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If you read nothing else, skip to the bottom of this sad list and see how Deputy Assistant Governor McCrory is working hard to put more kids in prison. If this doesn't turn your stomach, you're not a human being.

Digging deep into healthcare

Few folks I know really take the time to understand what's really going on with Medicaid. Most just listen to the double-talk coming out of McCrory & Wos and roll their eyes in disbelief. Not Rose Hoban. She's digging into the substance with in-depth coverage that is well worth your time.

Interviews with Wos and Steckel, complete with transcript attached.

Monday/ Tuesday was a two part story. How "Broken" is NC Medicaid?

Check it out.

Daily dose

“I am the senator. You are the citizen. You need to be quiet.”

  • Tommy Tucker, official spokesperson for the North Carolina GOP

Much more insanity below.

State-sponsored bribery

Deputy Assistant Governor McCrory was all shits and giggles today when he announced he'd be giving a $100 million bribe to lure MetLife to North Carolina. Morals of this story:

  • If you're a private citizen in need, you're out of luck. No bribes for you.
  • If you're an insurance company already operating in North Carolina, your major competitor just added $100 million in unearned income to its bottom line.
  • If you're a taxpayer in North Carolina, a big chunk of your tax liability is being redistributed to a multinational company whose shareholders are laughing all the way to the bank.

Daily dose

Which story from North Carolina will grab the national spotlight for crazy this week?
Lots of good candidates below the fold.


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