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The GOP tax plan will hurt more North Carolinians than it helps

And all of the people it helps are rich.

The majority of taxpayers likely would see a tax increase after the plan is fully implemented, according to early long-term projections from legislative fiscal researchers who analyzed the potential legislation – not a tax break as Senate Republican leaders suggested when announcing the plan this week.

Dumbbell of the day

Representative Michael Speciale is in favor of kicking dogs and euthanizing them with an axe. At least that's what was posted on his Facebook page until he took the remarks down last night.

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Daily dose

North Carolina's illegitimate government continues to make a mockery of itself, with Deputy Assistant Governor McCrory tagging along like a house-trained puppy.

Dumbbell of the day

This clown could win every week.

"Are you still receiving government subsidy," asked Sen. Tommy Tucker, R-Union."

O'Connell (of Telsa Motors) replied, "Sir, we've never received a government subsidy. We have a loan from the Department of Energy, which we are already paying off and we're paying it off early."

The hypocrisy and reach of Big Government Republicans truly is astounding.


Offered without comment

Update: Comments closed. As I said on another thread, take this circular firing squad crap somewhere else. I'd welcome a reasoned, fact-based conversation about such matters, but you folks are going off the deep end.

It's no wonder so many people check out of politics.

Daily dose: The cowardly lyin'

Top story today: Pat McCrory supports legislation that will allow the state to take over Asheville's water system. All because he wants to see what happens in the courts when Asheville sues the state. Predictably, he'll let the abomination become law without actually signing it. True leadership.

McCrory to let Asheville water bill become law (AP) -- Gov. Pat McCrory, former mayor of the state’s largest city, said Wednesday he will let a bill become law that would shift control of a western North Carolina water system so that expected litigation by the city of Asheville can run its course.

Daily dose

The immoral actions of our illegitimate government continue unabated. We have a sacred obligation to resist on every front.

A truckload of bad news below.


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