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As someone recently said, when Business Week thinks you're out of control, you are most assuredly out of control. Congratulations to the GOP. They destroyed the reputation of the Old North State in record time.

The Republican power grab in North Carolina (Business Week) -- Since January, Republicans in the N.C. General Assembly have introduced a series of bills that would curtail the ability of Democratic-led cities and urban counties to govern themselves. GOP legislators say Charlotte’s City Council can no longer be trusted to manage Charlotte Douglas International Airport, a major hub. State lawmakers also nullified a lease that let Raleigh use state property for a park and enacted changes limiting cities’ ability to annex land. Another bill would take away control of school buildings and construction from the Wake County Board of Education, which oversees schools in Raleigh and surrounding areas, and give it to county commissioners. “No one has come out to say specifically ‘this is political revenge against Democratic strongholds,’ ” says David Swindell, who teaches public policy at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. “But these changes amount to an unprecedented attack on the state’s cities, which happen to be home to many of the state’s Democrats.” GOP Governor Pat McCrory, the former Charlotte mayor who took office this year, has conspicuously kept his distance from what’s happening in his hometown. “The governor has stayed out of it because it’s a local matter that doesn’t require the governor’s signature,” says his communications director, Kim Genardo.

For the record, Pat McCrory can try to keep his distance from the stench in the legislature all he wants, but it ain't gonna work. He owns this mess ... every stinking piece of it.

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Daily dose

The destruction of public education and the practice of corporate bribes continue to attract editorial interest. Voters will ultimately decide whether giving $100 million to a very profitable insurance company while firing school teachers is a proper choice. Lots more below the fold.

The long game

To all the outsiders, insiders, upsiders and downsiders, here's some inspiration worth a couple of minutes of your time.

Daily dose

It's hard to believe McCrory could make a bigger fool of himself than he already has here in North Carolina, but his national address this week is nothing short of delusional. If you're interested in the short version, here you go:

Companies won't relocate to North Carolina unless we bribe them with millions in cold, hard cash. And after we complete the destruction of our public educational system and environmental protections, it'll get even worse. CEOs will have one hell of a time convincing their employees that North Carolina is the place to be. But in the meantime, not to worry. I get to be governor, and that's all that really matters.

Doing what he does best

It was inevitable. After turning on the good people of North Carolina, Republicans in Raleigh are now turning on each other. Gary Pearce calls it.

Intra-party splits like this are part of the natural order of things. As you would expect, the House and Senate clearly hate each other. Just as clearly, Governor McCrory is eager to spend as much time as he can out of town doing what he does best: grinnin’ and shakin’ folks hands.


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