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Dear Mr. Governor

The following is a letter I have sent to Governor Easley. I encourage anyone concerned about the environment or North Carolina's economy to contact him as well and urge him to promote the development of bio-refineries here in NC.


Dear Mr. Governor,

I would like to encourage you to take note of the great work done recently by Mr. Pataki, governor of New York. Thanks to his leadership, the state of New York and commercial partners have committed to building the country’s first bio-refinery plant. The benefits of developing this technology are significant, and it will have a positive impact of on the environment and economy of whatever states or regions are at its forefront. I strongly encourage you to learn as much as you can about bio-refineries and to explore North Carolina’s potential to be a part of this critical future industry.

A Threat to Small Farms

Hey y'all,

I hope that this isn't too obscure, but it is surely an issue close to my heart. It is becoming more and more difficult to either turn a profit as a full time farmer or to simply raise crops or livestock for your own family. It is very tough in western North Carolina, where land is typically too rugged for large scale farm operations like those of the west and mid-west, to compete economically on the enormous and overwhelming commodities market. And, increasingly, land is too expensive, and the cost of living too high, to get started in small scale farming or to have the time for "hobby-farming."

Edwards: OAC Blog

I missed this yesterday, but this is a great take on harnessing the internet and blogs, and a BlueNC reader's view on the fact that Edwards is not harnessing efficiently.

John Edwards has retooled his One America Committee blog, but it still seems as though he doesn't get it. Despite what often comes across as sincerity in his public speaking, this blog comes across as forgivingly hokey at best, and painfully contrived at worst. For example, in describing the new structure of the site, Joe (the administrator, perhaps) explains that he would call the operation a "blogocrasy."

Odds and Ends

There had been some commenting on the issue, but I would like to see it opened up into a bigger discussion. NC-11 would be a huge win, and it is well within reach. Most outlets have taken for granted the Shuler/Taylor match-up, and in all likelyhood, that will be the case come November.
Recently, though, John Armor has been more active in the GOP race, perhaps presenting a viable primary challenge to Taylor. (Shuler also has a primary challenger, but with a manslaughter conviction and his steadfast support for legalizing marijuana, Michael Morgan will not likely exert too much pressure.) Armor Seems to be setting himself up to flank Taylor from the libertarian right. If you are interested in learning about this candidate, there are a few good references on the web. For starters, he finally launched a website:

Some Thoughts on Heath

It seems clear to most of the folks paying attention realize that 8 and 11 are the two races to watch closely. I myself have been paying a lot more attention to Shuler's bid in the 11th, (it's my district) but lately Kissell has really caught my attention. If I may, I'd like to point out some of the different ways that Kissell is, so far, running a better campaign.

First of all, while his website is not that pretty, Larry's is full of information. He has a dozen or so policy-type papers, merchandice, and- my favorite part- the Featured Volunteers page. This is great stuff. Heath's site, on the other had, has a nice look, but hardly any substance. He does not offer one concrete idea, nor does he mention his party affiliation.

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