised nobody has brought this up in debate yet. A lot more women die in childbirth than in pregnancy terminations, but Republicans are just fine with leaving the doctors out of that process:

Daily dose


N.C. GOP legislation blasted in New York Times editorial (Greensboro News & Record) -- North Carolina politics got national attention again this week after The New York Times blasted controversial Republican legislation in an editorial. A spokesman for Gov. Pat McCrory issued a response to the Times editorial Wednesday afternoon and said the governor plans to write to the paper's editorial board. “The New York Times editorial is riddled with errors, and maybe if they came to North Carolina, they would understand that Gov. McCrory remains 100 percent focused on the economy, education and government efficiency, as he has been for the first six months in office,” the statement said.

You know, maybe the fact that one reporter has already been arrested at the Legislature might sort of taint this invitation. And what about those from the UK and Los Angeles who have penned editorials? Shouldn't they be invited too?

Daily dose

The power of power:

Utilities Commission expects to wrap up Duke Energy rate hike hearing (NEWS14-TV) -- A three-day hearing regarding Duke Energy's proposed rate hike could wrap up Wednesday. Company leaders are meeting with the North Carolina Utilities Commission, hoping to raise rates for nearly two million customers in the state. The nearly 5 percent increase will help pay for new and improved infrastructure, the company says. “We've retired older, less efficient power plants and replaced them with new, more sophisticated technology,” said Duke Energy spokesperson Lisa Parish. This is Duke Energy's third rate increase request since 2009 and there is plenty of opposition. Some say the increase will hurt struggling families and small businesses.

Burr opposes Employment Non-Discrimination Act

Afraid it will infringe upon the rights of discriminators:

“Like most Americans, I strongly oppose and condemn unjust discrimination,” Burr said. “It is my hope that our society can be tolerant of different people and ideas. That said, whenever we consider new legislation we must always consider the interplay of new laws with existing rights. I am concerned that the ENDA bill would go beyond our existing laws protecting individuals’ employment rights and would impose new burdens and legal uncertainties regarding the exercise of religious liberties. Therefore, I plan to oppose the bill.”

Only in the mind of someone like Dick Burr would "unjust discrimination" not be considered redundant. Somebody should ask him what forms of "just discrimination" would be acceptable. And that concern for "religious liberties" is merely a nice way of saying that bible-thumping bigots have more rights than the people they would discriminate against. Liberty doesn't mean the freedom to restrict, impose upon or control somebody else. It just means freedom.

Pro-government forces plan their own rally

One more symptom of a tyranny:

Williams writes in the invite: "Joyce Krawiec, NC GOP Vice-Chair has been working closely with NCGOP Chairman Claude Pope and Speaker of the House Thom Tillis to coordinate this event with the closing of this historic legislation session and the passing of Voter I.D. The event will be followed by a reception in the Rotunda. "This will be a great opportunity to unite with our party leaders and each other to move forward with future successes."

It's pretty sad when you have to "sweeten the deal" with a promise of free food and the possibility of shaking hands with the dictators, just to make sure that more than 8 people show up for your "rally". Scratch that, it's not sad, it's frightening. It's frightening that the Speaker of the House would (once again) engage in a propaganda campaign to legitimize his rule over the masses. And to do this as a celebration of a bill that would strip rights from citizens is breathtaking in its contempt of Democratic principles.


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