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Larry Kissell - It's Time to Get On Board The House Healthcare Train

It is time, Congressman Kissell. The train is leaving the station. Will you be for helping ordinary North Carolinians avoid the comming healthcare catastrophe or will you be with the naysayers who claim we have the "best healthcare in the world".

You might be afraid of the coming ads from the GOP, savaging you for voting of Obama's healthcare bill. Not to worry. The public option for healthcare is supported by over two-thirds of Americans.

You might be afraid of the astroturf phone calling that your office has been getting from healthcare industry boilerrooms. Make no mistake. The people who are asking you to support the House Tri-Committee bill are more likely to vote that folks who are hired by the hours to pretend to be citizens.

Will We Ever Be Free of Nifong Stories

So now the rich parents of the kids wrongly accused in the Nifong case (see how the emphasis has shifted) now want $300 from every citizen of the City of Durham. Nifong has a symbolic 24 hours behind bars -- more time that Scooter Libby will ever do for a crime for which Alberto Gonzales should be charged but won't because Democratic Congressmen are not as vindictive as the parents of rich white jocks.

A Big Quixotic Favor

I have a big, easy-to-do quixotic favor to ask of all NC progressives and Democrats. Ask registered Republicans who want to bring the troops home from Iraq War and favor the impeachment of Bush and Cheney (and Gonzales) to make a special effort to contact Liddy Dole during the summer recess.

Bring Our Troops Home and Iraq Sovereignty Act of 2007

Please call your House member quickly and ask that they support the "Bring Our Troops Home and Iraq Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2007", which has just been introduced by Congresswomen Lynn Woolsey, Maxine Waters, and Barbara Lee.
This is Congresswoman Woolsey's description of the bill in her diary on Daily Kos:

"Our plan will also...
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