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Political re-segregation

Swift pushback today by the good reverend, via email.

Today, a three judge panel of Superior Court judges has upheld the harsh, oppressive, and racially divisive GOP drawn congressional district maps. The court explained that the maps "do not impair the constitutional rights of the citizens of North Carolina as those rights are defined by law." While the court does not disagree with the facts of this case they disagree with the application of the law. The North Carolina NAACP and our allies respectfully disagree. We contend that these maps were drawn unfairly and unnecessarily, and that the law is on our side. The NC NAACP is disappointed in the courts inability to accurately interpret applicable law. This ruling is a sanction on political re-segregation which we plan to challenge.

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Runaway train runs off the rail:

DISAGREEABLE DISAGREEMENT: No middle ground in sight at legislature (Greensboro News & Record) -- Thom Tillis’ beard doesn’t seem to be working. The speaker of the N.C. House stopped shaving a month ago as a silent but obvious signal: It’s time to wrap up this year’s legislative session. But major legislation that was pending then is still pending. Republican majorities in the House and Senate haven’t found enough middle ground to move forward, and the Senate threw in a surprise abortion bill last week to boot. The House and Senate are at odds on shale gas drilling, commonly known as fracking. They disagree on education reforms that could overhaul the way North Carolina hires and fires teachers. The governor — and maybe the House — is at odds with the Senate on a bill that would strip local sheriffs of their authority to issue or deny handgun permits. And who knows where they are on tax reform, in many ways the signature issue of this session. What started as a high-minded campaign call to lower taxes ran into the devil’s proving ground: the details.

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Fueling Moral Mondays:

Fireworks over abortion (SALISBURY POST) -- This is simply a thinly disguised attempt to shut down clinics because legislators oppose abortion — which remains legal under federal law. Shutting down existing clinics won’t protect women. It will just reduce their access to clinics and force them to turn elsewhere. As a candidate who projected a moderate image, McCrory clearly expressed his opposition to imposing further restrictions on abortion. If this ill-conceived legislation, which now goes to the House, eventually lands on his desk, he’ll have an opportunity to make good on his word — or render it meaningless.

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It's called hydraulic despotism:

State sets sights on Greenville water (Rocky Mount Telegram) -- The N.C. General Assembly’s Republican majority claims to advocate for smaller government, but it has compiled a contradictory record by passing several bills that exert state control over resources managed by county or municipal government.

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Let the spinning begin:

McCrory dodges abortion bill question (Raleigh News & Observer) -- Gov. Pat McCrory on Thursday wouldn't say whether he would allow the Senate's abortion bill to become law if the House passes it. Speaking to The Charlotte Observer just before joining a Fourth of July parade in the Rowan County town of Faith, McCrory said he stuck with the statement he issued Wednesday in which he criticized the lack of public notice about the legislation. When The Observer's Pam Kelley pressed whether he thought the bill was about safety or restricting abortions, McCrory said he hadn't read it. He plans to let the legislative process continue, he said. "I've got people on the political left and on the political right and in the media more interested in making statements than finding solutions," McCrory said. During his campaign for governor, McCrory flatly said he wouldn't support any new restrictions on abortion. Kim Genardo, the governor's spokeswoman, says McCrory's exact response to Kelley was, "I hope the process returns to the House, where they will do some thorough review."

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The Declaration of Independence (N.C. Political News) -- When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

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The war on women takes a devious turn:

Senate goes rogue, approves sweeping abortion bill (Raleigh News & Observer) -- The state Senate voted Tuesday night on a measure that would add restrictions on abortions, forcing clinics to meet expensive license requirements and making it difficult for doctors to perform the procedures. Under the bill, abortion clinics would have to meet standards for licensure similar to those of ambulatory surgical centers. According to legislative staff, only one clinic in the state currently meets that standard. The bill would also require doctors to be present when women take a drug that induces abortions.


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