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Push back

This is an inaugural post ... setting out what we hope will be a series of talking points of the day. The goal? Build a unified front to push back against the Thom Tillis right wing lie machine.

Today's push back:

Republicans are lying when they say the Racial Justice Act is a way to free murderers from prison. The truth is, that simply won't happen. Three former North Carolina Supreme Court Justices have said so.

Democracy NC: Same-Day Voter Registration

BlueNC has invited progressive organizations working for change in North Carolina to share their goals and experiences. Adam Sotak is an Organizer for Democracy North Carolina, a non-partisan and non-profit voting rights organization based in Carrboro. He responded with this call for same-day voter registration. (The N.C. Democratic Party State Executive Committee passed a Resolution of Support for Same-Day Registration at their meeting on Jan. 28 in Raleigh.)

Did You Know?

>> Over 1 million voting-age citizens
in North Carolina are not registered to vote*.

>> Over 300,000 potential voters
age 18-24 in North Carolina are not registered to vote*.

>> Over 400,000 of our state’s
1,000,000 unregistered voting-age citizens are 35 and under*.


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