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DAG McCrory: CO2 spike not a problem in North Carolina

EMERALD ISLE - In an impromptu press conference on this sunny beach, Deputy Assistant Governor Pat McCrory today discounted news of an alarming spike in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. With CO2 reaching concentrations not seen in millions of years, policy makers in many states are alarmed about potential impacts such as rising sea level.

"We're fortunate here in North Carolina," said McCrory. "Last year we took the prudent step of making it illegal for sea levels to rise. The same applies to CO2. We've also prohibited North Carolina planners from using data coming from other states or from the federal government. Have no fear. We are safe."

When a local marina operator told McCrory that his business would soon be underwater, McCrory mistakenly assumed the company was going bankrupt. "No sir," said Buddy Lee of Morehead City. "I'm talking about actually seeing my buildings and facilities taken over by the rising ocean."

"That cain't be happening," said McCrory. "Tell that damn ocean it is illegal to rise here in North Carolina. And if it doesn't listen, I'll send down the National Guard to arrest the son of a bitch."

Daily Dos

Top story: McCrory's head of DHHS fabricates history to dodge responsibility for Medicaid meltdown. Look for "I misspoke" non-apology coming soon.

Lots more bad news below the fold.

Wos tries to rewrite history, blames Medicaid fiasco on Insurance Commissioner Goodwin

In keeping with the fine tradition of the McCrory administration, Aldona Wos looks citizens in the eye and lies through her teeth. Thank goodness North Carolina Health News was on the scene.

Secretary of Health and Human Services Aldona Wos told an audience in Reidsville today that the decision not to expand the state’s Medicaid program came from state Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin. Her comments came during a community forum held at Annie Penn Hospital during a question-and-answer period with the audience of 70 to 80 hospital personnel, community members and medical professionals.

To which the Department of Insurance had this to say:

The GOP tax plan will hurt more North Carolinians than it helps

And all of the people it helps are rich.

The majority of taxpayers likely would see a tax increase after the plan is fully implemented, according to early long-term projections from legislative fiscal researchers who analyzed the potential legislation – not a tax break as Senate Republican leaders suggested when announcing the plan this week.

Dumbbell of the day

Representative Michael Speciale is in favor of kicking dogs and euthanizing them with an axe. At least that's what was posted on his Facebook page until he took the remarks down last night.

Send the clown a note and congratulate him on winning BlueNC's "Dumbbell of the Day" award. Reach him here:

Daily dose

North Carolina's illegitimate government continues to make a mockery of itself, with Deputy Assistant Governor McCrory tagging along like a house-trained puppy.

Dumbbell of the day

This clown could win every week.

"Are you still receiving government subsidy," asked Sen. Tommy Tucker, R-Union."

O'Connell (of Telsa Motors) replied, "Sir, we've never received a government subsidy. We have a loan from the Department of Energy, which we are already paying off and we're paying it off early."

The hypocrisy and reach of Big Government Republicans truly is astounding.


Offered without comment

Update: Comments closed. As I said on another thread, take this circular firing squad crap somewhere else. I'd welcome a reasoned, fact-based conversation about such matters, but you folks are going off the deep end.

It's no wonder so many people check out of politics.


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