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For those attending Moral Monday today, something to keep in mind.

The Republican-controlled legislature in North Carolina
is not a legitimate government.

A comment from Tim Tyson: Our lunch counter

Lifted from comments on another thread:

We need to keep the protests and civil disobedience building week after week; the session will end, by which time this legislature needs to be famous from sea to shining sea. That will bring the Chamber of Commerce types, banking, real estate, and much of the economic interests in the state down on the Republicans like a hammer. Before the protests, they were sitting on their hands and waiting for their huge tax cuts. Now they can see that NC is in danger of being--or worse still, seeming--like Alabama and Mississippi. Large sectors of the economy depend upon NC's more progressive South image. Money is the mother's milk of politics, and we need to raise a lot of it for the coming fight.

Daily dose

Tomorrow's news will cover mass arrests in Raleigh, courtesy of our illegitimate police state. In the meantime, more misery below the fold.


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