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This report reveals that the Republican-led General Assembly is full of beans when it comes to public education

Bottom line? The GOP has been claiming they're fixing an education problem that doesn't exist. And their solution is guaranteed to shred the integrity of North Carolina's public school system. As many have said, their goal seems to be simple: make public schools suck so much that regular people will turn against them.

Please take five minutes to read the entire report. The charts and graphs are excellent, and the conclusions are inescapable.

BofA facing more fraud charges

Calling foul while playing in the big leagues:

According to the Justice Department, five investors, including Wachovia Bank, bought roughly $850 million worth of the securities from Bank of America in early 2008. Federal officials claim that, as of June, at least 23 percent of the 1,191 securitized mortgages had defaulted or were delinquent. Investors’ losses so far total $70 million, the Justice Department said. An additional $50 million in losses is expected, the department said, citing an estimate from Fitch Ratings.

In reality, there are far more than just five investors who lost/are losing money from this deal. And it's also a good bet there are more guilty parties involved than just BofA.

Huffpo on the DOJ's difficult road blocking NC's voter suppression law

Which only emphasizes the need for continued civil litigation:

The department lacks subpoena power in voting cases, which means it may have to look for evidence of discriminatory intent in emails that private litigants try to obtain through state freedom of information requests. If that doesn’t work out, the DOJ could try a more subtle strategy. “There's plenty of case law where the courts have found intent of racial discrimination because certain decisions aren't explainable unless you take account of race as the motivation,” Crayton said.

If you want to join this fight, donating to this group may be the best way.

Aqua NC looks to squeeze more money out of citizens

The dark side of privatization:

Aqua North Carolina is asking state regulators for a 19.15 percent rate increase to raise bills for its water and sewer customers by $240 a year. It’s the third rate case in the past five years for the state’s biggest private water utility, which already charges twice as much as Raleigh, Durham, Cary and many municipalities. Aqua is a publicly traded company admired on Wall Street for its strategy of aggressive rate requests to recover investments in pipes and to reward shareholders.

Not only should the Utilities Commission refuse this rate hike, the Attorney General's office needs to open an investigation into the already hugely exorbitant charges this company is levying on its customers every month.

NCWorks Online outsourced to Florida software developer

As USNA77 notes in an earlier comment, the current administration is full of nothing but talk about creating jobs in North Carolina. So when they decided to launch a major new stunt to match employers with employees, where did they turn? To a company in Florida, of course!

Rowan County Commissioner "God's instrument"

Talk about delusions of grandeur:

The injunction forbids prayers specific to one religion. County Commission meetings often begin with a Christian invocation using the name of Jesus. In its ruling, the Court prohibited the County from “knowingly and/or intentionally delivering or allowing to be delivered sectarian prayers” at official Board meetings.

But the commissioners may not be backing down. In a statement, county commissioner Jon Barber said: “I will always pray in the name of Jesus…God will lead me through this persecution and I will be His instrument.”

Apparently such "persecution" is enough to drive the anointed to shoplifting wine and drinking and driving:

Clueless in Dallas

If Art Pope is going to spend millions of daddy's money on political propaganda, he might want to find a tool who can keep his foot out of his mouth. From an interview about Moral Mondays at WUNC-FM.

“It’s hard to know exactly from week to week what it is they’re upset about." says Dallas Woodhouse, state director of Americans for Prosperity North Carolina. "One week it’s about Voter ID. One week it’s abortion. One week it’s about union rights. They are basically a coalition of the aggrieved.”


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