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Daily dose: Team McCrory continues to founder

Border agency postpones furloughs and overtime cuts (Washington Post) -- Customs and Border Protection delays sequestration pay plan, but it’s unclear how long the delay will last.

PLAY BALL! Sequester hits Opening Day festivities (Washington Post) -- The military canceled at least three flyovers for Opening Day festivities at ballparks across the country.

Local governments concerned with some state proposals (NEWS14-TV) -- Some local leaders are not pleased with the way state leaders are treating them this year. It has become common place to see municipal leaders walking the halls, or sitting in the galleries during this year's legislative session because bill after bill seems to effect them. There are some major local bills that take authority away from city governments and statewide bills that could affect tax revenue. City leaders say this has been a lot to keep track of. “You know they are not one size fits all. Every town does things differently,” said Davidson Town Commissioner Rodney Graham. Lawmakers see it differently. “The cities in many instances look at things from a more parochial view, from their personal viewpoint. Whereas people from the general assembly have to look at things from a broader perspective,” said Senate President Pro-tem Sen. Phil Berger.

Senate bill would make it harder to untie knot in NC (WRAL-TV) -- State lawmakers are considering making divorces harder to get in North Carolina.

An open letter from Pat McCrory to the people of North Carolina

My fellow citizens.

As a person who believes deeply in personal accountability, I am writing today with a heavy heart. I was wrong when I supported Amendment One. I was wrong when I used the politics of hate to bolster my own political aspirations. Our amendment to enshrine discrimination in the North Carolina Constitution was political gamesmanship at its worst. We rammed the amendment through in a low-turn out primary, counting on the fact that most North Carolina citizens wouldn't even bother to vote. I was a ringleader in that charade, and for that, I apologize.

My commitment to personal accountability demands that I take whatever actions I can to set things right. That's why I'm calling on the General Assembly to put the question to voters again. I will work tirelessly to ensure that our hateful, discriminatory actions are reversed. Please join me in this important work. We cannot prosper in a society where any one group of people is denied basic human rights.

God bless each and every one of you. And god bless North Carolina.

Pat McCrory
Deputy Assistant Governor

cc: Governor Pope

Georgia redraws border with Tennessee in water grab, Virginia takes control of Chapel Hill

The opening salvo in interstate water wars was fired this week when the Georgia legislature voted to move the state's border to take over part of Tennessee. Sparking precedent for border battles of all sorts, Chapel Hill's city council responded by asking the state of Virginia to redraw its borders so that the university town could escape the clutches of Raleigh bigots.

"We're excited about the opportunity to be part of Virginia," said Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt. "With Republicans ruling the roost in Raleigh, North Carolina basically sucks. Our deepest appreciation goes out to the people of Virginia for throwing us this lifeline."

Breaking: NCGA to repeal all laws not passed in the current session

RALEIGH, NC - Tired of having to work so hard to drag North Carolina back to the stone age, Republican leaders in Raleigh today are considering new legislation that would make their job a lot easier. Emboldened by their success in breaking the state's contract for leasing the Dix property, as well as DAG McCrory's successful raid on the coffers of the Golden Leaf Foundation, the new GOP plan calls for a sweeping repeal of any legislation not passed during the current legislative session.

"We were originally focused on the Voting Rights Act," says Senator Andrew Brock, "with a tightly worded rebuke of that entire body of legislation. But then I thought, 'What the hell? Why not throw everything out!'"


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