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Esquire magazine: North Carolina takes a turn as Mississippi

Some of us have been paying attention all along, and now everyone in the world is. Congratulations, Deputy Assistant Governor McCrory. You've turned our state into a laughingstock in three short months.

In our attention to what's goin' down in the several states, especially those several states where Republican governors have Republican state legislatures with which to play, we have been inexcusably neglectful in keeping an eye on North Carolina — aka The Smart Carolina. They had all that academia going on in the middle of the state, and all that medical smartitude breaking out all throughout the Research Triangle, and we were so dazzled that we didn't notice that, politically, the people running the place were casting envious eyes southward toward The Dumbass Carolina and thinking, "We need to get us some of that!"

100 NC mayors to McCrory: We will not comply with your voter suppression schemes

WILMINGTON, NC - Taking their cue from secessionist proposals made by Republican members of the General Assembly last week, more than a hundred North Carolina mayors declared their cities will not comply with any GOP legislation that attempts to suppress voting.

In an open letter to Deputy Assistant Governor Pat McCrory, the mayors announced their intention to disregard any new restrictions:

"Too many bills coming out of Raleigh are designed to make it harder and less convenient for people to vote," said the letter. "If you don't veto those bills, be forewarned that we will consider your signature an unconstitutional act, and will absolutely refuse to comply with the new laws."

Daily dose

FAA delays airport tower closures that would affect Concord, Hickory (Charlotte Observer) -- The Federal Aviation Administration announced Friday that it will delay planned closures of control towers for two months at airports in Concord, Hickory and 147 other cities across the country.

FAA delays shutdown of airport control towers in N.C., nationwide (Raleigh News & Observer) -- Acknowledging safety concerns, the FAA postpones until June 15 a plan to close air traffic control towers at 149 smaller airports across the country. The Kinston airport tower had been scheduled to close Sunday, followed in a few weeks by four more in North Carolina.


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