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While North Carolina's status continues to plummet, the only visible push-back is the work of Rev. Barber and his coalition. Does anyone know if we still have Democrats serving as Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Secretary of Treasury?

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We already knew this, but now the rest of the world does too. Including thousands of business owners who used to think North Carolina might have been a good place for their companies.

In N.C, unimpeded GOP drives state hard to right (Washington Post) -- State Republicans are pushing a sweeping conservative agenda, and opponents can do little to stop them. The victories were aided by the strong financial support of Art Pope, a multimillionaire who spent heavily in support of the state’s GOP candidates. The Institute for Southern Studies, a North Carolina-based research organization, said Pope’s advocacy network spent $2.2 million on 22 legislative races, winning 18. Overall, conservative organizations largely supported by Pope accounted for three-fourths of the outside money spent in North Carolina legislative races in 2010, according to the institute.

Much more misery and embarrassment below.

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The most exciting news today: Toxic Thom, better known as "Divide and Conquer" Tillis, is definitely gearing to run against Kay Hagan. So not only do we get the guy out of the North Carolina House of Representatives, we also have the privilege of watching him flush millions on a failed Senate run. Gotta love it.

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The scourge of austerity is nothing less than class warfare with one proven effect: the ultra-rich amass more wealth and privilege while regular families fall farther behind.

If it is true that we get the government we deserve

Then we have all been very, very bad.

Most of the debate this week about the Senate budget understandably focused on the more than 5,000 jobs it eliminates, the cuts it makes to education, and the $770 million it sets aside for tax cuts for millionaires. But there are dozens of other questionable funding decisions and troubling policy changes included in the massive 413-page budget bill that only a handful of Senate leaders had seen before it was released late Sunday night.


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