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McCrory to veto bill designed to spread abortion lies

All eyes are on McCrory. Will he do what he promised, or will he prove himself to be an impotent rocket in Art Pope's pocket? Who's betting he sells out?

The bill is not about protecting or promoting our teen’s health, it’s about inserting anti-choice and medically unsupported rhetoric into our classrooms. SB 132 would force teachers to tell students, starting in seventh grade, that abortion is a risk factor for pre-term delivery later in life. “This statement is utterly false. No respected medical authority has found evidence that links abortion care to later adverse effects on a woman’s reproductive health and fertility,” said Buckley. “Young people need facts about their health, not political propaganda.”

Daily dose SCOTUS fever

Court rulings could lead to challenges of NC marriage amendment (NEWS14-TV) -- The Supreme Court ruling could lay the groundwork for North Carolina's marriage amendment to be challenged in court. The marriage amendment defines marriage as between one man and one woman in the North Carolina constitution. All eyes were on Washington, DC Wednesday as the Supreme Court ruling struck down a key part of the Defense of Marriage Act. "This is undisputedly a landmark ruling," said UNC School of Law Professor. "This is a tremendous victory for the LGBT community," said Equality NC Executive Director Stuart Campbell. The ruling by the Supreme Court will allow same-sex couples that are legally married access to federal benefits which supporters of marriage equality say is a huge step for same sex couples. "We're also trying to figure out exactly what it will mean in states like North Carolina that have things like amendment one but overall it's moving in the right direction and we're very excited," said Campbell. But the ruling doesn't allow same-sex couples in North Carolina federal benefits because of the state's marriage amendment. It's an amendment gay marriage opponents said is important to keep intact.

Meet Pat McCrory on Thursday, June 27

Our esteemed Deputy Assistant Governor is putting in an actual appearance in Greensboro on Thursday, and Progress NC would like you to meet him. Here's the scoop and the invite.

Dear friend.

On July 1st, 70,000 unemployed North Carolinians will lose their benefits because of a bill that Governor Pat McCrory signed into law.

Just four days before thousands of people are forced into poverty, McCrory will be meeting with his big money donors at the Grandover Resort & Conference Center in Greensboro. Wealthy campaign supporters will pay $5,000 each for a private audience with the Governor.

North Carolina's unemployed deserve to be heard too! We'll be rallying outside of the hotel where McCrory and his friends are meeting. Please join us and tell your friends! If you're unemployed, bring your resume to wave at the Governor as he takes thousands of dollars from the rich while ignoring the problems of ordinary citizens.

Thursday, June 27th
5:15 PM
Grandover Resort & Conference Center
1000 Club Rd. Greensboro NC
Gather at the corner of Grandover Pkwy and Club Rd.

You can RSVP here. Please spread the word and bring your friends!

Daily dose: VRA eulogy version

The march backwards continues:

Ruling threatens progress (Greenville Daily Reflector) -- At a time when Republicans in the General Assembly are chipping away at access to polling stations through voter ID bills and shorter early voting periods, the U.S. Supreme Court effectively handed them a hammer with its Tuesday ruling

More madness below the fold:

BlueNC Press Release: Money McCrory

CHAPEL HILL -- The News and Observer today called out Deputy Assistant Governor McCrory for his fancy $5000-a-person fundraiser in Greensboro, suggesting that this sort of behavior is somehow surprising.

"Duke Energy paid Pat McCrory to run for governor for almost ten years. After that, Moore and Van Allen paid him to run for two years," says James Protzman, the Chapel Hill Democrat who has filed to run against McCrory in 2016. "And now that McCrory can't get away with having another fake job on the side, he's neck deep in a pool of special interest money from people who expect paybacks."

"The only thing surprising about McCrory's big dollar fundraiser is the fact that anyone is surprised."

Daily dose

McCrory's 'retreat' with donors raises funds and eyebrows (Raleigh News & Observer) -- What McCrory and his gang aren’t too sensitive about is how this looks to all the people who don’t have $5,000 for a weekend and who voted for McCrory as the man who was going to fix what he said was a broken state government and return control and money to the people. It appears control is being returned to the people – the ones with a spare $5,000 for a golf outing. … Secrecy, special interests, big money. Just how is this different from the system candidate McCrory said was broken?


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