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Daily dose: Women's day at the Legislature

Women Take a Stand at Moral Monday (Public News Service) -- Today, thousands are expected in Raleigh at the eighth Moral Monday, held at the State Capital. The event has led to nearly 500 arrests so far. This week, activists want lawmakers and their fellow citizens to understand the effects that recent decisions will have on women and families. Among their concerns are recent cuts to education, Medicaid and unemployment. Kim-Marie Saccoccio, executive director, Women Advance NC, said regardless of one's political persuasion, women are disproportionately affected by the recent decisions in Raleigh.

Daily dose

When keeping silent is no longer acceptable:

Standing up for my students at ‘Moral Monday’ (Raleigh News & Observer column) -- Being a teacher does not just mean teaching subjects. Good teachers advise and work with every student to help them make the most of their lives. Unfortunately, the General Assembly has no idea the value of good teachers and what they have to do to educate all students.

Moral Monday prep: introducing Women AdvaNCe

Speaking out against the absurdities of the conservatives' war on women:

Birth control is one of those battles women in America thought they had won. We thought there was widespread agreement that ensuring women have the ability to prevent unwanted pregnancies was in the best interest of the country, families, women and children. Legislators in North Carolina considered a bill that would have given employers the option not to provide coverage for birth control in their insurance plans if such coverage is “contrary to the employer’s religious tenets.” After some debate, that language was removed from House Bill 730 (which still includes a lot of provisions that would severely restrict women’s access to reproductive care).

If birth control is "contrary to the employer's religious tenets", I have a hunch that women actually working outside the home is also "contrary" to their beliefs. And for lawmakers to even attempt to placate such 19th Century misogynistic attitudes proves they are beyond redemption as public servants. Here's more about this new voice for women:

Daily dose

The NC GOP makes the formula complete: death and destruction

The troubling restart of capital punishment (Charlotte Observer) -- The state-sponsored killings can now commence. Gov. Pat McCrory on Wednesday signed legislation that clears the way to resume executions in North Carolina, where they have been on hold for seven years.

More madness below the fold:

Daily dose

NC GOP rolls back decades of progress (Raleigh News & Observer) -- GOP leaders on Jones Street are in the process of dismantling every positive Democratic-sponsored program or legislation they can get their hands on. And as result, everyone from public school teachers to families on Medicaid to the scientists at the innovative N.C. Biotechnology Center are going to feel the consequences, some of them very bad consequences indeed, from the Republican knives.

Juneteenth Telethon: sharing NC's civil rights history

Where we've been is important in determining where we should go:

At the very time that school districts are cutting back on providing educational experiences that require travel to vital cultural and historic sites that are part of the state's (and indeed the nation's) history, we will bring 112,000 social studies students in grades 4, 5, 8, and 11 from across the state to explore ICRCM’s state of the art 16-gallery experience, The Battlegrounds. This 15,000 square feet exhibition—an engaging journey through American civil rights history—features audio/video narratives, photographs, artifacts, vintage newsreel footage, video reenactments, and interactive components that document, with sensitivity, efforts to dismantle racial segregation via non-violent struggles for social change.

This is important not just for African-American students, but for all of them. The sit-in sent a ripple throughout the entire nation, and there's simply no way to fathom how influential that ripple was in the evolution of civil rights in America.

From Senator Kinnaird

Dear Friends,

The Republicans promised far-reaching tax reform, which all agree has been needed for years. Our tax code was created in the 1930's and has had no major overhaul since then. The tax code is a patchwork of exemptions and credits that give favorable preferences to everything from farm equipment, airplanes and boats, and incentives to large companies such as Met Life and Dell. (Of course, we all have our favorite tax credit, such as for solar.) Every economist and elected official knows that since we are no longer a manufacturing state, but rather service oriented, we need to broaden the base of the sales tax to hundreds of services while lowering the rate to make it tax neutral to consumers. This is the only way to achieve a stable revenue flow.


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