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McCrory: The Rodney Dangerfield of governors

Good stuff from PoliticsNC.

McCrory’s first term in office should be a time when he uses the political capital gained from being elected the first Republican governor of North Carolina in 20 years. Instead, he’s treated like a pesky little brother by GOP leaders in the legislature. They routinely ignore his agenda and even belittle him.

Phil Berger: Middle class tax increase = more freedom and control

Maybe our friends at NC Policy Watch will do a line-by-line rebuttal to this official spin from The Master of Deceit. This was received via email by a friend from Phil Berger's spokesbot.


Dear Ms. Jones:

Thank you for your email – and for your honest feedback. Senator Berger values the opportunity to hear from constituents across the state and sincerely appreciates your taking the time to write. North Carolina’s tax code is outdated and its taxes are excessive. It’s no coincidence that North Carolina has the highest taxes in the Southeast and one of the worst employment rates in the country. States that have no income tax are the very same states that have a booming economy and job growth. States that have high income taxes are struggling.

Daily dose: Choice edition

Turns out that a woman's right to make her own choices in North Carolina will be officially limited to which shareholders at which private school she wants your tax dollars to subsidize. Nice.

More bad news below the fold.


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